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I stream on a weekly basis and almost every single time I stream to multiple

channels meaning more than one platform or social channel at the same time and

this is called multistreaming in this video I'm gonna give you a few reasons

why you should multistream your live streams and make sure you stick around

till the very end of this video where I'll share a tool that will make this

super easy for you where you can literally multi stream today as in right

after this video today all right so before we jump into it though let's roll

the intro - it's Rob Balasabas - hey if your live streaming already congratulations I love

seeing people live stream I want to help you now take that single live stream

meaning your just live streaming to one channel and take that and multi stream

that to multiple channels at the same time if you're new to my channel and

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Q&A chat that happens every Friday the first reason is that multi-streaming

is so easy if you're already setting up a single live stream to one channel then

setting up multiple channels additional channels to multi stream to is not much

more work it's actually only a few more clicks number two you can reach more of

your audience for example if you're live streaming to your Facebook page but you

also have an audience on YouTube then those viewers that you have are the

audience that you have on YouTube that may not be following you on Facebook are

not seeing your live streams by multi-streaming to both channels at the

same time then you're able to reach both audiences without much more effort on

your part number 3 save time most of the platforms that you livestream to will

keep a copy of your live stream to be available on demand for someone to watch

as a replay for example Facebook YouTube periscope / Twitter and LinkedIn

live will all keep a copy of your livestream available for somebody to

watch as a replay and by doing this by multi streaming to all of these

platforms at the same time you're gonna save a lot of time from that tedious

work of uploading that replayed to each individual channel after you do a single

live streams number four understand your audience even better by multi streaming

you can see which audiences which social channel that you have where you're

building different audiences which audiences are engaging with you the most

you'll also start understanding which audience has more basic questions versus

more advanced questions which can help you curate the content that you share on

those specific channels for example you may find that your Facebook page

audience has more basic questions so what do you do with that information

what do you do with that data that you find during your multi stream well you

can create more basic content so that you can reach your audience on facebook

where they're at they may not be ready for your more advanced content more

advanced tutorials you need to share more basic content with them so that you

can educate them about your products or services on a more basic introductory

level now if you look at your YouTube audience for example this may happen

this may be vice-versa but your YouTube audience for example may have more

advanced questions they may be more educated with the content that you are

sharing about your products or services or the space or industry that you're in

so you may now decide to create more advanced tutorials and content for

YouTube and perhaps even offer more advanced courses or workshops or

offerings to your audience on YouTube because they're ready they're ready to

purchase maybe they are more further down the buyers journey and ready to

make a purchase with you alright so I know you're wondering what about all the

additional work of setting up more streams multi streaming all the software

that you need managing all the comments from all the channels that are coming at

you at once well that's why I wanted to talk to you guys about restream IO

before you guys went off to the next video here on YouTube restream that IO

is a fully functioning broadcasting tool based on the cloud so

you don't have to download anything it's based on the cloud so you just log in

online on the cloud on your browser that allows you to have a fully functioning

live-streaming studio right inside of your computer with overlays custom

branding and even screen sharing capabilities and it even allows you to

pull in all the comments all the comments from Facebook live Facebook

groups pages LinkedIn live Twitter periscope YouTube live into one central

thread which you can then show on the screen with a single click which your

audience loves to see they love seeing their profile their avatar their

question their comment on the screen while you're live-streaming and if

you're already live-streaming using tools like ECAMM live or zoom or streamlabs

OBS or vmix then you can easily connect the to all those tools any of those tools super easily so that you can

multi stream to over 30 different platforms at the same time if you want

to check out restream go find the link down in the description to get the free

trial now go check out this next video that will help you with getting started

with restream and multi-streaming today see you in the next video bye bye

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