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Hi there and welcome to Get Indie Gaming where once more we take a look across the various

storefronts for the best looking indie games expected out over the week.

After the traditional slow start to the New Year, there are plenty games out this week

to get excited about and so on that, lets get stuck in.

Up first and in no particular order, Encodya is expected out onto PC via Steam and GOG

today as this video comes out, January 26th.

As some of you out there will already be aware, this game had a successful Kickstarter campaign

in the summer of 2019 where it raised just over fifty six thousand us dollars, or around

forty one thousand uk pounds based on todays exchange rate which beat their initial targets

by around 170%.

Were really taken by the artsyle and the games overall look and feel.

Having seen the demo, although this was some time ago, theres something of a mix here

with output you might see from a Studio Ghibli production all tied together with cyberpunk

elements with it also having a sense of humour and writing style that would be right at home

coming from Monkey Island.

In terms of the gameplay, well here we have a point and click adventure with players also

facing randomly generated puzzles with the developers having said the game will offer

players a great challenge and a unique overall gaming experience.

While we have stepped back of late from our KickStarter coverage, if you enjoyed that

series and would like to see more, please let us know down there in those comments.

Up next, expected to come out January 28th we have Olija (pronounced o lee ya)

and while its published by the ever wonderful Devolver Digital, it certainly seems to be

flying under most peoples radars.

While we cant argue it all looks rather bleak, its pixel art is undoubtably appealing

with the game offering players a story about a shipwrecked man and his journey through

a strange and terrifying world of Terraphage.

We spent some time over the weekend just gone with the demo which as this video goes up

is still available via its steam homepage.

Overall we really enjoyed the exploration side of things and also the combat which feels

spot on the use of the characters legendary harpoon feels nicely tailored to the tasks

at hand and the boss fights were fun, meaty and well paced.

We didnt find the demo overly difficult and hey thats just us although we feel

this one might be a tad more accessible than others like it.

Olija is expected to land on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

Moving on and something we discovered only a few days ago with it being one of the most

interesting looking games expected out this week we have Gods will Fall.

Expected out on PC, all of the usual consoles and also onto the Google Stadia service.

All of this reads like something we should really enjoy.

Players will take control over 8 randomly generated heros from their back stories

to their physical abilities which shape the type of skills and weapons they are able to

sling about the place.

The overall Celtic theme also looks delightfully pleasing as do the landscapes the caves and

the various creatures and critters great and small weve seen from the pre-launch trailers

and public facing information.

Of course all of this means well not so much if the combat and other systems dont all

gel well together and while weve yet top play it, we will be picking this up to play

on launch day to see if its any good come launch day, January 29th.

Up next and one of the first games we ever featured here on the channel back in January

2017, and while the game has been out for just over a year on PC, The Pedestrian scurries

onto the PlayStation platform later in the week.

As you can probably tell, this ones all about a 2D action puzzling platformer within

a stunningly put together 3D city scape.

Your aim is to move your stick person creation from point A to point B in what begins as

a fairly simple exercise although soon, the difficulty ramps considerably.

Theres so much to like in this one with it arguably being one of the better hidden

gems within the puzzler genre from the whole of last year.

Moving onwards and one more game thats already out on a number of platforms already,

Nintendo Switch owners finally get the chance to enjoy Heavens Vault when it also comes

out via the eShop also on January 28th.

Now this one is best described as being an open world narrative adventure with you needing

to piece together, learn and understand a hieroglyphic language.

With around 20 or so hours of open world playtime and 3000 or so separate words to decipher,

Heavens Vault is another gem of a game and one all Switch owners who like their story

driven and puzzle heavy games should definitely consider getting hold of.

Next up and something thats just a little bit different we have Disjunction.

While much of the recent stealth based gaming attention is quite rightly on the recent Release

of the new Hitman, which is a rather wonderful cartoony delight of a game, Disjunction aims

to deliver upon its own stealth action kind of gameplay which feels like its giving more

than a little nod towards the original Metal Gear Solid.

