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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 18 - improve your English - LIES / BODY GESTURES - 18th October

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there it is a live view right now looking out the window and I have some

good news it isn't raining is not nice welcome today eighteen of 31 days of

learning English during October 2019

what's up YouTube I can't believe I just said that in the 13 years that I've been

doing this on YouTube I have never started any of my videos or

any of my live streams with what's up YouTube I do apologise for that I am

very sorry after this live stream has finished I

will go into the garden and I will beat myself over the head with a piece of

wood I do apologize for that hi everybody

yes that's what I should be saying hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy

well are you happy I think actually you should be very happy today why I will

tell you why because it's Friday

it is Friday yes the weekend is just around a corner I know many people get

very excited when Friday arrives for some people it is a sacred day for the

people it is a day when the weekend approaches in fact we often think of

Friday we often think of this particular day as being the weekend so it is

technically the end of the week so when you think about it this actually is the

weekend it is the end of the week so I hope you're okay yes we have made it

through another week on planet Earth without blowing it up

isn't that amazing I'm really happy about that I don't know about you so

here we go it's mr. duncan by the way that's my name for those wondering what

I'm doing well I'm here every day during October doing a series of live lessons

yes the thing you are watching at the moment is live and I will be with you

every day I can't believe I am here every day during October so that's the

reason why my beautiful face is now on your screen right here's an interesting

word I want to kick things off with an interesting word how about this word now

this doesn't look like a real word but in fact it is a real word and can I tell

you something this is a word that I love for various reasons because it doesn't

look like a word it looks like a mixture of letters that have just been written

out randomly but it isn't it's a real word and the word is Pyrrhic so this

particular word is Pyrrhic and it is an adjective so it describes something so

we use the word Pyrrhic a battle that was won but at a great

cost to have been worthwhile for the victor so when we talk about Pyrrhic we

are saying that a battle took place it was a battle that was won

unfortunately the price that was paid maybe there were many casualties or

deaths made the whole war and also the victory earn worthwhile or not

worthwhile I like this word by the way worthwhile so there is an interesting

word as well so not only this word is interesting but this word is well

something that is worthwhile something that is valuable something that is

useful if you do it it is a good use of your time it is worthwhile but in this

case Pyrrhic if something is Pyrrhic it means it is a victory that you have

gained or something you have won unfortunately the cost was so high it

was not worthwhile so I always like to show interesting and different words at

the start of my live streams I have been asked to explain this phrase here is a

phrase and we use it quite often where we are talking about things we are going

to do in the future I have been asked to explain all in good time apparently it

was in a song apparently there is a song with this in the lyrics so I will

explain it right now shall I because after all that is my job so all in good

time means the thing will happen all you have to do is wait for it so something

that will happen in the future sometimes you might be very impatient perhaps you

can't wait for the thing to happen or arrive

so as a way of helping you to relax and to be patient you can say all good

things will come they will come all in good time so it is an expression that we

use quite a lot especially when we are trying to reassure someone when they are

feeling anxious about a future event or maybe something that is going to happen

and they are very excited about it so something will happen all in good time

all in good time it is a brilliant phrase and it is one that is used quite

a lot shall we have a look at the live chat or shall we have a look out the

window let's have a look outside first of all shall we oh yes it's looking very

nice there it is that is actually a view from my studio window right now looking

across towards one of the villages very close to where I live isn't it a lovely

day everything is looking rather nice and bright here in England on a Friday

afternoon at 12 minutes past 2:00 I don't know what time it is where you are

because I'm not there so this is live just to prove it hello hello I'm live

and that is the view right now at the window you can also see some of the

autumn leaves appearing on the trees as well and here is another view that you

