Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Hasbro Star Wars Toys, Your Jedi Poses, and More!

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- This week we check out new products from Hasbro

and take a look at your best Jedi poses,

but first we give Darth Roosevelt a trim.

Most impressive.

Kristin Baver here and back again

for some more Star Wars news.

Let's get to it.

On Monday, Hasbro hosted a livestream fan event

where they announced so many awesome new products

coming this year.

Among the reveals was the vintage collection Chirrut


He is one with the force, and the force is with him.

The celebration of "Empire Strikes Back's"

40th anniversary continued with the announcement of the Bespin

carbon freezing chamber playset, which I honestly just

want to play with right now.

The set includes a classic imperial storm

trooper in the 3 and 3/4 size on a new ESB card back.

We're also getting new black series figures of Darth Vader,

Boba Fett, a snow trooper, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker

in Dagobah chic, ready to unlearn everything

he's learned, no doubt.

The 6" figure line will also see a version

of the Hoth rebel trooper in the new black series packaging.

And last, but not least, Hasbro teased that a new Star Wars

HasLab item is in the works.

To check out a full list of all the fun new toys

and details on when and where to preorder,

head to

Star Wars book fans got to get their grabby hands

on "Shadow Fall" by Alexander Freed this week.

Now you can learn even more about Alphabet Squadron

and the trilogy if you had to for a brand

new interview with the author.

This week in Star Wars history, back in 1998,

Star Wars posted the first installment of Lynn's diaries,

a series that gave fans at home an intimate behind the scenes

look at "Star Wars--

The Phantom Menace."

Hosted by Lucasfilm's currently VP of publicity

and MVP of my heart, Lynn Hale, each episode chronicled

the making of the film.

From script writing to shooting on location,

to the highly anticipated release,

And because this is the internet and nothing ever truly

disappears from the web, if you miss them or simply want

to revisit the series like an old friend,

Lynn's diaries are still available on

Check out this link.

Last week, we asked to see your best Jedi poses, and, as usual,

you delivered.

Fawzi shared a photo of this formidable master

and apprentice posing in front of the fastest hunk of junk

in the galaxy.

John proved that the force is indeed strong in his family.

Blasty Trooper set up this scene with an enviable collection

of action figures, including a Jedi Jar Jar,

or is that Darth Jar Jar?

Geo shared these adorable engagement photos.

Talking Bay predicted Ahmed Best becoming a Jedi,

and Kelly sent in a photo of her Padawan crossing blades

with Darth Vader.

Thank you all for proving that you don't have

to be a contestant on "Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge"

to live your own adventure as a Jedi knight.

Ever since we learned that Star Wars Celebration would

be canceled this year, we've been thinking

about how excited we are to return and celebrate

with all of you in 2022.

So instead of being sad about not getting

to see all of your smiling faces this summer,

we want to hear about some of your favorite memories

from celebrations past.

Share photos of your most impressive cosplay.

Tell us about your favorite panel, or even the coolest Star

Wars celebrity encounter.

Tweet us your fondest Star Wars celebration recollections

using the hashtag #ThisWeeksCelebrationMemory,

and we'll feature a few of our favorites in the next episode.

That's it for this week, but for more

on these stories and other news from around the galaxy, check


And be sure to join us right here for "This Week

in Star Wars" every Thursday.

Thanks for watching, and may the force be with you.

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