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building up a cobra oil painting

if you want to build up a painting in multiple layers the same rules apply as with other oil

paints the fat overlean method you build up your painting from lean to increasingly fat

you can only apply the next layer once the previous layer is so dry that it will no

longer dissolve dry to the touch when you buy a canvas it will already be universally prepared

with one layer of natural glue and two layers of gesso the high quality primer prevents oil from

penetrating and ensures excellent adhesion that means you can start painting straight away the

first layer of your painting must in any case be thinner or leaner than the following layer

when this layer is drying no compact film of paint will form but rather a porous one non-water

mixable oil paints use white spirit turpentine to make the paint less fat cobra uses water the more

water the thinner the paint so you can choose to apply the first layer using cobra mixed with water

you can apply another layer once this layer is dry to the touch this should be fatter than the

previous layer this means that the oil in a subsequent layer will be absorbed by the

underlaying leaner layer thereby adhering to the numerous pores when drying this helps to create

good adhesion between the two layers an example of a fatter layer would be pure cobra oil paint

after your second layer dries you may choose to apply another layer on top this should again be

fatter you can use a cobra painting medium for this purpose the medium also makes your

paint smoother more transparent and the brush strokes less visible than with pure oil paint

for yet another layer for example a glazing layer you can use a glazing medium this also contains

oil and resin but the proportion of oil is larger making it fatter that is why glazing

dries somewhat slower you can work in the same way as when applying painting medium you can build

up your painting in multiple layers or less but always remember to observe the fat over lean rule

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