saw at the start of today's livestream oh hello there yes you can see also

everything is looking bright and sunny we have blue sky today there are blue

skies above our heads here in England I hope you are having a nice day where you

are right let's have a look shall we at the live chat oh very interesting hello

to nasiha nasiha Mulla guess what hmm you are first

on today's live chat

what can I say except well done you must have a very fast finger your finger is

very quick to click on the mouse I think so Joe is here you are second today I'm

sorry about that Guadalupe also here on Friday and also

grace chin welcome to Friday welcome to the weekend

Luis is here Luis Mendez hello to you as well thanks a lot for joining me

belarusian who is one of the moderators and also luis as well tanya is here

Patrick Meeker also a moderator I have a lot of

people taking care of my live chat can I say a big thank you to Cathy cat who

sent a lovely donation two days ago and I forgot all about it I what I wanted to

mention it yesterday but I forgot about it so I do apologize but can I say thank

you to Cathy cat who made a lovely donation on the live chat right here on

the live chat using super chat also if you don't want to use it or maybe you

can't use it because super chat is not available everywhere you can send a

donation to help my work continue yes everything I do I do for free it doesn't

cost you anything so all donations will be gladly received

and of course I am working very hard during October because I am with you

every day and here we are at day 18 hello Eric nice to see you here Sergio

Sergio watching in Belarus nice to see you as well anna is here also a man

hello a man or a men or maybe Oh a men says idiot music I don't know what

you mean by that what do you mean idiot muse

it's a great piece of music you can have a little Samba a little salsa around

your living room or your garden or wherever you are

salad hello salad hello Patrick hello Luis hello Haneen nice to see you

watching in Algeria is I do I have a lot of people watching in Algeria mr. Duncan

I love to listen to you whilst I'm preparing to go to work

says Guadalupe thank you very much and I'm glad I brighten your day a little

bit Rolfie is here hello to the Dominican Republic oh nice to see that

you're joining us here today as well I suppose I should mention I suppose I

should mention the word even though I've lost it

where's it gone wait there excuse me I've lost my word I suppose I should

mention this it would appear that we have reached an agreement with Europe

however there are still some people who don't like the new agreement for this

I'm not even going to say the word it's a little little bit like Harry Potter

do you know in Harry Potter you can never say that guy's name I can't read I

can't remember what his name is by the way but his name must never be mentioned

and nor must this so we will never say this word ever again however yesterday

it would appear that an agreement has been reached in Europe and also across

the UK however there is still the final vote which will be taking place this

weekend so we will see what happens is this ever going to happen will we have

to wait for another year or maybe it won't happen at all stay tuned

to this channel to find out all the latest dear dear me what an age to be

alive what a time to be alive he was an interesting word oh look at that now

this is a word I always think about when whenever I consider anything that is

topical or popular I always think of this word hype hype now yesterday we

talked about hyperbole which is very similar but this is another word hype so

this actually can be used as a noun or a verb so it can be hype or you can hype

something so if you promote something if you want lots of people to watch your

movie or listen to your radio program or buy your magazine quite often you will

have to hype that particular thing you need to get people really excited by the

thing you are doing some people said mr. Duncan you should hype your English

lessons you should tell lots of people maybe you need to take out some

advertisements who knows so here's another word you might describe this as

a buzz word so this is a word that is often used so when you hype something it

means you push it you force it into the public domain or into the public eye by

advertising it or creating some sort of news story you want to get publicity you

want people to see your thing so you must hype the thing you must make it

everywhere hype it's a great word and it does happen a lot nowadays people do

like to hype things let's go to the live that oh hello you know who Harry Potter

you know who oh yes of course he who must not be named is what what

they said I think Fernando is here

oh hello Fernando nice to see you here today oh and I can see your photograph

as well you have a lovely smile on your faces mr. Duncan you are a friendly

person every day in front of me thank you very much I always try to be happy I

always try to be happy and positive of course being alive is really great and

the reason why I mentioned that today is because mr. Steve this afternoon mr.

