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You must be chomping at the bit for more Java syntax.

And you're in luck because we're going to do it in this video.

Now, I got a special treat for you today,

which is we're going to begin the video with creating

a new project in IntelliJ.

In the past, we've always been import project.

But now, it'll be from scratch.

So I create-- when I click Create New Project,

I have here Java, JavaFX, Android, who knows what just

happened, Kotlin, yada yada.

We're going to pick Java.

And we're not going to pick any additional libraries

or frameworks.

You're welcome to Google what these things are, but they're

not important to us in 61 B.

So then I'm going to click Next, Next.

And then I'm going to specify a project

name, which I'll call Live because that's

what I like to call them.

Oh wait.

Actually, I'm going to call this--

I've got to go one full [INAUDIBLE]----

extra code syntax three.

And now we'll do Live, OK?

And we'll say Live.

All right.

So once I do this, it will create this directory.

And now I have a new project.

Once I'm in here, you'll see there's

only one slight difference from what

we're used to with IntelliJ, and that's

that we have this SRC folder.

You might not have even noticed that's different.

That's because if you let IntelliJ create the folder,

that's where it wants to put source files.

So I'm going to say New Class, and I'm going to make one

called Dog Launcher.

And now I have a Dog Launcher class.

And that's going to be our starting point for today.

So in the next video, we're going to start from here

and start talking about packages in more detail.

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