To be successful, well players really do need to stay out of sight and hustle their way

around the place in the dark and shadows afforded by the environment.

Players will also need to deal with self aware guards and other such enemies with you needing

to bundle their bodies into hiding places as best your able.

Of course, if that doesnt take you as something youll enjoy we assume you can play this

in a gung ho style and to heck with all that stealth nonsense but still having seen plenty

of gameplay from this in recent weeks, we cant imagine players will be able to stay

completely non violent or silent which again, might make for something that switches up

the gameplay elements shifting from tip toe stealth into fast and frantic run and gun


So yes, Disjunction looks hugely fun and once were done recording and editing this launch

wrap up video, were headed over to Steam to download the demo before its launch like

many others this week, on the 28th.

Disjunction is also headed onto the PlayStation, switch and Xbox platforms.

Yet another game out this week on the 28th, and another game we have featured over the

years within our KickStarter showcase series we have Sword of the Necromancer.

Now this was a super success story in terms of how much money it brought in via that particular

crowd sourced platform with it taking in just under a quarter million us dollars or around

one hundred and eighty thousand uk pounds an impressive feat in any currency.

As for the game, well in this one players will be facing a dungeon crawler action RPG

thats also said to have a number of rogue-lite elements to it.

The weapons youre able to wield are all procedurally generated and whats more,

this one comes with a couch co-op option which is always an added bonus.

If you havent had a chance to see this or fancy a try before you buy kind of thing

well you can head on over to the games steam page with a link down there in the description

and pick up the prologue to see whats what.

Sword of the Necromancer is expected to come out onto PC, Playstation, Switch and the Xbox.

Coming out of Early Access this week on, yes you guessed it correctly on the 28th, Curious

Expedition 2 has already been a real pleasure to play and were expecting many others

to pick it up with its 1.0 release.

Here we have a turn-based exploration rogue based game where youre having to manage

your resources and set foot on some epic traveling and campaigning.

Much of this as could be expected is procedurally generated in not just how the world looks

but also in the storylines which are said to make every playthrough and adventure a

different overall experience.

Were keen to see how the developers have worked on how the characters you play with

interact with each other and form meaningful relationships.

Same goes for the combat which at times in the early access version could feel a little

bit dare we say soft around the edges.

Either way, at 4K on PCs this all looks well in a few words terrifically beautiful.

While this comes out this week on PC, console owners will be able to play it a little later

in the year with it coming to the Switch, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

The last but one new game out this week to feature in this video, Cyber Shadow is for

many, one of the most hotly anticipated games out in the first quarter of the year.

The game clearly wears its inspirations fully front and centre with it looking backwards

with its 8 bit art syle but forwards in how it delivers with it using a modern approach

to its precision platforming and overall combat system the boss battle look particularly

engaging and something we think will be super fun and enjoyable to experience.

If you liked the recent The Messenger and fancy more of the same then Cyber Shadow really

should be on your radar and associated Wishlists.

CyberShadow is headed to PC and all of the usual consoles with it also being available

from day 1 via the Xbox Game Pass service.

And the final game to feature in this weeks new game release rundown, THOU is a hand drawn

point and click adventure that looks absolutely charming.

Furthermore, given its musical score comes from Christopher Larking, who brought us the

soundtrack to Hollow Knight, we can also expect it to be an aural delight.

Players will guide a little girl and her robat companion through numerous wonderful looking

fish planets and while you do, you;ll be puzzling away and finding more about the folks you

meet and also your own character and their mechancical friend.

Like many games out this week, players will be able to get their hands on this one via

pc and all of the usual consoles with it also coming out too by way of the google Stadia


So there we go, those are our picks of the games coming out this week feel free to

let us know if youll be playing any of these games or if we missed anything out down

in the comments.

Many thanks for watching and hope to see you all again here soon for yet more indie game

realated videos.

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