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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Flash is a weird show...

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You know in the world of teen dramas or TV show aimed at teens in general

you can kind of sort of break it down and in like three phases

or eras, or whatever. You had TV Shows about just teen in High School

That was popular in like the 90s and kind of early 2000s.

You had sitcomes like Saved by the Bell or you had teen dramas like Freaks and Geeks

And then later on you had the Supernatural teen drama era that took shape in like the mid to late 2000s. That gave us like Vampire Diaries,

Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Twilight... that kind of thing

most recently with the exploding popularity of superhero comic book movies and TV shows and all that

now we're seeing an influx of superhero themed teen dramas

Or you know TV shows aimed at teens in general

One of the most recent and most popular shows in this new teen drama phase, is the CW's The Flash

So let's check it out

The show starts out , oddly enough, like pretty much every YouTube vlog ever


SHOW: "To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first"

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So, Barry Allen is a forensics investigator. Who's always late for work

Second robbery this week

The teller ID'd Clyde Mardon as the shooter

What? Oh jeez, the Mardon brothers are back?

What do we got?

Perps took the bank, shot out the cameras, and as a chaser, killed the security guard over there

I got units kicking in doors of known Mardon brothers associates

CSI been over it?


Where's Allan?


Do ya get it, kids? Do ya get it?

He's The Flash, the fastest man alive, but he's always late for stuff. Do ya get the joke? Do ya get it, kids?


"If he's not here not we have to carry on this investigation without him."

"Sorry I'm late captain Singh." "What was it this time Mr. Allen?

Did you forget to set your alarm clock? Before you answer,

I should remind you the excuse you gave last time was car trouble

Wanna know why that was particularly memorable?"

"I do not own a car." "He was running an errand for me.

Barry, did you give me what I asked for?"

You mean this life-sized body pillow of Dr. Robotnik in lingerie?

Are you kidding? Of course I did!

After picking up some CSI gunk or whatever

He heads back to his lab where we meet Iris, his longtime

childhood friend whose dad is the police chief guy and Barry's boss

Now, the conversation they have here is maybe one of my biggest pet peeves,

when I'm watching any TV show or movie or whatever

"I'm stress eating over my dissertation,

If I don't graduate soon, I'm gonna be more muffin top than woman.

"You look amazing."

"What's so important about this particle accelerator anyway?"

"Harrison Well's work in quantum theory is lightyears ahead of anything they're doing at CERN"

"You're doing that thing where you're not speaking English"

You see, this right here. This is one of those like TV show movie tropes

That's been around since forever

And it always annoys me when it comes up. Whenever a nerdy character says anything like remotely

Scientific or even just like smart and then everyone else is like "Oh, in English please"

Like this trope is used to accomplish two things:

One, it allows all of us to make fun of nerds... in a comic book TV show

(I don't know who thought that was a good idea)

And two, it means the writers of the show assume that we the audience

Are just too dumb to understand anything above like a third grade level

I mean look at Big Bang Theory, right? The most popular show on TV right now

And it's literally just "In English, ee-gahn (again?)" the TV show


Just imagine that that dot is everything the human race has ever learned until this moment"

"Does that include twerking?"


Really? You're just--you're just gonna say that and just leave it there?

So later that day Barry and Iris go to STAR Labs

Where we see Not-Elon-Musk unveiling his new particle accelerator thing

But not before Barry decides he's finally gonna tell Iris how he really feels!

"While I was away, I had a chance to think about...

you know, relationships... " "Even though we pretty much grew up in the same house together, and we're...

kind of like brother and sister, because we're not brother and sister, it can get really....

weird and awkward to talk to me about girls, but I just want you to know that it shouldn't be awkward...

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves

and adores you for the amazing guy that you are"

Oh noooo....

Now I have to listen to her talk about boy problems and pretend to care and give her advice for the rest of my liiiife

They finally turn on the particle accelerator thing and surprise, surprise

It blows up, sending a shockwave through the entire city and hitting Barry with a lightning bolt

Now, Barry wakes up nine months later in STAR Labs with Not-Elon Musk

And his team of kids, looking after him

"Hey what is happening. What is going on?"

