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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Made Dinner... it got AWKWARD

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We have such a fun day planned today, we're gonna just hang out as a family and

Get all our housework done and tonight. I'm gonna have some friends over. We're gonna make some dinner that needs to be made and

Just hang out

What are you going to get him for his birthday? -I don't know

There you go

Hey tip of advice

Don't leave camera batteries in your pocket when they go through the washing machine I

Still hope it works because I don't have a lot of batteries for this camera so...

Since when did one box of mac and cheese make two servings

Russell don't tell anybody that only us two got it okay. I

I won't say anything if you don't

And all messes are clean, that pot is cooling off on the stove, but it's clean so nobody knows

For homework I have to read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

it is a children's book, but my teacher said there's some hidden Christian message in it

And I'm trying to figure out who the white witch represents

he said it was not the devil and

I can't figure out who it is so if you guys have any ideas you should let me know because I'm kind of stuck

Eve have you found your best friend?


Do you like him more than me?

uh..I just like him.


Can i see it? -It's blue slime

Our task is to turn this into fajitas. Yeah

That's the part that scares me. I don't know how to work with raw meat unless it's chickens

-[Julie] Don't put tomatoes in mine. -[Russell] I want some tomatoes, I love tomatoes! -[Shari] Good.

Despite all the food network I've watched, I still don't remember how to cut an onion

Do you start by cutting it like in half that way or that way?

Cuz I know like you have to go like that and then you cut it and it dices it but I don't remember.

-[Shari] Did you- -[Brevin] I disagree wit you -If there are three things on the bottom of your pepper it means that it's a boy

They're meant to be cooked, and if there's four they're girls, and they're better eaten. I didn't know that

Now the whole world can watch you season -[Brevin] not know what I'm doing. -Well do you season them now?

-Well, that's what it says -On both sides or just one -I don't know

Here I'll get you a better one

Here use this one, - okay,

The salt is easier than the pepper, -okay, I'll keep that in mind.

[Lid snaps open] Nope, wrong one

And I wanted the easy job, so I'm cutting the peppers

[Record scratch] -Ta Da! The two people cooking! [laughs]

Every time I turn the camera on when you having a conversation then the conversation is done

Mom, Look at the table! I put the napkins

Very good you did a good job, Russell.

You learned how to cook meat today. -Yep

First time ever

Yeah, he's never used to skillet before either

I think it looks pretty good. Eve wanted to put the cheese in the bowl so bad, because she wanted something to do.

-[Eve] And I have to do the cheese!

And we're all gonna have dinner,

This is actually really good. -Yeah, -Good job cooking the meat

First time -[Julie] Yeah, the meat's my favorite

you guys all like it? Dad?

Oh good!

I say we go watch the fugitive -okay,

Abby doesn't want to watch it. She thinks it's too intense.

Julie and mom and dad are gonna watch it with us, but first they have to clean up the kitchen

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