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Yeah, that's me. Over the past year

I've had some pretty amazing experiences, but now it's time to get serious. Under the crew

I hired to follow me around, an extensive knowledge of video games, and that's about it. I'm gonna unlock the skills

I need to survive an apocalypse. Will I survive? Who's to say! I can hear you. Yeah, I know: I'm you. This is Skill Tree.

You'll see in video games like Tomb Raider

Uncharted, The Last of Us. They're always doing these crazy running, jumping, climbing

Listen to me the strongest people in the world. As you can see, I'm already pretty advanced

Maybe by the end of the day, I'll have learned a little more


Ho ho


[Stav] I'm Stav. I'm coach here with the BAM Academy. [Ellie] Parcour's just like jumping right?

[Stav] It's a few more things than that: climbing swinging and most importantly landings

[Ellie] Can you do parkour if you're scared of heights?

[Stav] Yeah- I actually when I started was scared of heights. Now, I can just hang off a cliff and no big deal. [Ellie] No big deal

[Stav] I believe that you're gonna overcome your fears today. [Ellie] You think so? [Stav] I think so. [Ellie] Okay

Let's do it. [Stav] Alright, let's do it. So the first thing I'm teaching Ellie today is how to land properly. That's the foundation of

parkour. Basically anytime you're jumping off of something about chest height or lower you can absorb the impact by doing the proper landing technique.

So do it just like I'm doing: balls of your feet, heels off the ground, knees bent, arms in front, back straight.

[Ellie] Okay... [Stav] So when you land you're gonna go from straight...

to down. [Ellie] Okay. [Stav] The PLT. I want to see you try and land on this tire here. [Ellie] From here to there?

[Stav] Yeah, just make sure you look at the tire the whole time.

Good first try! [Ellie] Okay [Stav] At first, she was a little bit hesitant.

I could see her confidence in her movement wasn't quite there, even though she's, uh, pretty strong!

Good! Okay, that's pretty good! That's definitely a good start! So what we're gonna do

Is we're gonna come - just start by going on one knee... [Ellie] Okay [Stav] Your hands go in front of it... [Ellie] Mm-hmm [Stav] Reach out...

And we're gonna tuck this orb in so I can roll from my shoulder to my opposite hip. So you're drawing a diagonal

[Ellie] All right that doesn't look as scary now. No this just feels like a long way down, Stav. [Stav] It's, it's about six feet.

[Ellie] Don't laugh at me!

[Stav] There you go, yeah!

[Ellie] Yas! [Stav] Good job! So we got the proper landing technique

and the roll. All great safety options for when you're dropping from various heights.

So now I'm showing Ellie how to swing from one bar to a solid landing

It's efficient. You don't touch the ground. It's just using your momentum like a pendulum


[Ellie] Okay. [Stav] So just like if you had a weight on a string, your feet are that weight and your body is a string. You want

it to be nice and taut. Arms straight, body out. Okay, so when I jump, I bring my feet back... My body swings forward.

Keep your arms straight. Locked out.

[Ellie] Wonder Woman. Supergirl. Hah! It's just moments just before you go that it's like, 'Nyo! Don't do it!' [whispers] Okay, girl I got this!

Trying to catch the momentum of that swing to then follow that through and land

correctly is much harder than I thought it would be [Stav] Yeah, let's uh... Ready to move on?

[Ellie] Yeah! [Stav] Okay!

And the last thing I'm teaching Ellie today is the wall run and top out

Basically, we're gonna learn how to get a good kick off a wall, fly up, catch the top, and get on top. [Ellie] Cool.

The basic idea is to run, get a little momentum...

...try and get your foot flat against the wall -about as high as your hips- and you're gonna kick off of it.

So we're gonna get up, get your forearms, and then... beached whale! I'm gonna get my hands nice and flat [Ellie] ah-huh...

[Stav] And then I'm gonna press up... foot! [Ellie] Okay.

[Stav] Keep pushing!

[Ellie] Nathan Drake. My brand of parcour isn't the most graceful

[Ellie] *sounds of strugggling*

[Ellie] Glamorous! Like a swan...

