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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nopeming Sanatorium

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TURNER: As far as dark history goes,

you'd be looking at death and death and death.

This is a place of pure [bleep] hell.

MIKE: I used to help cut ribs.

That's bloodier than hell.

ZAK: This was premeditated murder.

The first moment we are taking steps inside the tunnel.

Get in here, Aaron! Get in here!

There are things in this world

that we will never fully understand.

[ Distorted ] Understand.

[ Echoing ] We want answers.

We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation,

working alongside the most renowned professionals

in the field,

capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.

It's working.


I can't give you an explanation.

[ Birds cawing ]

This is our evidence...

our ghost adventures.

Where we're headed right now

is a place that nobody really knows about.

It's never been investigated by any paranormal group.

Hell yeah. [ Laughs ]

This is a location called Nopeming, which means, Jay...

Means "out in the woods."

The Chippewa Indians

originally named that area "out in the woods"

because that's where they would take their sick to heal.

The Indians?



It dates way back, Aaron.


Guys, we are going to go investigate

an abandoned sanatorium.


MAN: Lungs make sound --

one kind of sound when healthy, another kind when sick.

ZAK: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease

caused by various strains of microbacteria.

Although in existence since ancient times,

it reached epidemic proportions in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sanatoriums like Nopeming

were built to quarantine and care for the infected.

You're a professor at the University of Minnesota?

Instructor, but yeah.


I teach there.

What do you teach?


Okay, and you're also a historian?

Yeah, history is my hobby.

Especially history of old buildings.

Were you able to research how many deaths

do you believe came out of this place from tuberculosis?

You'd be looking at death and death and death.

TB was not very well-understood.

It was thought that fresh air and sunlight

was the best way to cure it.

Just like Waverly Hills.

That's exactly the comparison. Yeah.

This is like the Duluth Waverly.

That's true in the design, right?

The batwing. The batwing design.

It's the first thing I noticed.

It's made to get a lot of air, a lot of light in there.

And to be humane.

During that process of having no cure,

having no vaccines for the disease,

not knowing how to really medically treat the disease

other than using Mother Nature...

And surgery. Lots of surgery.

Removing and cutting the ribs.

Which was really dangerous.

Many people died of infections.

ZAK: Dan -- He told us that he knew of a couple people

that actually used to work at the sanatorium

and believe these people are in their 90s.

That's them there.

We're gonna walk in without knocking.


Hello there.

MARGARET: [ Laughs ]

MIKE: Is it somebody else?

Oh, my gosh.

Holy Christ.

Are you sure you don't have a bullet on the end of that thing?

[ Laughs ]

Geez, he's hooked up, too.

Yeah, that's Jay over there.

What the hell. Don't take any pictures of me.

Holy Christ.

So just be careful.

Did you guys used to work at the sanatorium?

I did for 16 years.

16 years? How long ago, Mike?

I left there in '63.

And when did you work there, Margaret?

I started in '42

and worked there for 10 1/2 years.


Now, you worked in the laundry?

The laundry, yes.

Mike, you used to work in the boiler room?

Oh, yeah.


Were you ever scared that you were gonna get tuberculosis?

I remember Old Papa Force.

He died one night, and I'm on duty,

so I had to help the nurse put him in the morgue.

So I go up there.

See, I'm working nights.

"Hey, dress me up."

The nurses all gowned, mask sets, everything.

Hell, I'm just like this.

One night I got called into the elevator room.

They had pulled a lung, and that's bloodier than hell.

It was dishwashing room

and had this red-tile floor, and it was bloody.

Then I found out they had pulled a lung.

So it was clogged up from the blood?

Yeah. This is down in the tunnel, this dishwashing room.

The sewer goes down, see?

They had an operating room there at the sanatorium?

Yeah, right on the top. Yeah.

In fact, Old Doc got sick.

I used to help cut ribs so he could pull a lung.

You used to help cut the ribs?

They had to get some room to pull them lungs out.

ZAK: May 1940.

The Mother's Day ceremony that year at Nopeming

would end in tragedy.

[ Gunshot ]

Were you able to find anything else about the murder?

Yeah, actually I found two different articles

about the murder.