Steve is going to a funeral one of his friends from his choir passed away a few

days ago so today he is going to a funeral now I did wonder this morning

because Steve was dressed in black he had his black tie and he looked a bit

somber so I knew he was going to a funeral but quite often when you go to a

funeral you will often you will often wear dark clothing to look sad and

mournful it is also a sign of respect for the person who has passed away

so unfortunately Steve is going to a funeral this afternoon what a way to

spend your Friday afternoon I don't like funerals there is no way I am ever going

to a funeral you would have to carry me there you

really would a funeral I would never go to a funeral if it was the last thing I

ever did hmm just variation there is a Chinese curse which says may he live in

interesting times oh well I think it's safe to say that at the moment we are

living in interesting times there are some very strange things taking place

around the world lots of countries having political

upheaval so when we say upheaval so we mean chaos or confusion or maybe there

is a situation where maybe there is an argument taking place up evil chaos so

many countries at the moment are going through periods of transition as far as

their politics is concerned including here in the UK as I mentioned a few

minutes ago Cristina says I have been hyping your

English lessons to my friends I'm pleased to hear that do you know the

best type of publicity the best publicity in the world is with this word

of mouth if you like something tell a friend spread the word spread the news

Rolfie says the world is upside down at the moment I think that would be very

fair to say very fair to say that is a pretty accurate statement I think so

Hassam good afternoon mr. Duncan and all the group nice to see you here as well

so the person who can't be named in Harry Potter yes that's right Ana has

got it right although I'm not going to say it just in case just in case because

let's face it he who must not be named is pretty scary you are really a good

teacher mr. Duncan thank you Emmet thank you also to one or two people using

Arabic today I can't read your names because I don't actually read Arabic I

can't read it unfortunately but maybe you could type your name in English

fantastic I am very intrigued by many things

sometimes in life we have to try new things and here is a great expression

that defines that very thing so maybe in life you want to try something new maybe

there is a business opportunity that is offered to you maybe you get the feeling

that you want to make some changes in your life maybe you want a change of

career maybe you want to do something else something new perhaps nothing

ventured nothing gained so sometimes if you don't try something new you will

never find out how it turns out so maybe you want to learn a new language maybe

you want to learn English well you will have to give a lot of your time and

effort so you might have to put some work into it and spend some of your time

doing it nothing ventured nothing gained if you don't try if you don't pursue the

thing in question then maybe you won't gain anything

so nothing ventured nothing gained sometimes it is good to try something

new try something new maybe a new food so maybe something you've never eaten

before or maybe a new type of job maybe you are bored in your current job and

you want a change of scenery so I like this I like this expression very much

nothing ventured nothing gained if you don't try something if you don't take

that opportunity if you don't venture in that direction you will gain nothing

sometimes you have to take the risk I know in my life I have taken one or two

risks especially when I've been changing the direction of my life so I've been

doing this but instead I try that sometimes it

works sometimes it doesn't but as they say nothing ventured nothing gained if

you don't try you don't find out I think that's a pretty good expression today we

are talking about one or two things we are talking about body movements the way

we express certain body movements the way you move your body or maybe an

action that involves the movement of your body so that is one of the things

we're going to talk about in the next half an hour also some think we all do

something I'm pretty sure every person watching at the moment has done lie yes

when you lie how do we describe that action we are going to look at that a

little bit later on as well but first of all we are going to go back

in time way back in time six years back to this day in 2013 to take a look at

what was going on in my back garden

hello and good morning welcome to day 18 of 31 days of dunked over the weekend is

almost here are you excited I hope so as you can see I'm in my garden today I

thought I would take the opportunity to enjoy this fine weather while it lasts

because apparently the weather forecast for this area is pretty bad for the next

few days it's going to rain so I thought why not come outside and have one last

blast of sunshine

hmm would you like a damson yeah I think they've gone a little bad now I have had

