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My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to my channel.

I am so thrilled to have you here back with me,

and once again we're going to discuss fashion,

and actually fall fashion this time.

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I'm simply here to guide you and to educate you

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So my personal favorite shoe, when it comes to fall

and winter, and that I use probably all the time

and that is the over knee boots, or the over knee shoe.

I like to wear them usually without heel,

but you can have really nice ones with heels.

If you decide to wear one with a heel,

it's important that you do not make

the pretty woman mistake, if you know what I mean.

You want to always look chic, and you wanna look elegant.

But some girls, of course, do ask me,

can you actually look elegant with the over knee boots?

And I say of course you can.

It's a very elegant piece if only styled correctly.

But luckily, it's not too hard to style.

All you need to do is to just make sure

do not wear it with very high heels

and a dress and then you're just safe.

While wearing over knee boots that are without a heel,

or maybe a thicker heel or a wedge,

then you can definitely pull off

a very sophisticated and sometimes even

edgy and cool look, or just simple glamorous.

It all depends how you style it.

Now number two, we have my also favorite,

riding boots, and that is because

I'm very much into equestrian fashion.

But riding boots is something that everybody must have

in their wardrobe because it is without a heel,

so you can definitely walk in it.

It will last you for years and you can really make yourself

look very sophisticated and with a very type of

heritage wealth approach if you just get a really nice pair.

If you do not like the riding boot approach

but you have very long and slender legs,

you can go for something more like

biker boots or lace-up boots.

But please be aware

that these type of shoes, they do not really work

well on women who do not have a model type body or frame.

It can really easily make a person look a little bit more

bulky and masculine with these type of shoes.

So you really have to take this into account,

your body structure, your body shape when you buy shoes

so that you feel elegant in them,

you feel feminine, and you feel like they suit your style.

In the winter and in fall,

boots is usually what you really wear,

regardless if it's with heels,

or without heels, or what type of variations.

So I definitely recommend to try

and get different pairs so you have options.

Try and get, like I said, the riding boots

without heel, maybe the over knee boots

without heel, and maybe one with heel.

Try and maybe see if you can get

a pair of regular boots that are more for

evening or more dressed up occasions

that have a very nice and sleek heel.

You can then wear them with nice skirts,

or you can maybe wear the with really nice trousers

or even jeans, but still look elegant and sophisticated.

Also, take into account that there are different

heel types for boots, in terms of high heels.

You can have a very thin, like very

provocative type of looking heel,

you can have a thicker heel, you can have a wedge,

but you also have to understand

that not every type of heel will look

dressed up or will look casual.

So depending what you will be using

this type of boots for, you need to really think about,

okay, is this heel appropriate?

Because I feel like that's sometimes

what women do mistakes of.

They don't take the heel into account

when they dress themselves, so they arrive

to a casual daytime gathering in really high heels,

or they go out at night with some really chunky casual heel.

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Now I have a little surprise for you,

and you probably would not expect me to put

this one in this video today,

Rain Boots,


Now how come?

Well, first of all, if you live somewhere

where you have fall and winter

then most likely you're going to experience

a bit of rain during that season.

And what's very chic and elegant

is when you are dressed according to weather conditions

and dressed appropriately basically.

If you have a pair of rain boots,

that means you are dressed for the weather

and you're dressed appropriately.

For instance, I'm not saying you have to go to a meeting

or to a fun gathering wearing rain boots,

but I'm saying if you are casual days,

if you're in the country side, if you're

doing some errands and it's really pouring down

with rain then wearing a very chic

and stylish rain boots can really elevate your look.

And the good thing with rain boots

is that because they are of a very affordable material,

they usually don't cost too much.

Just make sure you chose a pair that are stylish.

You don't want a pair of rain boots

that's going to drag your appearance down.

You want them to compliment you.

And if you do afford buying designer then you can buy

a nice cute pair of designer branded rain boots.

Even if some people might think that it's a waste of money,

but actually it can really add

a little touch to you outfit if the design is chic.

So leaving the boots a little bit behind,

I want to talk a little bit about

the Victorian lace up shoes.

I find them to be quite sophisticated.

They are a little bit kind of Victorian,

old fashion style, and usually we associate them

with a different era than ours.

But I do think that the shoe is very elegant,

especially if you wear them with some really nice skirt

or a dress and you style them well.

I know men really like anything that's lace up

so this is a very classy way of

adding a little bit of lace and spice

to your outfit while still keeping you

protected and warm in fall and winter.

Now lastly, the Jodhpur, and again,

I'm back to my equestrian fashion,

because this is actually where this shoe originated from.

But a lot of women, and actually even men,

wear this shoe as an everyday type of shoe.

And what I like about it is that

it's very stylish, it's very sleek,

and you have many brands like Hermes

that cater for a more sophisticated clientele

that want to dress a little bit more

low key but extremely well dressed.

And I feel like the Jodhpur just really does that to you.

The only thing I would take into account

is to only wear them with trousers.

I wouldn't wear them necessarily

with a dress or a skirt, because they just

don't go together with that.

But for casual occasions

when you wear a trouser, not at night,

the Jodhpur is definitely a good walking shoe to invest in.

Make sure to watch my other video where I talk about

elegant coats for this season.

I hope you have enjoyed this video.

Now I will see you in my next video.

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