Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Benson Questions Her Own Bias to Garland - Law & Order: SVU

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- Hey. - Hey.

Thanks for meeting me. - Of course.

- I know it's been a long day. - Yeah.

- Where are we?

- We arrested Joe Murphy.

He admitted to sex with Aquino

but denies having assaulted him.

- And Aquino's still unconscious?

- Yes.

- It may be better if Sergeant Tutuola

testifies at the grand jury.

- [laughs]

Rather than a white woman, Captain?

- How'd it go at IAB?

- What have you heard?

- Not a word, which worries me.

- Chief, I didn't sleep last night.

Been going over and over and over in my head

about what happened in that park,

and trying to figure out

what I could've done differently,


And what I missed.

- And what do you think?

- I think that I have been so focused

on the victims

that my own bias

didn't even occur to me.

- And now?

- I don't know.

How much did that bias

affect my choices,

affect my decisions

as a cop?

I'm reeling.

- We all are.

The level of community outrage...

There's a freight train coming. [laughs]

1PP senses it too.

My worry is,

they're more interested in the optics than actual change.

- Is that why you had Fin

tell me to watch my back?

- When an organization feels threatened,

if they believe they can protect themselves

by sacrificing a few pawns,

they will not hesitate.

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