a number of comments sent to me regarding day 13 of dunk Toba that is

the one where I'm in the car yes you are correct we do drive on the left-hand

side of the road here in England there are some other countries that do this -

such as Australia and India it must look very strange to see someone driving the

opposite way to everyone else right hand driving is normal in most other

countries I remember when I was living in China that it took me a long time to

get used to cycling the opposite way round to England it was at its most

awkward when making turns after returning to the UK I had exactly the

same problem adjusting to left hand driving of course these days I do not

use the road at all so it is no longer an issue I prefer to walk or to be a

passenger and let the driver worry about the road can you see all of the damsons

that have fallen onto the ground now there are hundreds of them of course

they can't be eaten now they are inedible

I have received some messages asking me to show some of the surroundings where I

live especially the town well you can see

lots of shots of Much Wenlock in my Olympics lesson which is lesson 73 in

that lesson I talk about the town and its connection for the Olympic Games

Shropshire is a lovely place to live with great scenery and Shropshire is the

least densely populated county in Great Britain the largest town in Shropshire

is Shrewsbury the old name for Shropshire is Salib Shropshire is a

landlocked County this means that its whole boundary connects with other

counties Shropshire is the largest landlocked County in England what I love

about living here is that you are very close to Wales in fact on a clear day

you can see the Welsh Hills from my house many people were getting all

excited about football earlier this week so I thought I would

look at an idiom to do with balls the idiom is to take your eye off the

ball if you have been distracted by something or you have lost concentration

for a few moments then we can say that you took your eye off the ball you were

not paying full attention you became distracted for a brief moment if you

take your eye off the ball in a soccer match then the other team may take

advantage of this and score a goal so the weekend is about to arrive what do

you plan to do this weekend anything special lined up going

somewhere maybe for some reason Friday seems to be most people's favourite day

of the week I wonder which day is the least favourite can you guess

mmm there we were going back in time six years ago can you believe it was six

years ago I certainly can't believe it but I have to believe it because it's

true so that was an excerpt from day 18 of October way back in 2013 but now we

are back live yes it's live and it is English on a Friday hello to you lots of

people talking about football because many football matches are taking place

you may have noticed during the week quite a few football matches have been

taking place in fact would you like to see mr. Steve and myself playing

football in the garden really okay

we are talking all about the subject of lying later on do you ever tell lies

have you ever told a lie to someone has anyone ever lied to you

telling lies is often seen as a negative thing however sometimes lies can

actually be good find out what that's all about later on right now we are

talking about body movements ways in which your body can move types of

movement that have descriptions quite often body movements can be described as

an action so maybe something you are actually doing with your body or a part

of your body steady so body movements we are going to look at some words and of

course the actions also have other uses as well let's have a look at the first

one right now the first one is oh very nice

pinch pinch now this is an action this is a violent action so if you punch

quite often you will move in that way so a punch when we talk about punch we

often use our fist to hit something or someone you might punch the wall you

might punch a pillow or you might punch your next-door neighbor when he plays

his music too loud punch also punch can mean to make a hole in something so if

you punch a hole it means you use force to create a hole

you punch a hole and also punch is a type of drink which is made of different

types of alcohol all mixed together quite often also you will put fruit

juice something sweet into the drink as well so punch is also a type of drink so

punch make a hole punch or a drink that is served

normally alcoholic drinks another word very similar to the previous one strike

strike is also a movement movement with your body so if you strike something

quite often you will use part of your body to hit or to punch so strike is the

action of one thing hitting another quite often a person will strike another

person so you might describe punch as strike as well so if you punch someone

we can say that you strike them you strike them on the nose or you've

punched them on the nose so strike can mean hit

also the word strike can mean to take industrial action if you stop working in

protest so you go on strike so this word has more than one use so to hit someone

or maybe if a bolt of lightning hits the ground it will strike so maybe something

