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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: AGO & FROM NOW - Talking about time in English

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all right

dance fingers I was just reading the

paper today I got this paper three days


today's Sunday what day was that well

today we're going to learn to talk about

time if you're in advanced students you

might think this is a bit of a slower

lesson or you may know this that's fine

please watch maybe you'll learn

something about sentence structure in

English when we talk about time if

you're a new student this will be very

helpful for you to learn how to speak

about time okay let's go to the board

this is a Thomas turtle lesson which

means it's a tutorial in that case it

means we will go over the lesson and I

will teach you how to do this

and I want you to do this at home so a

good thing for you to do is copy this

out I know it might take a second or two

don't worry your computer won't go

anywhere and I'm not going anywhere just

press pause and then write out this all

right so I write this out okay so you've

had a couple seconds you've written it

out let's do it now

in English we talked about time things

happened this happened in the future

things have happened in the past and we

need to speak about it accurately what I

mean by accurately is we need to be

exact I need to know what you mean

a lot of students because different

languages have this in it say before

they talk about the past and they say

before I do this two months before I was

there before in English we don't use

before like that we use the word ago for

us ago means the past two days ago three

months ago and that means the past in

the future we often use from now and

that means from this position we will

keep moving and these this is now and

we'll go from now into the future if you

look here I have from now and I have F

and F to help

you f means future from now two days

from now will be Tuesday today is Sunday

yeah okay now this is nice but then you

say why do we doing this chart well I'm

going to help you so you can speak very

very fluently to an English person and

they will know exactly what you mean

okay here are the days of the week you

will notice how we move when we say the

past we go backwards so if we're at

Sunday we would go Saturday Friday

Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday to the

puss and that is how we count similar to

five four three two one in the future we

go forward some one day Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday future goes

forward so again another F word forward

and future I'm going to give you

something to help you with well just to

help you with the dates Tuesday if you

want to remember the difference between

Tuesday and Thursday just think Tuesday

has a sound of two which is the second

day of the week you're welcome alright

so let's go back to the board I said

today I said if today is okay this

formula can be used for months as well

you can talk about days or months so if

we say if today is Sunday and we want to

talk about the future let's say three

days okay three days we would say three

days we said future well we look future

means to go down in time we notice

future means from now so then we have to

say either this one or that one which

should we use I want future remember a

future is from now so then I would say

from now and I would go one two three it

would be Wednesday we don't talk about

Sunday this is today so now we go future

one two three three days from now and we

have to choose do we say it was when

day or it will be future Wednesday we

look for the future and we say it will

be all right when this day now look at

the board if today is Sunday three days

from now it will be Wednesday did you

see how we did that let's try another

example this time I won't tell you the

date I will put in some information I

want you to figure out what the answer

will be we have a problem we know what

the new day is and we know how many days

but we don't know what the first day is

let's go to the board we said Saturday

we don't count this right three days

from now

so we'd have to go back 1 2 3 Thursday

Friday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Saturday would be the day so

today is Wednesday three days from now

will be Saturday if you like that so we

can work either from the day or from the

future that was awkward though don't you

think that was difficult starting a

Saturday to find out Wednesday there

must be a better way of doing this I

think we have a better way what if we

did this

instead of talking about the final day

why don't we use the word or go a go

means the past so we can talk in the

present about the past I like it too

makes life much easier okay if today is

Saturday three days ago what was it we

go back today's Saturday Thursday Friday

Wednesday it's the same information but

it's easier to say because we can start

with where we are and know where we will

be you're like that we've gone from

future which was from now to ago which

is the past let's do another one for the


I like Saturday it's a holiday in Canada

we don't have to go to work so I'm

staying on Saturday and I'll talk about

the post okay this is a tricky one be

careful if today is Saturday 7 days ago

do we say it will be or it was it was

the answers right here make sure you pay

attention look the answer is here we say

for the past so 7 days ago it was

well there are only seven days in the

week so when we say it was seven seven

days ago it was Saturday in Canada or

America in England they would never say

this we have an easier way of saying it

we just say week ago when we say a week

ago we are saying this day was the same

day seven days ago no one would actually

say seven days ago

bla bla bla bla they would say one week

ago I was doing this a week ago this

happened and we all know that we're

talking about the same day seven days

ago good easy great well what I would

like you to do is practice I know you

wrote this out and I will erase it again

you can take a look you can practice at

home by yourself or practice with a

friend that's a great way to learn

English you will give them the day and

ask them in two days in three days in

five days and they can figure out if you

say I go if it the past or from now in

the future now some of you are advanced

students so if you're an advanced

student I'm going to teach you one more

form I will put it at the end okay we

can change this whole thing when we want

to talk about the future you can also do

this one you can say in in three days

you don't have to say this part you

would say this part in three days it

will be and that would be the future so

in and replace and it will be the future

give that a try once you have learned

ago and from now when you're ready try

in for the future but you must put in in

the first place

and there's the first part of the

sentence that would go like this if this

is Saturday in three days it will be we

go to the future

excuse day okay have a good day

give it a try hope you enjoyed the

lesson come on back for Thomas the

turtle where is he

do-do-do-do-do-do it's almost paternal

not looking good so good these days I'm

sure he'll look better I'll give him the

hairpiece I'll give him some hair

now he's told mr. Hansen turtle anyway I

hope you enjoyed this lesson come back

we'll have other lessons and tutorial

lessons to help you okay make sure you

practice at home oh and before I go of

course this may be Sunday Monday or

Tuesday wherever you are but you'll

still need to go to


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