Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Songs of War: Episode 7 (Minecraft Animation Series)

Difficulty: 0

Time to put an end to this nuisance.

Burn it.

Ohwould you look at that.

My flint and steel appears to be broken.

Here, take mine.

What's the matter rookie?!

Or should I say...


I knew it!

I knew there was something wrong about you the moment I found you.

I should have let the undead kill you right then!

Butperhaps this death will be more ceremonious.

You will watch helplessly as everything you fought for is destroyed and burned.

And after we're finished, we will find the Felinaand we will kill her.

Perhaps well feed her to the spiders.

They have quite the appetite.

Wait Niika its me!


All of my information is up there!

Theres no time, we have to get across the river!


Lucan wait, I cant-

Youre not afraid of heights but youre scared of jumping in the water?!

I cant swim!

Felinas hate water, Lucan, we hate-

Ow, watch the claws!

Dont you ever throw me in the water again!

Yeah, yeah.

Sorry about your tree fort.

Im not worried about the tree fort.

We lost all that information though.

All my records, my maps, my notes

everything Ive learned about the Necromancers.

We didnt lose all of it.

That information is still with you

and with me.

I found the Necrobase, Niika.

You were there? Where is it?

Directly under Mt. Tempus.

Of course!

No miner would ever go near there because of all the lava!

Its the perfect place for a hiding spot.

I need to report this to Felden.

I guess this is umwhere we part ways


I should accompany you to Felora.

They might want some of my information as well.

Not to mention you might need my help again.

We have to keep going- we need to get help.

Slow down you moron!

Help! Somebody-

My village was attacked. Its not far, we need to look for survivors!

Yeah we dont sell that here.

You can buy a drink or get out.

Anyone…? Please

Watch where yer' goin’!

Theyre all gone

Were not going back to Sendaria

theres nothing left for us.

Thalleous spoke of Ataraxiaour mission now is to find the place and figure out why he wanted us to go there.

Whats going on?

One of them Magnorites is on the edge of our town.

Been stirrinup trouble with the local folk.

Absolute menace I tell you, the lot ofem.

Well, have you tried asking it to leave?

Like anyones dumb enough to go near that thing!

I dont think you belong here either, eh?

Why dont you get that Magnorite to leave with you?

Fine. I will.

Oh hello there!

I hope you dont mind if I read here.

It's a nice bit of shade.

Not that I need any shade or anything, you know.

Uhwell I dont mindbut I think the people here want you to leave.


Its difficult to find a place to catch up on my reading.

Been forced to travel my whole life.

Hang onwould you, by chance, know where Ataraxia is?

Never heard of it. But it appears you need a map!

But youll never find one herethis town is too small

and rather lacking in the educational department if I might add.

Did you- isnt that bothering you?

Oh no- Im used to it.

Hey, you know what, why dont we travel to Biggerton?

Its just up the road. Surely they have a map available for purchase, right?

Yeah, getting out of here sounds like a good idea.

Ill grab my horse.

Oh you have a horse!

I cant ride horses because... Im too heavy.

But wait! We havent been introduced.

My names Igneousand you?


Itll be great to have some company on the road, Senn!

You see, Ive been alone for a while and have had no one to talk to

so I mostly just read books or descant with animals

but thats rarely an enjoyable experience because the animals dont actually talk back

so the conversation is often very one-sided

Get down!

An enderman. Dont look at it, Grim.

Come on!


This job has already become far more trouble than it was worth.

Lets hurry and get out of here.

Oh come on Grim, put your back into it!

Sorry mate, but I cant be slowed down any more.

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