The story goes, this guy, John Wintoniak,

shot and killed another patient and then he killed himself.

And the craziest part --

police said they found several notes

in Wintoniak's pockets

indicating that he had planned the slaying and suicide

for some time.

So he just didn't go crazy all of a sudden.

This was premeditated murder.

ZAK: There's just so much life that passed through here

and so much death,

and I feel like that residue gets, you know, stuck here.

It gets trapped here. It's here.

There's this phenomenon that I can't explain.

I've tried to find information about this,

but I haven't been able to.

But I would take a picture with a flash,

and when I took the picture, the flash strobe would go off,

and I would see shadows.

Like figures?


I've seen that before using a flash.

And when you watch the flash, you can almost make out

where the flash doesn't illuminate that particular spot?


Where we're standing right now,

I hear and see things here often.

I would feel like something went from there to there,

something went around here, something went around there.

There's something weird.

There's an energy about it.

I feel it as we're talking.

It just feels like there's a lot of stuff

that just converges here.

This could be kind of like a crossroads

between, you know, their spiritual highway, you know?

Bob, you are with the Chippewa?

Yes, I am.


It's very important for us to talk to you,

because your ancestors also lived on these grounds.

That's correct. Their spirits came through here.

They were here today

and telling me that everything was okay.

Bob, in 1940, there was a violent murder here.

And the guy committed suicide after the murder.

What would the spirits

that you are communicating with today

just before this interview,

how would they handle the spirit of a murderer

here at this site if he crossed over

and was with your ancestors' spirits?

He would be left to answer for his own deeds.

And in our culture,

once you make that final journey and you cross that bridge...

You face your own destiny?


Could his spirit still be stuck here?

He could very well be still here, wandering about.

Oh, spirits are here.

You can tell because they learned to travel

on the wind, and I feel that.

I feel that cold wind that they travel on

that's moving through here.

Now, they're around us right now.

I can really feel that here.

This corridor must have had some special meaning

or comings and goings when...

ZAK: Although Bob and Dan have never met,

they share the same exact experience

in the same exact intersection of hallways

here in the basement.

It just feels like there's a lot of stuff

that just converges here.

ZAK: Here we got people trespassing in here.

That's a big problem.

It is.

In the last 10 years,

we've probably had $75,000 to $100,000 worth

of broken glass.

That's not how you hunt ghosts, by the way.

If we can teach anything to anybody watching this right now,

never go looking for ghosts when you have to trespass.

Tom takes us down into the bowels

of Nopeming's crematorium,

where some say thousands of corpses were turned to ash.

This would be where they would put the bodies.

You can feel the heaviness here.

It's a place where thousands of bodies

were turned from this physical form into dust.

And now you can just see that

from all the different looters and people breaking in here,

breaking windows, throwing garbage

where their bodies were,

you know, it is like desecration.

And this is the kind of things that I see

that could be a cause for an unrested soul.

GARVEY: If you go up those stairs, it loops around

and that's the entrance to the tunnel

that goes over to the --

Are you serious?


You're telling me that there's a tunnel

that leads to the crematorium?


So this is the tunnel

where the bodies would come through from the sanatorium?

That's what I would guess.

The entrance to the tunnel is right there.


We actually put these in

just to deter people from going in there.

I can feel the energy of thousands of souls

beneath my feet

as I stand above the entrance to this death tunnel.

Tom tells us it's too dangerous to go in,

but I think we have to.

We hopped right over that fence.

And you got arrested?

We got to get inside that tunnel.

Almost got it, guys!

This is all collapsing.

ZAK: Our researcher was able to tell us

on some of the levels here,

they built bars to go all the way up

because people were committing suicide.

ZAK: Apparently there were so many suicides here

that they had to build cages on these different balconies

because so many people were jumping to their deaths.

We just hit a jackpot.

These's a guy that broke into this place.

He did witness some things.

If you look right there,

it says "private property, no trespassing."

What did you do?

We did exactly what you're not supposed to.

We hopped right over that fence.

And you got arrested?

Yeah, yeah.

I was put in the back of the cop car

and charged with trespassing.

Other buddy of mine was, as well.

