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- Hi, Dr. Heather here

from Wellspring Chiropractic Lifestyle Center.

Today, we are talking about low back pain

and I want to share with you some of the strategies

we use right here in the office with folks that come in.

One thing we want to do is we want to make sure

that the tissues that are involved in the injury

are able to heal up.

So, we coach people on eating an anti-inflammatory diet

so they don't keep feeding the fire of inflammation

that's in there.

And then, there are also some nutritional supplements

that we find are very useful to address the inflammation

and also help the connective tissue rebuild,

the tissue that's been damaged.

So, what I like to use is tumeric

is one of my favorite products and the company

Standard Process makes an incredible tumeric.

It's called Tumeric Forte

and it's actually a blend of tumeric

that is infused into fenugreek.

And that process actually makes it so that the tumeric

is 26 times more absorbable than regular dietary tumeric.

So if you're trying to get tumeric into your body

by putting it in as a spice in your food

or adding it to smoothies,

that's actually not very absorbable

but in this form that is infused into the fenugreek,

it's highly absorbable.

So it's one of the best-selling products of this company

because it's so effective.

I love using the tumeric.

I also find that the omega-3 oils

are very important, so the fish oils.

So I always wanna make sure that we are using those

effectively because that's what's going

to help to drop inflammation

and if you have low back injuries,

if you have whether it's a chronic situation

or an acute situation,

then we wanna make sure we're addressing those.

And then of course we want to talk about

rebuilding the tissues.

So the products that I like for this

are Ligaplex One and Ligaplex Two

and they're for different types of low back injuries.

So I'm always going to test to see if it's more

of a disk type of a concern, I'll use one.

If it's more of a sacroiliac or a physette concern,

then I'll use another one.

But it literally is providing the building blocks

for that tissue so it can rebuild and get stronger

if it's been injured or damaged.

So those are the things that I like to use

to support the progress of the patients that I see

and it really allows us to get our best results with folks.

If you're curious on whether or not we can help you,

there's actually a link below you can click on

which is our new patient special

for low back pain concerns.

And you're welcome to click on that link

and if you do, then I look forward to meeting you.

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