Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG] Top in 4th of January, '(G)I-DLE’ with 'HWAA', Encore Stage! (in Full) | M COUNTDOWN EP.696

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MCOUNTDOWN This week No.1 Last week of January

(G)I-DLE, congratulations!

Please give us an acceptance speech!

We did not expect to win this week

Thank you Neverland for this amazing award

And to all of our parents

Thank you so much for everything

CUBE Ent. and all of our staff, thank you so much

Thank you for supporting us

This award is all thanks to you

We'll keep working hard

So please keep supporting us

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supports (G)I-DLE

Neverland, thank you again

As much as you believe in us, we'll work hard to give back the love with even better music

Thank you!

1,2! Hello we are (G)I-DLE!

Oh my god~

2 weeks in a row!

- Thank you so much~ - We won again!

- So cute~ - We're friends now!

Neverland, thank you for giving us another win on the last week

All of our members, we did great till the end of promotion

And our parents, thank you always


I would also like to thank our manager unnies and oppas

And thank you to all of our staff members!

Minnie, say a word!

This is our last week of promotion on MCD

And we won another award, thank you so so much

(G)I-DLE will always improve, and work hard

So please look forward to it

We love you Neverland~

- We have to do a ceremony! - Yeah!

Should we do the same ceremony we did a while ago? The tossing ceremony?

Be careful! Don't drop it

- Be careful! - We have to catch it

1 2 3!

That's not enough!

I'll put down the mic

Ready, 1 2 3!

Thank you Neverland!

Thank you Neverland!

Thank you!

Thank you so much Neverland!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for the award MCOUNTDOWN

And we'll be back with an even better song!

Should we say goodbye?

1 2!

Thank you this was (G)I-DLE!

- Thank you! - Neverland are the best!

Thank you!

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