Okay, I want you to please look into the camera,

and I'd like you to tell

all the little boy and girl paranormal investigators at home

what happens when you want to break the law

and go into private property and trespass.

Please tell everybody about how horrific that experience was.

It ain't worth it.

See the signs, just stay back.

To this day, my parents are still pissed about it.

Still pissed.

Still pissed.

Did you get ground-- How old are you?

I'm 20 now.

Did you get grounded?

Oh, I was grounded for the rest of the summer.

How long?

About a month until school started.

A month.


A month!

Don't trespass.

However, you got some good information for us.


So we might as well get the information.


We walked around the main building, the property,

and up on those balconies where you can just go up

and there's six or seven layers of balconies.

I was looking, and all of a sudden,

it looked like there was just somebody standing there.

And as soon as I looked up, they just moved out of the way.

Whoa. Are you talking about the balconies where the bars are?


They put those bars there

from so many people committing suicide.

Exactly. Right.

And so you did see somebody?

It's just a heavy --

When you look at it, you know, it's just heavy.

You can feel it.


You never really quite believe it.

You're like, "Okay, maybe next time

"I'll see the full body or next time I'll see the face.

Next time they'll move something for me."

And this time, you did.

Yeah, this time we did.

I think we have a big investigation here,

so what I want you guys to do is focus on audio/visual

like none other here.

We got to get inside that tunnel.

Okay, once we unbarricade a side of that tunnel,

Billy, I want you to try and focus

to see what experiments we can do in that tunnel.


Over here in this building,

I really think that we should set up

a nerve central command center.

And have at least four cameras going.

We know the fact is is that thousands of people

died here from a horrific disease.

We know that people killed themselves here.

Nobody comes here.

No paranormal groups, anybody to try and help the spirits.

They're still here, stuck, trapped, lost.

We're gonna try and see if we can help them

and hopefully we don't run into anything really dark.

[ Mouse squeaks ]

We are getting ready to unbarricade

one of the entrances of the death tunnel.

They've stacked all kinds of furniture

beginning right there

and going all the way into the entrance of the tunnel here.

Ready to go. Up.

Oh [bleep]


It's really wedged.

Pull straight up and back. Ready, go.

Keep going.

Keep going!

Almost got it, guys!

[ Grunts ]


Wait, wait, wait.

Almost got it. Oh, yeah!

[ Sighs ]

ZAK: I'd assist the boys removing the couch,

but someone has to operate the camera.

They don't want no one in there.

Oh, yeah! It's wide open, Jay.

Oh, my God.


We dug.

Holy [bleep]

Give me that one, Dan.

Okay. Got it.

This is the first moments.

We are taking steps inside the tunnel.

As we puncture the seal of this tunnel of death,

we soon realize the tunnel's structure

poses an immediate danger to our own lives.

Look at the cracks.

Guys, you got to be careful.

Look at the crack. That's what he was talking about.

This thing could collapse at any time.

This is all collapsing.

This could collapse on us. I don't like this.

Holy [bleep]

I don't like this.

That is not safe to be in.

That whole wall could just cave in.

That whole wall was, like, bending with that crack.

I think all four of us walking down there,

it's a lot of vibrations.


I think if one person tip-toed to the end of the tunnel,

there's less chances of a collapse.

I volunteer.

You want to do it?

Sure. Yeah.

So we know what's down there.

Take the camera, go all the way to the end,

and see where we can strategically place a camera

and maybe some audio equipment to leave down here.

All right, guys.

Be safe, bro.

Let's see what's at the bottom.

ZAK: Thousands of souls passed through this very corridor

on their way to their fiery end.

Could their energy still be here?

BILLY: These corners are bulging out from the earth.

If you look down the side here, you can see...

[ Clattering ]

What the hell is that?

It's totally different when you're by yourself.

Here we go.

Look at this crack.

This crack is massive.

Oh, my gosh.

The ground is all broke up.


This place is, like, falling apart.

This is pretty dangerous, but...

Hello? Oh [bleep]

My light just went out.


[ Smacking camera ]

Oh! What's wrong with my light?

My light just went out. [Bleep]

ZAK: Within the flashes of Billy's camera light,

something is captured that is absolutely chilling.

