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Welcome all back to Chef Nha Ngheo Channel (CNN Channel)

If you are intending to make a cake to donate to loved ones or lovers

Today I will guide you through all stages, from A to Z.

Now we will work together

Mix it all together, except the butter will last

Mix well all by hand

When the mixture OK

Put butter in

Note: butter only melts, not hot

Do not mix for too long

Put the mixture in the mold

Use a knife

You can let the sponge cake cool, then store it in the refrigerator

Do not whisk too long, the cream will harden and use

Toping cream is just barely hard to use

Cut off the top part

Divide the cake into 3 equal parts

You should use sugar water to soften each layer of cake

The cake will not dry when stored in the refrigerator

I guided this sugar cooking in Fruit Salad

If you don't remember or haven't seen it yet. You can review the Fruit Salad clip

I will use strawberry jam

However, you can use any fresh fruit you like

We will step through the next stage

We will make a thin layer of cream

Next is thick cream

Next we will decorate the cake

Now is the time for you to be creative

However, I will model some styles for you to see

I just made an example

If you are skillful, I think you will perform better than me

So today we have finished our Fruit Cake

You can do this alone

Give it to those you love

Please, do not forget

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Thank you. Goodbye and see you again in other video clips

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