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Whats'upp guys, In this video i'm going to compare Netflix

and Popcorn Time to watch tv shows and movies on you're TV.

What is the best way to watch movies? Let's do an in depth comparison!

We all know about the most populair streaming service on the planet and that is Netflix

of course. Netflix offers a huge library of tv shows,

movies, cartoons, etcetera.

A big plus for Netflix is that you can watch movies almost everywhere. Apple Tv, Chromecast,

Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones and all gaming consoles.

As you can see, the library has a very easy navigation and lay-out to find what you are

looking for. The streaming speed of Netflix is really fast, without delay and without

buffer while watching movies.

But then on the downside is that the content they offer is different per country. And outside

of the US their library can be very limited.

So Netflix is a paid service. For 9 bucks each month you can get all of this. But what

about illegal streaming services? So now let's take a look at Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time is a free peer to peer streaming service. It actually let's you watch torrent

files while downloading from peers.

You can see that Netflix and Popcorn Time share the same typ of interface as you scan

trough movie posters. It also let's you read a synopsis if you would like.

Popcorn Time works great for illegal content, it almost streams immediately and comes with

support for subtitles.

So on the downside of Popcorn Time, is that it doesn't have browser support, but only

works with the App for desktop or Android devices.

Also Popcorn Time doesn't let you download the actual movie. So this limit's the way

you want to view it too.

So the content library is de biggest difference. Netflix doesn't have the rights to show some

of the biggest tv-shows like Game of Thrones. But Popcorn Time doesn't care about all these

rights because it's completely illegal.

But for users outside the US, there is another way to extend the content library of Netflix.

With the use of you can see all the content from the US or other countries.

This setup is pretty easy and only takes you around a couple minutes. After the setup you

can select the country you want to view content from on their website.

So with the help of I think Netflix offers a more premium way of streaming

movies or tv-shows. Popcorn Time is a good alternative for people that want to stay with

illegal downloads and are fine with the downsides.

So how do you watch movies? Would you rather download illegal or legal.

Let me know in the comments down below.

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