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Once upon a time, in Yasenevo district, Moscow, there lived a school boy.

Sergey Kostylev was his name.

Sergey was a let's-player on Youtube.

And in nearby Chertanovo...

lived I.

Jony Ivesasin: The Farewell Video.

His chan... [inside joke, means "chan with s**t"]


His channel, of course, was watched by nobody. [views]

And then he called me once and said:

"Wanna easily earn 500 rubles?"

Of course, I rejected it.

But then I remembered I don't even have enough money for instant noodles and so I had to eat paper.

He told me to film a couple of funny videos about iPhones.

I founded Ap-le, and, well...

Unfortunately, our plans were not destined to come true.

He... did not become popular.

I did not become popular!

The videos just... weren't good enough.

I was... laughed at.

"haha lol who's this assasin douchebag"

I was betrayed.

"Wasn't me!"

I was...

not watched.

Hundred views.

Only hundred and fifty views...

Do I... deserve it?

I rewrote my scripts several times!

I did dozens of takes! "It's ya boi Jony Ivesasin,

and I've just killed been... khm".

I edited for days non-stop!

I put up with ridicules,


lack of views,

even Kostylev himself!

I even nearly died, comatosed for almost two months!

And for all this I got... some approving comments?

But I have to bear with it.

"Stop bearing with it!" [Zhirinovsky, a russian politician's quote]

You are right, Zhirinovsky!

From this day, I shall go away from Kostylev's channel.


I've got the money.

It would be enough to develop my channel.

I would... become popular!

Farewell, losers!

Sit down here with this Crazy Man on this crazy chan-


...lly, this channel is now in good hands of Crazy Man, so there is still some hope.

Finally, before I get away from this junk,

I'll do what you all asked.

I will show my face.


Why can't we be friends (x4) ♫

I've seen you 'round for a long-long time

♫ (Yeah, ah-ha-ha-ha!) ♫

I re-member you when you drank my... ♫

"April 2, 2018"

"April 2, 2018"

Well, you know Rus. [inside joke]

Why can't we be friends ♫ "Thanks for watching!"

Why can't we be friendsSign on the left: "My Adventures"

Why can't we be friendsSign on the right: "Now I am here"

Why can't we be frieeeends... ♫

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