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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Most HIPSTER PC We’ve Ever SEEN!

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Remember the good old days when your desktop was in your own room where it could be as big

And bright and loud as you wanted without anybody yelling at you

Unfortunately for many of us

Life is just not that simple anymore

Maybe you're in a dorm room or in a studio apartment with no walls or maybe your wife

Just never lets up with that computer is so ugly can't you just use a laptop?

It doesn't go with our

Reimagined boho aesthetic

That's what she sounds like

Anyway, whatever the reason there are times when it's beneficial for your gaming rig to be inconspicuous

Or have an air of sophistication

And if you like the cut of my jib then I'd like to introduce you to the volta V. On the outside, it's a mature

Piece for your space, but on the inside it's a frame rate

destroying Beast

Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard

Between multiple computers at once. Check it out now at the link in the video description

the Volta V is a 15.6 leader complete system from computer direct outlet whose

Custom-designed enclosure is made of domestically sourced

Selectively cut you USA walnut, or, if you're more into chow mein than apple pie,

bamboo. ;)

In many ways it's a wonderful marriage of form and function. The uninterrupted facade makes it look

completely at home on your desk or

Entertainment centre, while the front i/o on the side is still easy to access. The rest of the i/o is at the back, well


Actually, in an effort to streamline cable management, most of the i/o's

Actually inside the box and we access it simply by lifting off

The magnetically held lid, no tools required. Not all of it though

Is that easy to get at due to the 92 millimeter rear cooling fan. With that said, inside

We've got an entire motherboard's worth of connections our

asrock 2 70 MITx AC is equipped with dual Gigabit LAN ports

six USB three, five gig ports; no type-c though, onboard AC Wi-Fi, and three video outputs

But you won't need those because there's an HDMI port and three DisplayPort ports on the back of the *record scratch* what

GT X 1080 TI

Very nice, so what else is in here? While there are a ton of options on CDO's site our unit has a core i7

7700 K

KB Lake chilled by a 92 millimeter ASA Tech all-in-one liquid cooler with 16 gigs of DDR four RAM and a

512 gig samsung 960 pro m.2 SSD

Power is taken care of by 600 watt SFX power supply from Corsair with custom length cables to keep everything

nice and tidy inside which is a nice touch because

Even with a few questionable decisions, like the friction mount for the radiator, it looks

And feels as classy and premium inside as it does out

It's little things like the shielded PCIE riser and quiet and efficient Noctua fans

Which brings us to thermals. Air is drawn in through these easy to clean nylon dust filters

Then it's exhausted out the back end in three discrete cooling zones; for the power supply

GPU, and

everything else, and even with all of those high-performance parts inside there was no smoke, and

No thermal throttling. Though I will admit that after running synthetic benchmarks for a while the room did


Smell a little woody

it even stayed impressively quiet though.

At idle it's barely louder than the noise floor in our office, and while it does of course get louder under load, it never

Screamed like some small form-factor systems do. Bottom line then the Volt of ease can make short work of your favorite games without

causing a CodeRed

Even if it's sitting on your desk just a few centimeters away


That's a fine spot to put it since it's designed to support your monitor on top of hide your keyboard underneath

That is unless you have a mechanical keyboard which brings us to the volt of ease'

shortcomings. The biggest one being the feet. Our unit is missing one and

The ones that we do have simply roll off whenever you slide them across the very desk they're meant to protect

So I give them an F+


furthermore some of the unsanded surfaces

And the roughly cut emi shielding leave the volt of E

feeling less finished than you'd expect a fine piece of furniture to be, the lack of anything resembling a

deliberate alignment on this end of the case makes my OCD flare up something fierce and

Finally, there are some problems with what designers call "affordance"

This recess for example seems to imply that I should lift from this side

but actually I'm required to lift from here where there is no recess and

To me the protruding front piece looks like a drawer that I should pull on but it doesn't open. These might sound like

nitpicky things but considering the cost of this case

I have to mention them. Our configure came to three thousand four hundred and nine dollars

Which means that after custom power supply cables air filters and a PCI Express extender

We are still well over a thousand dollars for the lifetime service warranty and the chassis. So is that worth your money?

well, depending on what kind of furniture stores you shop in it'll either look like a ripoff or a

Bargain, so I will leave that up to you and focus on the stuff that we can quantify

the volta v

Gets the thermals and noise right and is easily serviceable and upgradable all while looking subjectively gorgeous.

The only trick then is getting some furniture budget allocated to it without also giving up some of the boy toy budget

Synergy is a software download that solves once and for all the problem of having multiple computers and

Multiple keyboards and mouse connected to them so you have to like

Physically move if you want to go between them together remember

Which one goes to which it's a nightmare it allows you to share one Mouse and one keyboard

Between two or more computers over the network, so you'll no longer confuse

Which one goes to which and the best part is it works

cross-platform, so you can have your Windows Station for gaming and your Mac station for productivity and your Linux station and you can just

Drag the mouse across the screens

seamlessly, they've got features like clipboard sharing between the computers drag and dropping files between computers the ability to set up hotkeys and

more so check out their basic and

pro options and save 50% on synergy at the link in the video description.

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