[ Rewind ]

BILLY: My light just went out.


ZAK: Look at the right-hand side of your screen.

As we enhance the video,

you can see a black shadow figure with a head, shoulders,

and a very distinct arm and body.

Is this the same entity that Dan encountered?

I would take a picture with a flash,

and I would see shadows.

Like figures?


When we further analyze the shadow figure,

we rule out this being Billy's shadow

because there is no light source behind him --

only in front of him.

And this is not a pattern within the cracked wall.

This is both chilling and powerful evidence

captured during Billy's heroic task,

braving this unstable underground tunnel.

Our lockdown hasn't even begun,

and we are already being watched.

Nobody has ever investigated this place.

AARON: I don't like this at all.

I'm panicking just a little.


We're just getting ready to begin our investigation

here at Nopeming Sanitarium.

Again, you got to remember that nobody -- nobody --

has ever investigated this place

in terms of a legitimate paranormal investigation.

This place is abandoned.

It's locked and sealed up from the public.

And right now, Aaron is setting up a thermal-imaging camera,

which is aiming towards the balconies

where the countless suicides have happened,

where they had to install big, extra bars

to prevent people from jumping to their deaths.

And it's also where the trespasser

saw a shadow figure looking over the railing at him.

While we investigate the sanatorium,

our audio/visual tech Jay Wasley will be watching and listening

to our every move from this nerve center

that's set up

in an old tuberculosis fresh-air-breathing hut.


AARON: Yeah?

Come up here.

I'm gonna send you alone by yourself right now

down to the boiler rooms

and the crematorium where the tunnel is.

Right off the bat?

Right off the bat.

[ Laughs ] I don't know why I don't like --

I'm uncomfortable with that, dude.

I don't know why.


BILLY: Yeah?

I'm gonna have you follow me with a night-vision camera,

and I'm going to operate the SLS camera.

Turn off the light. It's time to investigate.

AARON: I'm nervous about this one.

We're dealing with a bunch of different spirits,

from sad to angry to disturbed, on a sacred land.

Boiler room, man.

This area where they burned all the bodies

and they brought the things --

you know, the bodies down that tunnel.

ZAK: As Billy and I enter the abandoned Nopeming Sanatorium,

I utilize our structured light sensor camera

with skeleton-image tracking,

which maps objects by using an infrared laser grid system,

along with motion-connected technology.

If this device maps a figure

that we cannot see with our own eyes,

then that figure is most likely a spirit.

Okay, right now I'm going down into the basement,

and this is where earlier we took in the elder

of the Chippewa Indian tribe,

and he said that he could feel the spirits

of his ancestors down here.

Oh, spirits are here.

They learned to travel on the wind.

I feel that cold wind that they travel on.


We'd like to talk to you.

Can you come to my voice?

BILLY: You see anything on the SLS yet?


Everything on the SLS camera is very nominal at this point.

There's no unexplained anomalies, no stick figures.

Temperature has been steady at about 44 degrees.

And I've been feeling okay so far.

Is there someone here?

AARON: Oh, there it is.

First steps. [ Sighs ]


ZAK: Aaron makes his way down to the crematorium,

where thousands of infected victims of tuberculosis

were ultimately turned to ash.


Oh, my God. What is that?

Oh, God.

Oh, it's just like...

[ Footsteps ]

It sounds like someone's walking around.

Oh [bleep]

I don't like this at all.

We brought your ancestor here today.

Did you see him?



All right.

ZAK: Right after I asked the Native American spirits

to show themselves,

I am looking down the hall with my own eyes,

so I don't realize that a very strange figure

seems to manifest on the SLS camera

only 43 inches in front of me, or about 3 1/2 feet.



Go over here for one second, would you?

Just walk in that room and I'll film you.

Just go in there with that thing.


It's weird down here.

Different energy in here.

Right. I just want to see if you felt different in that room.

Right after I capture the strange figure,

Billy tells me to go into this room

because he has an uneasy feeling.

At the same exact moment, a light anomaly can be seen

manifesting right out of Billy's neck.

Does someone keep touching you?

It's like wrapping around me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's up?

What happened?

