Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DJI Tello...What is good in this device?

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To my neighbor and friends out there.

Now..I'm going to the park

Because I would like

do simple things

I buy something that now I will practice in there

and that is the right place for me to do that

This is the time to show you my stuff

From there I'll go to that place to operate my drone

Here we go I will open it

Actually it's not easy to used.

Specially in this kind of work place area

Because must required to having license

before to operate this kind of things

Since this not a type of drone as pro level entry camera

maybe it can used occasionally.

But prohibited to use in some public sticted area

If you can see the size is about 12 cm.

And the battery used long into 13 minutes for his flight



Yes this is it...

I used this tiny drone as a beginner.

Because oneday I want also have this in professional level work

Coz my dream in the future if time has come

I need to retire my present job. My option plan is

To start with studio, art gallery.

for events coverage, media services and etc...

But for now it's like I advertise myself for what I'm doing now

through this activity like making videos

I know it's not easy to provide equipments

So I keep on praying that one day I have those of them to start at the right time

I remember when I was a kid when we play called "Saraggola"

But now in modern days almost control by the smartphones

most of our playing times and some other devices.


Base on my estimation this thing it can fly 60ft. above away from the ground

If I control this in rotational mode

Sometimes the video quality gives unwanted distortion

like jumping video motion into the next frame

and that is the bad side effect for me

But one thing I like in this tiny drone is the capturing photo in arial views

Also the arial stabilization is very well

most of the time if there is no

strong wind in environment

If I capture photo in this scene

something good result can produce

and the video about 720p quality

For me it's not bad unlike the others

one of my favorite feature in this drone

I enjoy using this for the price almost 400 dirhams

also worth it for the kids 14+ ages

to learn also in this kind of activity

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