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Welcome to the CES 2016

We are here on the Zappiti booth

a French company based in Paris

Zappiti showcases a product range with three 4K media players

The Zappiti Player 4K

a media player with a HDD Rack Option up to 8TB

The Zappiti Player 4K Mini

a small hand size set-top box

and the Zappiti Player 4K Duo

a high end 4K media player

with dual internal HDD slots up to 16 TB.

equivalent to 400 Blu-ray or 1000 DVD

it's huge!

All the players of the new range are 4K compatible

So, 4K is really the keyword of the CES this year

This is equivalent to 4 times of the Full HD resolution

The players are fully compatible with HEVC/H.265

the new video codec

which reduces file size by 2 or 3

relative to H.264 for the same image quality

precisely, the image quality

it is the power of these media players

of course they are abble to playback true 4K video content

but more important, the media players include the Zappiti MagicPixel technology

a specific video enhancement system

that use the full range of the HDMI bandwith

thereby you get a very dynamic image

very punchy, very sharp with an improved local contrast

with this enhancement, you can benefit from 4K even on a standard Full HD TV.

In fact, today many people own 4K TV but it is still quite expensive, especially for front projectors

This why the Zappiti Player 4K are very interesting to benefit from 4K without changing your TV

Of course it is not a true 4K

but you'll get a true improvement arround 30-40% more efficient compared to standard media players outpout

Except the excellent video outpout quality

the key feature is its integrated Media Center system

Zappiti Media Center

The Zappiti Player 4K can analyse the movie and TV show files

and to generate a video collection with movie cover navigation system

The movies and TV show are organized automatically by categories

such as action, SF, comedy, etc.

Then it is possible to apply some filters such as

rating, duration, release date, addition date, etc.

it is also possible to apply filter for "Seen", "Not seen" or "Ongoing" videos

for each movie, Zappiti feature an info screen

with auto-scrolled synopsis,

duration, release date,

director, actors,

technical specifications of the file such as the aspect ratio, the codec or the resolution

the audio languages and subtitle versions

In fact, Zappiti feature an efficient subtitles download option in the language of your choice

Then, Zappiti feature a group function

For intance, all the movies of the Star Wars saga

can be grouped with a glorious "carousel" 3D display!

About audio

the Zappiti Player 4K is compatible with all multi-chanel audio formats

such as DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Atmos

You just have to own a compatible AV receiver

The Zappiti Player 4K is compatible with Ethernet Gigabit

so it is possible to playback big files with very high bitrate such as 3D BD ISO

or 4K very smoothly

Indeed, the Zappiti Player 4K is compatible with 24p cinema frequency displayed in true 23.976 Hz output

the true cinema frequency of the movie files

that can feature a very smoothly video display

Very soon it will be possible to administrate Zappiti Media Center from an Android or iOS tablet

it will be possible to launch the movie playback on your TV but also on yout tablet through streaming system

The Zappiti Players received many awards by the tech press such as HD Fever, AVCesar or T3 Magazine.

The 3 models of Zappiti Player 4K are currently available in stores or on

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