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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Creepy Ghost Videos That Were Never Explained

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- The paranormal is something that is frightening

to many people.

The idea that we may not be alone is worrisome.

However, that fear is amplified when the paranormal

is caught on video.

Especially when it comes from a credible source.

Here are 10 creepy ghost videos that were never explained.

Number 10 is the Vatican City ghost.

While on vacation in Vatican City, college student,

Mark Fowler, from Mill Bay, British Columbia captured

a fair amount of footage in St. Peter's basilica.

Upon arriving back home he watched the video again with

his friends who were very surprised to spot a strangely

obvious figure covered in all red material

floating high above the crowd of tourists.

Mark could not recall ever seeing it while he was there

and no one in the video seems to be paying any attention

to it at all.;

as the camera makes another pass of the area,

you can see the phantom has changed locations,

appearing at the back left side of the church.

Previously skeptical about spirits, Mark now believes it

may be a manifestation of the spirit of Jesus' disciple,

St. Peter who happens to be buried right under that

very same church.

Number nine is the Savannah Georgia cemetery ghost.

Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted

cities in America.

And on December 31, 2008 17-year-old Jesse Greathouse

captured footage that would help support that claim.

While on vacation with his family, Jesse was given a

camcorder and told to film whatever he wanted as they

toured around Colonial Park Cemetery,

the resting place of over 9,000 bodies and a mass grave

filled with victims of the yellow fever.

As Jesse filmed his attention was caught by a distant

sight of a kid running through the cemetery.

In the video he zooms in on the small child,

only to see it jump straight into a tree and then fall down

and disappear instantly.

Upon analysis experts agree that the tape is genuine

and has not been manipulated in any way.

Perhaps what he saw was the playful ghost of a young boy

running around near his own grave site.

Number eight is the Barton Mansion ghost.

Built on an Indian burial ground in 1859 the Barton Mansion

in Redlands, California has a long history of hauntings.

The mansion's owner, Dr. Barton, disregarded all of the

warnings he received about desecrating the resting place

of so many souls.

And it ended up costing him dearly.

Soon after moving in, Barton's two young daughters died


The grief following his loss drove Barton insane and before

his death he began practicing satanic rituals in an

attempt to see his daughters again.

In 2001 a group of local teenagers filmed themselves

venturing into the abandoned house to find proof that

it was haunted.

Prior to their footage they had entered a room and found

a hunk of meat in a circle of stones.

When they came back from recorded they were accosted

by a ghost wielding what looked like a lantern.

Number seven is the London Underground sighting.

Since 1868 an alarming number of people have taken their

own lives by jumping in front of trains in London's

subway system.

But that wasn't exactly the end of their journey,

as their ghosts have been spotted wandering the London


In June of 2016 a video of the Knight's Bridge station

tracks taken by Neil Andrew Pike went viral.

He was returning from the science museum when he

accidentally captured a phantom person jump down onto

the tracks.

Knight's Bridge on the Pikadilly line has been the site

of 92 reported suicide attempts in the last decade alone.

The station also happens to be located very close to

an old burial ground for thousands of victims of the

17th century's great plague.

Whoever the being is on this video,

their decision to jump onto the tracks could be telling

of their final actions while they're still alive.

Number six is the headless ghost.

This video comes from somewhere in the middle east and

features five kids running around and exploring a large

abandoned school in daylight.

After two minutes pass, they kids have not found

anything scary or ghostly.

But this all changes when the enter a large

brightly lit classroom.

Once inside this completely empty room the camera pans

across to witness a shadowy headless human figure

seemingly walk through the wall and towards the camera

man in broad daylight.

At the same time this happens a loud droning noise

which is most likely the sound of voices in religious

prayer at a nearby mosque.

Strangely, none of this seems to phase anyone present

in the room.

Almost as if it was only detected by the camera lens itself.

Whatever it was, those kids certainly are lucky that

they didn't see it in person.

Number five is the Honduran ghost doctor.

In 2016 footage from a school hospital on Honduras

appeared on a Facebook page called la orta dimension.

The video shows a long hospital corridor where a ghostly

figure appears to step through a doorway into the hall

and then disappear instantly.

The ghost itself is believed to be the spirit of

a doctor who took his own life at the hospital several

years ago and now remains there wandering the halls.

Patients staying at the hospital have felt his presence

and have witness flickering lights and other strange

occurrences in their rooms.

And what's even stranger is the camera operator who

captured this footage is unknown.

The 22 second clip has become one of the most convincing

pieces of evidence for the hauntings in this

Honduran hospital.

Number four is the Wentworth Woodhouse haunting.

Since it first aired on May 25, 2002 the United Kingdom's

Most Haunted has visited a number of locations in the

search of paranormal activity.

While at the Wentworth Woodhouse stable block in

Wentworth, England the crew caught an apparition on film.

Both Carl Beady and Stewart Tarvel were filming in an

empty hallway after hearing the sounds of footsteps and

decided to ask whatever spirits were present to walk

towards them.

Then a mysterious man who appears to be semi-transparent

suddenly materializes in the hallway and proceeds to walk

silently up the staircase.

Both Carl and Stewart try to chase after the individual,

but find nothing at the end of the hall,

leaving them to believe he had disappeared.

There has never been a clear explanation for what

happened that day, but what is perfectly clear is that

someone or something was in the hall with them.

Number three is the Disneyland ghost.

When darkness falls on the parks at Disneyland in

Anaheim, California the tourists leave.

But apparently something else roams the park's quiet


In 2009 a video of Disneyland CCTV footage which appears

to show a ghostly human was uploaded directly to YouTube.

The phantom clearly walks from the Haunted Mansion

building straight through a closed iron bar gate

over to the rivers of America section where it then begins

to walk straight across the water.

Now, this video might be less convincing if it hadn't

already shown the being on several different camera angles

at the same time.

Meaning it's actually part of a series of security

footage and not just a trick of the night.

Some people have commented on the video believing that

this may be Walt Disney's ghost surveying the park

after hours.

But whether he is or isn't, let's hope he's just there

to have fun.

Number two are the Black Forest orbs.

Just south of Denver, Colorado is Black Forest,

a heavily wooded area that is fraught with paranormal


One particular piece of footage taken there

has left experts baffled.

The Black Forest orbs in this video were filmed

at the Lee household in the mid 1990s and appear to be

very large and bright, leaving light trails behind them.

In addition, the way that they move seems extremely

unnatural and rules out any possibility that the

camera is just picking up dust particles or reflections

of light.

According to paranormal investigators the orbs in the

video are also visible to the naked eye and behave in

a similar fashion.

Their origins are a complete mystery,

but with so much ghost activity in the surrounding

area it's easy to see that they could be strongly

connected to the paranormal.

And number one are the ghosts of Gettysburg.

The Battle of Gettysburg was a massive win for the

Union Army during the American Civil War in 1863.

But it came at a great expense.

The battle lasted from July first to July third and

resulted in nearly 36,000 casualties.

In November of 2001 Tom and Deliah Underwood setup

a camera at the Triangular Field in Gettysburg and

captured some of the strangest ghostly visuals ever


The Triangular Field was a highly contested area

during the battle since it had stone walls that were useful

for defense against any invaders.

In the footage the couple witness strange translucent

white figures moving through the trees.

As they searched for explanations the figures became

more vivid and clear.

Could these be the ghosts of the long forgotten soldiers

locked in an eternal battle?

To this day nobody knows,

it's only speculation that remains.

So that was 10 creepy ghost videos that were never


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