that is hit it has been struck which is the past tense of strike strike struck

my next-door neighbor was struck by lightning

strike struck is the past tense you can also hold your body in a certain

position you can strike a pose so when you strike a pose it means you hold your

body in a certain way quite often in a attractive way or something that is

seductive you strike a pose pose you position your body in a certain way

here's another one slap ooh especially the ladies this is for the women by the

way because ladies when they get offended or upset will often slap

someone in the face so if you slap someone it means your hand there it is

how our hand will strike someone however normally the hand is open so not a fist

but hand so you use your open hand to hit someone you slap them one thing

hitting another thing can also be called slap so maybe two things slap together

slap here's a great word and it really does sound like the action because when

you slap someone the sound is slap slap I like it although I don't like getting

slapped to be honest oh he's another one if you are feeling

angry maybe you want to use your fingernails you will scratch someone so

you will use your fingernails to leave marks on a person or maybe on an object

you can scratch something with your fingernails or maybe you use something

sharp like a knife something that you scratch you scratch something you leave

a deep mark and of course the action of scratching someone with your fingers

especially ladies once again when a woman gets angry

especially nowadays because many women have very long fingernails if you upset

a lady she might scratch your face or scratch your eyes out not literally that

is an expression so if you scratch someone's eyes out

it means you react in a very angry way quite often physically scratch mica says

I have never slapped anyone I'm very glad to hear that

here's another one point point so quite often if a person points you point so

you use your finger to indicate direction or the position of something

where something is so you point you use your finger to point of course it's

worth mentioning that in some countries and in some cultures pointing is

considered very rude I remember when I was in Malaysia and one of the first

things I was told was never point with your finger never point anywhere because

it's considered rude however if you do want to point it some

more thing if you want to point it something or someone you can use your

thermo so apparently in Malaysia if you want to point it something you can use

your thumb not your finger point of course something that is sharp something

that has a sharp edge or end normally something that comes to a sharp end is

point point also in conversation if you are trying to get a certain thing across

in a sentence you are trying to make your point so the point is the thing

that you are trying to express we might ask a person what is your point

and then you will express or explain the thing you are trying to say so point can

actually be used in many ways location can also be pointed

says yes mr. Duncan it's true it's Malaysian culture I know well I've been

to Malaysia many times I've spent a lot of time in Malaysia so Point has many

uses another one now oh yes here's another one another word and also

another expression this shows movement tap so you

tap something tap quite often with your finger so you will tap when you type we

can say that you tap on the keyboards so you use your fingers your fingers are

tapping they are striking the keys on the keyboard tap so this is an

expression that shows body movement you might tap someone on the shoulder to get

their attention so you tap someone tap so here is another word that has a lot

of uses also if you want to get some water from a tap you will turn on the

tap so a thing that is used as an outlet for water is also tap to break into

something like a circuit or maybe if you want to listen in on a phone call you

will connect a device to the wires we can say that you tap the phone line so

you can listen to the conversations well here's an interesting one I like this

one clench that is a real expressive word clench to clench you close you do

something with force quite often you will clench your fist especially if

you're angry so maybe you're feeling angry or annoyed about something you

will clench your fist you can also clench your teeth so maybe

you are in pain or maybe you are trying to hold back your anger you will clench

your teeth it means to hold something closed or together with force quite

often we clench things a way of easing pain or stress clench

another one you might not realize that this is a body movement but it is block

you can block someone quite often with your hand so maybe you block a person if

they are coming towards you maybe they are about to hit you so you put your

hand in front of you to block their punch or to stop them from getting near

you so if you block something you stop a person from doing something block you

block them of course block can be used in other ways as well maybe a person on

the Internet is bothering you so you block them you stop them from

contacting you by making them invisible and also making you invisible you block

them here's another one oh this is a nice one I like this one

this is one that you do when you agree with someone if you agree with a person

you nod nod so the movement with your head is nod if you agree with someone we

can not yes I agree you nod your head of course the opposite is shake so if you

shake your head that means you disagree shake nod you nod your head in agreement

oh here's another one this is the joint in your arm so here is

your elbow your elbow this can also be a movement so you might hmm elbow someone

you hmm give them the elbow so if you elbow

someone it means you push them out of the

way or you exclude them you push them away so elbow you push someone away

using your elbow and of course the expression you give someone the elbow so

if you give someone the elbow it means you exclude them you push them away

you ignore them you give them the elbow knee now this is a joint in your leg so

halfway up your leg there is a joint that allows you to walk me of course

this can also be a movement so maybe you use your knee to hit someone you need a

person you use your knee to hit a person quite often you will need someone in the

