Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Earle Drive Demolition

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Demolition crews went to work

on a home on Binghamton's

South Side early this morning.

The building on Earle Drive

that had been unoccupied for

some time was finally brought

down, albeit in the heavy

snow. A large excavator did

most of the heavy lifting,

including moving debris. Those

looking on were grossed out by

a dark liquid that started to

pour out of the machine's

bucket. Binghamton Mayor Rich

David says it's the cities

responsibility to address

forms of blight that could

attract criminal activity.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David

says, "If I lived next to this

property, I would want it

demolished as well. So we

demolish this property, it

improves the whole

neighborhood here on the South

Side on Earle Drive, and most

of all, we were able to work

with the residents and deal

with a real concern that they

had." James Atherlay says:

David says it was great to

have the local fire troop

complete an important part of

their training on this

building last month. The Mayor

made sure to warn the public

about the weather conditions

as well, saying the city

expects anywhere from 6

Red may be the color of

Valentines hearts, but it's

The Description of Earle Drive Demolition