Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【アメリカ横断一人旅6日目】初めての一人キャンプからの悲劇・・・

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Good morning.

It's currently 6:30 a.m. in the morning.

I've made it through to the start of another day

but it's really hot inside the car

so I may need to do something about that.


I've made it to another McDonalds

so I've got a hot coffee

so I''ll stay here for a bit.

My next goal is to get to Virginia in the next few days

because my friend lives there.

But I'll have to figure things out before I get there.

I want to go ahead and set off for Virginia

but getting there in one day today would be hard.

But if I go through Georgia to get to South Carolina

I found a place that might be good for camping

so I'll start by driving up towards there.

I just passed into the state of Georgia!

Although, nothing's really changed yet.

It's like a forest, or like,

some kind of mountain road.

I've been driving through this foresty road for a while.

I'm shooting to reach Virginia by noon tomorrow

I've only stopped once in Georgia to get some gas

and now I've made it to South Carolina already.

This is South Carolina

but it feels REALLY rural out here.

I'm like, this is it!!

There so many trees

and you can't really get by without a car

This, more than anything is closer to

the kind of "America" that I was looking for.

So I've made it to the camp grounds!

In the office,

if you can even call it that,

there's no one in there

but there are other people camping out

like there's nothing but people pitching tents here.

When I called they said it's OK to put up a tent

so I guess I'll just go ahead and get the tent set up.

Actually, I'm putting up a tent by myself

even though I've never done this before.

But, I'll just give it a try.

I'm here anyway.

I guess I did it!

I'm feeling a little iffy about

the shape of it but

this is way better than sleeping in the car.

Here is the toilet

and a SHOWER!!!

Obviously it's not the prettiest or cleanest

but just the fact that there's a shower

is enough for me.

This is a light.

The surroundings are pitch black

so I'm going to use this

and maybe make some ramen.

But first there's this...

This is what it looks like.

I wonder if you can just open this

I think you can...

So you open this

and connect it here.

What the -- ?!

It won't... what the...

It doesn't seem to work this way...

it won't connect.

So then I guess for today

...ramen is not going to be possible tonight.

Today, the food I have is...

...potato chips.

So I guess then

this is going to be where I sleep tonight.

I can't believe I couldn't use the gas to boil water

that was kind of shocking.

I have chips, it's snacks but, I guess for now

I'll say goodnight!

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