stomach or maybe if you are a lady and maybe a man is getting too close to you

you might need him in the balls it does happen and it's very effective kick he's

the final one kick if you kick someone you use your foot to

strike a person so if you kick someone you might kick them in the stomach you

might kick them in the knee you might kick them in the head kick of course you

can also kick a ball so kick is a body movement and also something that gives

you excitement something that gives you pleasure can also be a kick so you might

get a kick out of something something that gives you pleasure I really get a

kick out of receiving your messages so to get a thrill or pleasure from

something we can also say kick you get a kick out of something

I hope that has been helpful don't forget I'm back tomorrow I'm here I'm

actually here every day I'm here every day during October

here are the times again oh my goodness 31 days of live English in October to

celebrate my 13th year on YouTube so I have been here now doing this on YouTube

for 13 years don't forget if you want to follow my lessons you can subscribe

don't forget there is I think it's over here underneath the video there is a

subscribe button so don't don't forget you can also subscribe to my lessons as

well hello mr. Duncan how are you doing hi

Ibrahim I'm okay thank you very much yes when you take a knee if you take a knee

it means you kneel down you rest your body on one knee you take a knee often

used as a sign of respect or remembrance

this is like self-defense vocabulary you're right Rolfie so when we say

self-defense it means you protect yourself from

attack maybe a person is trying to attack you maybe you have to use your

body to defend yourself we call that self-defense self-defense

hello - Luis I have some people from my village who live in the same state and

they left 50 years ago do they live in Portugal I didn't know you came from

Portugal Luis I did not know that isn't that strange I've only just realised

that that you come from or originally you were in Portugal ok I'm ok today we

are now going to talk about something we all do and

then I will be going do you ever tell a lie lie something that we all do

sometimes we have to do it we have no choice sometimes we lie to protect

ourselves sometimes we lie to protect other people sometimes we lie because we

don't want to be punished and sometimes we lie because we can't help ourselves

there are people who lie all the time maybe their whole life is a lie they

have a life that isn't real they lie about everything they live in a fantasy

world they are a Fanta cyst rather like the world of walter mitty so have you

ever heard of walter mitty he is a well-known liar

here's another one now so if you lie what do you do you cheat

so you cheat you lie if you lie you cheat it means you do something to

mislead a person cheat of course cheat can also mean to go behind another

person's back you do something without them knowing

maybe you cheat on your wife or your husband you do something with another

person you cheat oh dear and of course you can cheat when you're

playing a game so if you cheat when you are playing a game

it means you break the rules of the game you cheat oh I like this one

OOP so this is a strange word to pronounce because you have the letter D

and you and P all together do doop doop so the sound is almost like J so it's

almost like you and in British English that's the way we

pronounce it however in American English they will pronounce this as dupe so if

you dupe someone it means you trick them you lie to them you mislead them you get

them to do something that they didn't want to do you trick them

so you dupe a person in British English and in American English you will dupe

someone dupe another one deceive if you deceive someone again you trick them you

lie to them you tell them something that isn't true

maybe you give them a story about something that is not true you deceive

them the action is called deception so deception is how we class the action of

trying to deceive someone that's how we describe it it is deception you deceive

someone pachu asks why do some people lie well as I said a few minutes ago

there are many reasons why a person might lie to someone here's another one

swindle swindle you will often hear this in British English you might find that

this is more often used in British English if you swindle someone you trick

them you do something behind their back you say something or do something to

make them believe a thing that isn't true you trick them into doing something

you swindled them quite often we use this when we are talking about money so

if a person tricks you into giving them money we can say that they have swindled

you they swindle a person can Swingle

swindle their employer maybe they steal money from the company

they work for they swindle someone ah here's a good

one a good old biblical word betray you betray someone oh I like this word it's

very strong this word so when you betray something it means you give a false or

fake appearance so you appear like one thing but really you are like another

person or you do something behind a person's back you do something to cheat

them you do something against them you betray them I like that word that is a

good one misson form here is a word that a lot of people are using at the moment

when they are talking about certain things certain political things we might

say that one person will miss inform another person they will tell them

something that is not true so missing form to give false information if you

give false information or maybe you publish false news mm-hmm you miss

inform miss inform another one can't a very simple word there con if you con

someone again you trick them you deceive them you get them to do something that

they don't realize will do them harm or maybe something that is not real or true

you con another person a person who does this can be described as a con artist so

