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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 아직도(?) 끝나지 않은 이야기 [B SIDE | 비사이드] 스트레이 키즈ㅣ뮤플리's Pick #4

Difficulty: 0

It's an M size but why is it so big?

M size goose-goose

You should buy XS size

That's just for you, not me

I hope you dont try on those and just buy them, Its too big so itll be mine

That wont happen

Just stay there, Ill take a picture of you

Look, this is my point of view


Hows it? You like it?

Theres nothing to buy

What is Goose?

I dont know

Actually its a goose(animal) in English

Goose Goose~ (in Korean)

Idk but it just cant stop saying that

Thats way too catchy

*surprised* I thought this was a person

I was thinking.. "Why does he not move?”

You wanna buy, goose-goose?

Im thinking, goose-goose

Wheres the rest of us?

PD: I dont know

PD: They were going to Nike but theres no one there

Oh, they escaped


I dont know how to get there

Maybe if we go this way, itll come out, right?

Hahaha, we are Stray Kids!

Theres an arcade

Arcade Gi(=Go)?

I shouldve brought my wallet

Shouldve brought my wallet~

Thank you~

What should I do with this

Wah with this 500 Won~ I'll play game



Lets do this, lets do this

Hyunjin is calling other members to find out where they are

Nobodys answering, goose-goose

Where are you, goose-goose?

We are in arcade

An arcade? Where is it!

Whats the name of it?

Goose-goose (Trans: I have money)

Goose-goose~ (Trans: Yayyy)

Lend me 1000 won

Goose-goose. (Trans: Pay me back later)

Hey come on Goose-goose! (Trans: Hyunjin, take this)

Where did you get money from?

Its my money, Goose-goose

This must be fraud

Wahh Goose-goose!

I got 2000 Won more!

Thank you!!

I love you mu:fully

Hey guys, Mu:fully is the LOVE

*Focused fingers*

I can do it! Come on come on

Its not possible

You just scratched it

Why are you so bad at this


Its so sad

Im too old to do this well

If I were a year younger, I would have done a good job

Why are you so bad at this!!

Come on, come on

Hey I got this


Ta-da! Theres nothing in it


Theres nothing!!

I guess I dont fit in this game

Hes really good at this!!

*Speed of light*

Oh~ ChangBin~

Ah~ what are you doing~

Im just letting you win

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Its Whack-a-mole game~

Hey, I will play this

Get out! / I WILL PLAY!

You shouldnt hit it!

Youre hitting things that look like you




*Very excited*

I dont know how to play it


Thanks, Ill use it well

Its not mine

Its cute~

You shouldnt eat that

How can I kill it?

Im dead

I cant hear the song!

I cant figure out the rhythm LOL

Cant hear it


We have to go back now

You guys are satisfied with your deviation today, right?

Cant we just play for two days?

Well do it next time

Yeah~ from now, its the next episode

Hello, This is Changbin from ChangBinTV

*Stray KidsManager*

Just a single interview, please~

Its just an interview~~

*When are you guys coming…*

Oh, theyre selling GOT7s song in this convenience store


(Id like to buy) From here to there

Id like this Robocar Poli

I'll buy an iPhone charger

Doesnt it look too sweet?

I would liiike~~

I wanna have this jelly

You cant leave out thisSoldiers snack

Soldier? Are you a soldier?

Sorry, Hyung-nim

Do you want Ddeokbokki?

Im okay with Ddeokbokki, I ate it earlier

Ah, yourOKAYmeant that

Ah, its not okay

Its okay, Its not okay, these two mean the same?


Hyunjin, does your leg hurt?


Its okay or Its not okay, Answer me

Its okay / See, its different

Hyunjin, do you want to be beaten or not want to be not beaten?

Not want to.. what

Wow, youre using two negatives at once

Look, if someone asks meIs it okay?”

Then I can answerAhh, its okayOrIts not okay

If you sayits okayit sounds nice But if you sayits not okayit does not sound nice

Hey hey hey look look

If you ask meDo you mind if I order duck

And if I answerits okayit meansI dont like to


If you sayIts OKAY!!! OKAY!!”, then it means YES

Its Okaymeans NO

Its Okay! with a staccato mark(?) means YES


Hey, be quiet!!

ITS-O-KAY! Ill have Watermelon-Pineapple juice

So there is 2 watermelon juice and 1 watermelon-pineapple juice

And 14 strawberry-banana juice for our staff hyungs & noonas

Whats mine, whats mine

I dont know / What?

Im blueberry

And you? / 2 Kiwi juice

Choco-banana with 0 sugar,

Nah 50% sugar

Can I choose the sugar level? / Yes

Never try to change your sugar level now

Ill hit you

Can I add tapioca pearl?

You crazy?


2 Kiwi juice / M size / 100% sugar / 5000 Won

14 Strawberry-Banana / M / 100% sugar / 35000 Won

1 Blueberry / M / 100% sugar / 25000 Won

25000 Won? Nope, 2500 Won

1 Choco-banana / M / 50% sugar / 2000 Won

1 Watermelon-pineapple / M / 100% sugar / 3000 Won

2 Watermelon / M / 100% sugar / 5000 Won

Delivery fee: 2000 Won, so the total amount is 54000 Won

And I agree to Terms and Conditions

I..I want Zero Sugar

Heres a problem / Problem? Why?

I need disposable gloves

No, Its okayYour hands are already gloves(?)

I ordered large intestine too but..

Is it mixed? I dont think so..

I think its mixed

Its mixed, they dont usually give a lot

But its 46000 Won (Expensive) / Really?

Hey hey, try calling

Umm.. I ordered this and added large intestine..

Is it mixed?

Ah yes, I got it.. Thanks

Wow, they say its only 6 pieces for one person

Exactly. Six. Pieces.

For ONE person???

I LOVE DAECHANG (large intestine)

Duck meat.. wow

Felixs favorite : Fried Chicken Feet

Today were eating without limit (*Limit = "Hanin Korean)

Han is here / Im here

Oh, then we didnt eat without limit (“Han”)

We ate with Han

I'll eat here when I become a company director

It's my dream

Wouldn't you not eat here if you were a director?

Aren't you going to go to a fancy restaurant and eat here?


Uh? Thanks

I want Gimbap


I want it too

I like you so Ill give you the very end of Gimbap

Thank U~

Its said that you give the very end to whom you like

Mu.. I cant think of anything

Mu I cant think of anything, Ful!

Ful.. the same, I cant think of anything

Ful the same I cant think of anything, Ly!

Okay then, Ill give it a try

Mu.. actually I cant think of anything like Seungmin did

Ful.. too, but I can only think of one thing

Lee Know hyung

The end is always the same, Lee Know

I expected this just now

You expected this? Ill try another one

Mu-to-the[email protected]#*(@*&$$



Fellows, lift up your cups high

Ill Sun-chang (*lead a chant)

You guys follow

Why are your arms so long

Suh-chang- and can I say Bin?

You can just go out











Im finished

You like it?

Yes I like it

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