"You were struck by lightning, dude."

"Lightning gave me abs"

"Your muscles should be atrophied, but instead they're in a chronic and unexplained state of cellular regeneration"

"And trust me, I know

I checked your ABS really thoroughly like... really thorough"

Barry leaves the lab and somehow knows exactly where Iris is, even though, he's been in a coma for nine months

I mean let's be honest. That's the real superpower here

"Oh my god"

I'm not crying, you're crying! Shut up.

Here, Barry starts to realize he has superpowers and goes back to STAR abs

I mean STAR Labs to figure out what's going on

So Not-Elon-Musk and his team set out to test of the extent of his new powers

But of course during the test things don't go so well.

"What happened out there today?"

"You were moving pretty well and then something caused you to lose focus?"

"I started remembering something,

when I was 11, my mother was murdered"

Woah, kid, hey

I thought maybe you just had like a fight with your girlfriend or something

like I didn't sign up for this guided tour of your whole

life story all right?

"But what if the man who killed my mom was like me?"

Skinny nerdy kid with a really attractive friend and a butt chin? Pfft What are the odds of that?

Now, later Barry is stalking Iris

I assume because somehow he always knows exactly where she is like all the time

and here we learned that she is now dating her

Dad's new partner. As you can imagine

Barry's not too happy about it

When you were in the hospital, Eddie covered my father's shifts that we could both be with you

I thanked him with a cup of coffee and things just kind of... Happened

What do you mean things just happened?

Hey, here's a cup of coffee - Thanks wanna make out? - Okay!

Anyway, it turns out Barry wasn't the only one who got special powers that night

and some ne'er-do-wells have decided to use their

Powers to like rob banks and stuff.

Barry decides to take matters into his own hands and put a stop to it

When monster-of-the-week

Number one decides to summon a tornado and terrorize the city

Barry thinks it's a good idea to run around the tornado the opposite way

To stop it instead of just, you know,

Running into the tornado and stopping the guy in the middle who's actually making the thing in the first place

now shockingly his plan actually works and in the end

Iris's dad finds out that Barry is indeed The Flash

You know I guess technically the show isn't really a teen drama per se

because like there aren't any teens in the show

But like it pulls a lot of the same tropes anyway, so I mean like might as well be in teen drama, y'know what I'm sayin?

But much like how the supernatural teen dramas are all pretty much like the same show just like with different characters

Almost every superhero movie and TV show like it's really just the same show

Nerdy/outsider loser kids suddenly works out with ABS and tries to adjust to their new life

of having the physique but none of the social skills

But you know when you get right down to it

Superpowers have basically become the new like 'brooding vampire schtick' or whatever

not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that

But I'm just saying we've kind of been here before


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or "PLL is kind of dumb" like that was like the point of the video

But now it's kind of evolved into this like... the name of the video was just kind of like a series

I guess in a way like you know if I have a video and it's like 'such-and-such is kind of dumb' like it's not that

I necessarily think it's dumb

It's just it's kind of part of this series where I watch

Dramas and TV shows and movies whatever and I kind of talk about them

You know people for example this video about the flash like you know I didn't hate the flash at all

I thought it was actually quite good

It was interesting, but I mean it was kind of derivative and kind of like whatever you know like I talked about the video

But like I don't really think it's actually dumb. It's just kind of the name of the video

It's part of the series

I guess so like I hope that's kind of clear to people I know like I keep getting new people joining in and you know

welcome I hope you enjoy the videos

But you know like with supernatural people like Oh with that title you're gonna get a lot of hate on that video

And I don't know if I did or not

But I hope people kind of realized that the naming conventions are just part of a series

It's not really like the thesis statement of the video

You know I mean it's kind of evolved into that I hope that's clear, but if it's not that's what it is now anyway

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