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This time seventeen's new album

Whether it is a dance or song out of a height

No longer a boy, change mature

Wonwoo's the low voice, this time to show more magnetic charm ~ sexy ah ~

Mingyu~ can not hear is your voice ah ~ surprising

An opening to stunning to me !!!!!!!

Not just dance with Vernon's song .....

Thought it was Wonwoo~ ~ ~

Hoshi dancing is an inexplicable sexy

In the group at a glance to see where his position is

Inexplicable eyes are always staring at Hoshi's straight pants

my eye ~ ~ ~~

Woozi ~ this challenge modern dance ??

The trainees are jumping in the center of you

Lyricist &Playing musical instruments will dance again What else are you going?

DK ah ~ from very nice start

I found you dancing in the center of the powerful, never tired ah!

Very nice at the beginning is a "cool" word

See you sing and dance i have been repeat repeat

This "hand dance" handsome to me

This dance made me the first thought is

Seungkwan can not sit cross-legged this difficult action ...

Dino ah ~ (please use Vernon tone)

Good special formation ~ good looking forward to the scene when the wonderful dance

Scoups Yeah ~ how this time everyone's Alone lens

Are super beauty ~ super dream ~ ~ ~


Jeonghan this blonde is so beautiful

This "X" formation ~ ~

Jeonghan is not only handsome also "beauty" it ~

Joshua this is highlight

Joshua's voice is so clear and nice

Seungkwan ah ~ like the children who dance

Seungkwan ah ~ this orange clothes to wear and more young handsome

The8 ~ as in the Carat land Rolling paper said

Responsible for all the martial arts and tumbling without you

Korean progress more and more rapidly show their own unique charm

But also members recognized as the most funny members of the recent

Wonwoo this time is the protagonist ~ I think

His Rap voice is too magnetic!

We all knelt down to stay only Wonwoo and Seungkwan standing

Yeah ~~~~~~~ (scream)

Jeonghan !!!!!!

This dance ~ The8 when the center !!! good suction ah !!!!!

Coups hand movements so handsome moment

Good looking forward to their music scene ~ tomorrow 5/23 showcase

Do not forget to see V APP live oh ~ ~ ^ ^

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