And this is how it's done! Turns out parkour is hard. [Stav] I think you're... I think you're ready for your test! [Ellie] Ohh I'm scared

[Ellie] All right, yeah, so ready! [Stav] Okay, let's jump down...


Come down...

This is our... a little bit shorter, so we can do our proper landing technique. Jump out, land, walk walk walk...

Big jump...

...Big jump...

...Swing out...

...Wall run. So it's gonna be: running up the wall...

...Up... You're gonna jump down

You're gonna cut across! Come down...

Jump, plant. Up on our next wall, this is where we talked about our roll, so we're gonna jump down...

roll. Walk walk walk... Get over the wall and jump up and dive!

That's easy, right? Simple! [Ellie] There is no way...

[Stav] So that's the course...

[Ellie] Can I practice that little bit? [Stav] So the one spot on the course that I think Ellie might have difficulty with is the jump

between the pillars. You gotta clear your mind, find your state of Zen. [Ellie] I don't like Heights. I don't like Heights. That's scary!

I don't like heights...

See that? I just, just made that. [Stav] No, you, you, you have a lot of position [Protestations in the background] You got this, I swear. You want me to show you on my phone? You're not... You're sticking it!

[Stav] Yeah, you're you're easy.

[Ellie] Missing it and breaking my face, what d'you think?

I'm terrified that I'm gonna miss it and smash my shin and break a bone and have to deal with that

Well, it's high, is the thing!

Four feet felt like... five stories!

I'm gonna set hot like 30 seconds up here, being like, hehhhh!

[Stav] Yeah!

[Ellie] Okay [Stav] Easy! [Ellie] Nope [Stav] Easy physically [Ellie] Stav...

[Stav] She was a little hesitant about that. In the air she might get a little freaked out

I hope she doesn't cuz I'm sure she can do it if she just commits

We're gonna make sure that you don't touch the ground if you do it's gonna be a five-second penalty. [Ellie] Awesome

Instead of falling off a building. so that seems generous... If you make it in under a minute you will earn your agility badge

Okay? [Ellie] Yeah. [Stav] No pressure. Ready to go? So I only gave Ellie a minute to complete the course which is a little tough.

Alright, you ready? [Ellie] Oh, yeah, hang on! [Stav] Alright! Ready: three, two, one, go!

Alright, keep it going...


Good - keep it moving!

Good, show me big hands, 1 2 3!

So Ellie made it past the pillars

I was proud, but then when she went for the swing... [Ellie] Getting that pendulum swing doesn't really work out for me

and I incur a 5-second penalty, and at that point, I'm like, "This is done. There's no way I'm gonna do it." [Stav] Push push push!

Yes! The penalty is gonna cost her. I still think she can make it

Alright, 30 seconds left! [Ellie] Okey!

[Stav] Keep moving, keep moving!

Get that roll

Go, all the way all the way! She's only got 10 seconds with that penalty. I think it's gonna be close

Almost almost almost!

And, time! One forward penalty, 58 seconds! [Ellie] YES! I did it! [Stav] Just by the skin of your teeth!

Good job! [Ellie] I so nearly fell, but I did it! [Stav] You did it! That's an agility badge. That's what it looks like! [Ellie] I did it. I managed to do it!

Maybe falling... kind of took the pressure off, and I was like, "All right..."

Didn't think I was gonna do it as soon as I hit the ground. I was like, "It's done it's over!" So I have my first

agility badge!


agility doesn't mean more heights. It might, though. [Stav] Yeah, it's fun, right? [Ellie] It's very fun!

[Stav] Well, if you want to learn more, you got some more things in my bag of tricks...? [Ellie] You're saying there's more to parcour?

There's a little bit more. Check it out at We have our full schedule. Drop by any time,

I'll show you... show you some more stuff! [Ellie] Thank you, dude!

[Stav] Yeah! Alright, we did it!

[Ellie] This is my handshake, yeah? And then it's like, it's like, this...

Pfhoo! And then I'm just gonna go... [Stav] Yeah, okay... Cool, Yeah...

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