ZAK: It's 10:37 in Duluth, Minnesota,

as our lockdown continues at the Nopeming Sanatorium.

BILLY: You ready?


Billy and I now make our way up

to the first floor of the sanatorium,

where I will be using a full-spectrum camera,

which sees in ultraviolet light and infrared light.

We've come to help you.

Is it okay that we're here?

When you were alive like us,

you wondered about what death was like.

So why can't you help us now?


Oh, God.

What's going on?

I don't know.

I got, like...

Like, just all of a sudden,

like I almost just started crying out of nowhere,

and in my mind, I saw a woman,

like, reaching out to me, like, that needs help.


I can't see it on the camera. That's what sounds crazy.

I saw a picture in my mind of her standing right here.

I want to use the Spirit Box and see if I can --

if this is right.

[ Oscillating static ]

What is your name?

What is your name?

[ Oscillating static continues ]

BILLY: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's up? What happened?

Unbelievably, a female voice comes through the device

and says "help" at the same exact time

that Billy feels an unseen force touch him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's up?

This is absolutely amazing

audible and physical documentation

that validates what I visually saw with my own eyes.

Right. Like it needs help.

It's not threatening. They want your help.

If you need help, you have to talk.

[ Indistinct ]


What was that?

I just saw something in the stage area.

Some kind of light anomaly came down

the bottom of the frame and vanished.

[ Indistinct ]

All right.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We just totally lost camera one.

That's the second time.

Does someone keep touching you?


Yes, I told you.

I felt pinches right here.

Hey, guys. Come in, guys.

Zak, Billy.

I don't know.

Go ahead, go ahead.

Just as you guys got touched or --

I can't quite hear you,

but camera one just completely went out.

I don't know what's going on.

I saw a light anomaly a little bit earlier in there,

and it just went off, completely black.

ZAK: What's interesting about this anomaly

is that it is spherical in shape,

and as it enters from screen left, it is black in color.

But as it makes a hard 90-degree turn towards the camera,

it turns white.

We also believe that this ball of light

is responsible for disabling our camera.

What's camera one covering?

In the stage area.

It's on the same level as you guys.

I think the patients, the people that are here,

are coming after us, asking us for help, grabbing us.

I do, too, 'cause nobody's ever --

No one's ever been here, so we're the first new voice.

ZAK: Billy and I both receive amazing validation

that these spirits who are touching us

really do need our help.

Since I had this vision of a woman,

I want to continue on alone

to see if I can draw her spirit even closer,

but I have to remember that a cold-blooded murderer

killed himself here, so I'll have to be very careful

about who I open myself up to.

Get in here, Aaron! Get in here!

I got to go.


Get off!

ZAK: On my own now, I continue investigating

Nopeming's main building

as Billy heads to the death tunnel

to conduct an audio experiment.

This is the ultrasonic listening device by Bill Chappell.

And what it does is it allows us to listen in

on the frequencies above our normal range of hearing,

all the way up to 65,000 hertz.

Who knows what will come through?

But I'd like to hurry and get this done with

because it's really scary down here,

and that's no bull[bleep]

Is there anybody in this tunnel with me?

[ Static ]

Are you able to come through this device

that I'm holding in my hands?

[ Distorted static ]

There's some sort of weird interference coming through.

I don't know.

These are frequencies that we can't normally hear,

and they're being amplified, so...

[ Slam ]

ZAK: Oh, my God.

I hear what sounds like a heavy door being slammed shut

come from somewhere in front of me

where I know no one is located.

Oh, my God.

I just heard a [bleep] very, very, very loud bang

in front of me, and Billy is that way.

Jay's at base camp.

And who the [bleep] is in front of me?

In the same direction where I hear a door slam,

watch in front of me as this unexplained anomaly

appears to glow really bright, generating its own light energy,

before vanishing into thin air.

This is no explainable bug or dust particle,

and it might be what just slammed the door.

You know, I'm freaked the [bleep] out right now.

Yeah, I'm cussing a lot, and [bleep] too.

'Cause I just heard a very loud bang,

like someone banged on a [bleep] door.

And that scared the [bleep] out of me.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath.

