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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fastned. Freedom for electric drivers.

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The way we move has always been changing...

...and now...

...we are entering the age of the electric vehicle.

Car makers are going all-in...

To power all these new cars, the world needs reliable fast charging stations.

To give drivers the freedom to go anywhere.

We are Fastned; one of the leading fast charging companies...

...operating a large network of stations at high traffic locations.

Our stations are easy to find, have the fastest chargers...

...and are powered exclusively by renewable energy.

Our goal is a European network of fast charging stations designed to scale rapidly... cater to ever growing demand.

Were driven by a mission to provide freedome to electric drivers...

...accelerating the transition to the age of 'Electric mobility'.

Fastned: Freedom for electric drivers.

The Description of Fastned. Freedom for electric drivers.