Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【トレーニング中に生BGM!?】初体験の筋トレ風景!【口だけで音を奏でるサウンドアーティスト ビートボックス】

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XIN CHAo. Hello. This is Isamu, a masked trainer

I've been doing group lessons until now

I'm going to watch a group lesson video after a long time

As a challenge today

Live sound during the lesson

Play a sound

I want to do that

Sound artist Polo Pole

I came to! !

Thank you very much

Please introduce yourself

I usually use the sound of my mouth

Making healing music

Today, I'm going to play BGM to move my first body

Was funny

How was?

Heart rate is rising because of intense movement

How much of that heart rate is right

Check it out

About 130

110 ~ 130

Music that can create a certain rhythm with that much

I made it with my mind

Was good! And ask everyone to say

After all it is not a sound source originally

It's amazing to see the people there and change them with the air! !

Thank you for watching the lesson

Isn't it pretty hard? (Lol)

I was about to die. . (Lol)

Can you hear something lightly?

Today, the lesson is main, so I thought that the sound could be sub.

As the sound I used

Heart rate sound

This is the base

In the middle,

I did something like the main

Knowing the current feeling

When you watch this video, the sound that you play with only your body without using anything

I think you can see it interestingly

I'll do my personal work after this

Please see the overview section for YouTube !

You can listen to the sound source of PoloPeo, so please take a look! !

If you want to try a sound lesson

Please contact ACTIONSTYLE

Sounds and lessons, and after a long time

Please enjoy! !

Then please! !

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