[ Oscillating static ]

BILLY: I got a weird feeling right now.

Static electricity all over my face right now.


ZAK: Although no voices come through the Spirit Box,

right after Billy gets this sudden static-charge feeling,

an unexplained voice is captured on the digital recorder

he placed here on the wall.

And to us, it sounds like a spirit saying "hello" to him.

BILLY: Static electricity all over my face right now.


ZAK: Did you make the little bang noise?

[ Thud ]

I heard another bang.





Get off!

Get in here, Aaron! Get in here!

I got to go.



What's wrong? What's wrong?

I just got grabbed.

You felt like you were getting grabbed and tugged?

[Bleep] I need to get out for a minute.

This way.


AARON: That was loud.

Did you hear that?


Are you [bleep] kidding me?

ZAK: I have just experienced something terrifying

on the second floor of the Nopeming Sanatorium.



I immediately head down to nerve center.

Jay, could you see if I could hung up on anything?

Upon further review,

as I back up in this hallway in pitch-black darkness,

I do not see these wires hanging from the ceiling.

And as they begin wrapping around me

like the tentacles of a giant squid and pulling on me,

I panic, taking my eyes off my night-vision camera,

thinking an unseen force is doing this to me.

But video analysis cleared debunks

that this is not paranormal, so go ahead and laugh

as we replay the entire event from my night-vision camera.



[Bleep] Get off!

Now watch the entire event from our X camera,

where you can see one of the wires

gets wrapped around my leg and pull on me.

We will point out the wire with an arrow.




As we're about to begin the next phase of our investigation,

Jay notices more noises

coming from inside the vacant sanatorium.

Loud door slam.

Turn it all the way up.

And then when you guys were walking up,

there was another slam.

Did you hear that? Shh!

JAY: I kept hearing slamming like that,

but, like, crazy that --


That's what I heard.

AARON: That was loud.

Did you hear that?

[ Slam ]

[ Slam ]

That's what I heard when I was in there before.

Dude, that was, like, intentional bang.

ZAK: Aaron, Billy, and myself immediately head inside

to investigate these mysterious slamming doors.

We set up an EVP recording station

surrounded by electromagnetic REM pods.

But then something seems to call for us again

just like it did to me earlier.

Okay, listen to me.

I want you to come towards my voice.

[ Slam ]

[ Gasps ] Did you hear that?

What was that?

BILLY: It was up here.

Dude, that sounded like a clock getting pulled.

Zak, come here.

It was upstairs, dude.

That was loud, bro.

It came right up from up here.

Don't be afraid.

AARON: Keep walking. Keep walking.

[ Thud ]


What the --


Are you [bleep] kidding me?

Whoa. Do it again.

Did you just swing the door open?

[ Thud ]

[ Gasps ] That's the other direction.

That's a different door.

It's a different door.

It's different doors, dude.

Calm down, guys.

Calm down.

I just heard laughing.

I did, too.

They're toying with us.

No [bleep] wind.

There's no wind.



ZAK: We try to debunk these doors slamming shut

due to air drafts from open windows,

but tonight the wind outside is dead calm.

You can see me making wind with my hand and those move.

Here's the window open,

and there's not a breath of wind.

Not even a .1% of mile-per-hour wind.

It's dead still tonight.

There's no explanation for slamming doors

that we just [bleep] heard.

As we move on, we decide to conduct

an EVP burst session using a digital recorder

to see if we can talk to the spirit

that's been trying to get our attention

by slamming all these doors.

Could you talk to me into this device?

What's your name?

Can you slam a door really hard?

Can you hear my voice?

Slam a door!

Come on, Bill.

BILLY: All right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who is this?

[ Indistinct ]

This one's whispering.



AARON: Do it again. Do it again.

"I told him." It sounds like it says "I told him."

"I told him." It sounds like it said "I told him."

I can hear it from here.

"I told him. I told him."

That's a clear class A. Clear.

Sometimes a spirit who isn't at rest

just needs simple acknowledgment from us

when it's trying to convey its message.

So while we may never know

what message this spirit is referencing,

the fact that we heard his voice...

and he saw our reactions may be enough to set him free.

The Description of Nopeming Sanatorium