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I don't think Daphne du Maurier has anything to worry about

birds are still very creepy but Praxeus has confused me quite a bit because on the

one hand I thought there was a whole lot of nothing then the other hand there are

aspects of it that I actually really enjoyed so this will probably be spoiler

free I certainly won't give away any major plot points that's mainly because

there are very few plot points it kind of starts with several different

locations and then a bird falls from the sky and the birds start going very weird

and that's basically the plot it's also an astronaut who's presume who is

missing presumed dead and there's a little bit of story for him but that is

basically it and once we find out what is causing that the birds to act this

way I think it became a little bit interesting but that's that's what would

be 10 15 minutes before the end you had to get through a lot of nothing before

you get to that jazz again felt pointless the traveler character whose

name I can't remember one of the two girls roaming she was very very well

acted I guess but very poorly written character not good at all the fact that

she was just so blase about all this alien things yes she's traveled she's

seen a lot but you would have a stronger reaction than that particularly with

what happened with her friend so basically there were no good characters

in this no good new character Yas is still boring me and is very pompous Ryan

I liked Graham was great gray Graham was good or great but he was not his his

best the doctor I thought was on top for him to accept a lot of Science in this

and to spin this around so the plot was weak not very interesting not a lot

happened and even when it resolved itself it was very flat very boring it

just ended and moved on not really left an impact on me but the

science aspect I really enjoyed and I thought the script the dialogue

particularly from the doctor was very interesting and very fascinating and I

they enjoyed that I also loved the imagery we had some gorgeous creepy

scenes close-ups of legions and and bird I think there I can't say certain things

that I'd like to say without spoiling it but him once we find out what is wrong

with a bird without imagery I thought was absolutely beautiful so visually for

me it was visually a very appealing episode but in terms of the plot the

narrative there basically wasn't one it's just some stuff was going wrong and

then he had to find out what it was but nothing really seemed to get in their

way obviously certain things dan otherwise

it wouldn't have lasted fifty minutes but it just it was very tame very flat

it felt like somebody was reading science hypothesis and carrying it out

which is great but not what woman expect from primetime BBC drama however as I

said I did like aspects of the episodes it wasn't all doom and gloom prax yes

for me I mean nothing could have lived up to the previous episode because the

jejunum were amazing so it had big boots to fill well it barely even stuffed

those toes well maybe you'd like to let me know what you thought of praxis

was it good people I know some people said they really liked it I haven't

really read much around the episode so I don't really know what me it'd be kind

of what Chris Chibnall saying about her or anything but personally for me I

could take it or leave it

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