a con artist is a person who tricks people into buying things that are

useless or maybe they a ask a person to pay too much money for a

service they con you con here's another good one I like this word hoodwink

ooh hoodwink again a very interesting word we are using some very interesting

and intriguing words today if you had wink someone again it's very similar you

mislead them you lie you get them to believe something that isn't true

you had wink someone you were hoodwinked by the salesman that came to your door

he got you to pay some money for something that was useless

they hoodwinked you when you lie quite often you will hide hide something when

you hide something you do something that you don't want other people to see like

now so if you hide you lie you do something behind another person's back

you try to keep something secret maybe some information that might hurt another

person's feelings you hide the facts you hide the truth you lie something that is

a lie can be described as untrue so something untrue is a lie it is

something that is not true not real not fact it is untrue a person might tell

you something that is untrue he told me that he was going to the pub with his

friends but it all turned out to be untrue

mm-hmm and finally something that is fictitious fictitious a fictitious thing

is something that is not real so quite often in literature we will often use

the word fiction so when we use the word fiction it means fictitious not real it

has been made up it has been created it is something that has been created in

someone's mind something is fictitious fictitious not true not real it is

fiction the thing you have told me isn't real it's not true its fictitious you

reside to me of course lying is not always a bad thing sometimes lying can

be very useful maybe you are going to hold a surprise birthday party maybe you

are going to surprise your mother or father with a surprise birthday party

but you want to keep it a secret maybe you will have to lie so maybe you will

have to tell them lies to get them in a certain place or maybe you have to tell

them lies to hide the fact that you are about to throw a surprise birthday party

for them so quite often we will lie for good reasons and we will call that a

white lie white lie so white lie is a good lie so sometimes we lie because we

want to protect other people or maybe we have something that we want to give them

or Surprise them with so sometimes you have to lie to hide something that is

good or nice or maybe if you want to protect someone's feelings maybe if you

don't want to hurt them maybe your neighbor comes round and says

oh do you like my new dress isn't it nice but you don't really like

it you don't think it's really suitable so

you might pretend to like it you will lie however if you ask me I will tell

the truth I will tell you that that dress looks dreadful take that dress

back to the shop it looks dreadful it looks awful it's

not a good dress it does not suit you hello - sir aya Isabel Connell pachu

hello Ali hello Ali I could not be online to watch the streams however I

have watched all the videos since the first of October I just wanted to say

hello yes if you have missed any of my live streams during October you can find

the playlist under this video so there is actually a playlist in the

description so underneath the video there is normally some writing that

tells you all about the video there is also a playlist so the playlist is under

this video

patch who asks why do politicians tell a lie or they tell lies at the time of the

election by giving false promises well I think it happens all the time I don't

think in the history of politics there is ever being a politician who has told

the truth all the time I think it's very rare Thank You Louis

Thank You wider or wieder thank you also Louis Louie thank you ha ba I love your

lessons so much yes well don't forget guess what I'm back tomorrow and one of

the topics we are talking about tomorrow is handwriting

so I am going to show you some of my handwriting and there you can see that

is actually how I write some people say that my handwriting is terrible what do

you think so we are talking about handwriting tomorrow do you still write

with your hand a lot of people don't anymore

so that is something we are talking about tomorrow I will be with you don't

forget on Saturday it is different tomorrow it is actually 12:00 midday on

Saturday so don't forget I will show you the times again Saturday 12 midday just

after lunchtime UK time tomorrow that is when I'm back I hope you've had a good

day I hope you've enjoyed this lesson and I will say goodbye for now because

it's time to go I know as William Shakespeare once said I don't want to

leave you it's really fun and of course until tomorrow you know what's coming

next yes you do until tomorrow when we meet

right here on YouTube...

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 18 - improve your English - LIES / BODY GESTURES - 18th October