Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Steve est un Illuminati EXPLICATIONS [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

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Steve is an illuminati I will all explain. Steve begins with a S. and the S Come from

satan and Satan is an illuminati hidden by the US Army has zone 51. We will pass to the

next Letter ... The t. The T begins like the Tea has to drink and the Tea without sugar

has no taste. That makes zero and 0 more 0 makes 0! Like the breasts of your mom when

small summer and ca also can illuminati hidden by the russes in china by dogche tof piang

gua tuan po chu fou touan guan sian puan THIS IS GOOD I HAVE fed bitch. We go to the third

letter e. The E rhime With meuh ba a cow shit shit e and not in Jul yeah It's shit. E = mc2

or 2.71828182846 is e = mc2 sa means that mc is minecraft is all that means! That the

illuminati albert heinshteinanava the whore is the father of steve her means that the

whore is mexican. We will go through v. A game called VVVVVV and it's satan's game because

it's very raging and as I said Satan was hidden by the US Army. And the e is the same as the

other e its means that it is finished bitch. This was Raptor first of the name brother

of henri 12 goodbye slut

The Description of Steve est un Illuminati EXPLICATIONS [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]