Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Winx Club - On Tour [VOLLEDIGE THEATERSHOW]

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- Music -


Miss Faragonda!

There you are. Don't you girls have to study for your exam?

Controlling your magic powers is not a game.

Only true determined fairies can unravel the mysteries of the Magic Dimension.

There will be a big assignment that will test your magical powers.

I hope you're ready.

But of course we're ready. We are Winx!

- Music -

Miss Faragonda, it's always the same with these girls.

The whole Magic Dimension is one big playground for them.

They do not deserve to go this school.

Oh Griselda, they're still so young and have much to learn.

A big test is coming there way. A very important mission.

Detention is what they should get!

They're always sitting around doing nothing. Also hanging around with those boys..

That has to be controlled.

Their mission has to be accomplished. And will be accomplished.

Never did the Magic Dimension have such amazing fairies.

The only thing they care about is how they look.

They spend more time on their hair than on their study's.

They think that they can fix everything with their powers.

This mission will a great oppertunity to bring their skills to the test.

They haven't mastered their magic abilities to the fullest yet.

Only true determined fairies can unravel the mysteries of the Magic Dimension.

There is great danger. The Winx have to be ready.

I wonder what this assingnment will be. It sounds important.

Everything is important Bloom. The whole Magic Dimension is in danger.

There are probably shadow monsters lurking around the corner.

It's never peace and quit around here.

What did you say Tecna?

That it is never nice and quit around here Musa!

- Loud explosion -

Did your closet explode Stella?

Very funny. Maybe we could rent yours? Lots of empty space.

There we go again. My Floralia Anicala can't stand these quarrels. They will lose their buds.

Oh we don't have time for this. Our class starts soon. Yay!

But I have nothing to wear!

And I certainly don't have time for class. I have to go to Magix.. to shop!

I saw so many beautiful stuff, Brandon will love it!

Sky hasn't called me yet!

Boys never think about this sort of stuff.

Be happy that you even got a boyfriend Bloom. They have stuff to do to.

We're not the only one's with all these assignments.

Dragoncontrolling isn't easy. You only think about yourself.

I don't understand why we even get all of these assignments.

I mean, aren't we already perfect?

Can't improve perfection.

Perfection not, but YOU need all of those classes and assignments.

There is always danger around the corner, and of course always the Trix.

Haven't seen them in quit a while.. the Trix.

Would they still be in Oblivion?


The Trix!

I don't care where they are.

The only thing I know is; the life of a fairy isn't easy.

Life of a fairy isn't easy.

Hey but that is an amazing song title, Life of a fairy isn't easy.

- Music -

What time is it?

Come on guys, we have to hurry or we'll be late again.

But I still have to get changed!

- Music -

Hello, we are Icy..



And they call us the Trix, as in evil tricks.


No soft stuff like pink clouds, sun and moon. But real magic!

Super powers, super spells, super storms!


I smell fairies.. it's disgusting.

Does that smell seriously just come from those Winx girls?

Sweet little fairies

That whole Alfea, full of sweet fairies.

Oh there are so many little girls here. O no.. Are you all friends of the Winx?

How disgusting.. Oeh I see some boys to.

We came to see what those girls are up to again.

They think they're the boss around here.

Well they're wrong sisters. 'Cause who really rules Magix!?


- Music -

Look who's here..

Flora! The little herbs fairy.

Long time no see.

I see you're all alone.. Where are you're friends?

Lost your tongue?

Then we'll do the talking.

We heard something about an assignment.. I hope it's not something that involves us.

It would be very ugly..

..For you..

..Not for us.

Time to talk.. or don't you wanna tell us?

Magic transformation, now!

What a boring magic trick.

Come on, we don't have all day.

I don't what you're talking about.

Really? 'Cause I don't believe it.

You should come with us, maybe then you'll talk, right Darcy?..

So that was easy.

Without that little club, she can't do anything!

Where is Flora?

She is almost never late.

This is her favorite class.

I'm sure she is just changing into another outfit.

Maybe she wasn't feeling well.

She is probably getting her homework

Always working on getting A's.

I'm gonna check.

Girls, are you ready for your assignment?

Where is Flora?

It looks like the witches are trying to steal all the magical essences from all the different planets.

Because of that, the harmony and the balance of the Magic Dimension will be destoyed.

This has happended before, a long time ago.

And now, the Trix have found the old spells of the ancestrial witches.

It is up to you to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

There is only one way to them.

That is with the Magic Circle.

You'll have to find the Magic Circle to save the Magic Dimension.

The Pixies can't help you, neither can your Charmix.

New dangers requires new magic abilities.

With this assignment you'll have to find the core of your own powers.

Are there any questions?

I wish you good luck with this mission

What are magic essences?

Let me look it up in my database.

Magic essences, fundemental for the core of magic.

Yes! Got it..

I think it means that it is that what makes a planet a planet.

The most important part of that planet.

Without that, it's not the same planet. It would be missing its core.

Its essence!

Definitly something for the Trix.

For the Winx you mean.

The fate of the Magic Dimension is in our hands again.

How are we even supposed to find the Magic Circle?

To the core of our own power?

What even is the core of my power?

Mine is light, brightness.

We should go to Red Fountain.

I bet Brandon knows where the Magic Circle is.

I'll ask Sky. He has probably been to the Magic Circle. He has been almost everywhere.

It's probably not that simple. We should analyse the assignment.

If I combine my interdimentional database with Timmy-


I don't think going to Red Fountain is part of our assignment.

We have to go to the core of our own powers, not Red Fountain.

But the whole Magic Dimension is in danger.

We have no time to waste.

No Pixies, no Charmix..

But miss Faragonda said nothing about the Specialist. Come on we have to go

We can't go without Flora.

You're right. I'll call her.

Uh voicemail.

We have to wait here for her.

But we can't wait, this is way to important.

Dear, what if you wait here for Flora then we'll go to Red Fountain.

I'll wait. You guys go.

There is nobody there who wants to see anyway.

- Music -

There are a lot more cute guys in Red Fountain. Let's go.

- The Winx are heading to Red Fountain, the school of their boyfriends; The Specialists.-

Magic knights are being trained here to fight against the evil.

They're brave, strong and smart.

You can always count on them. -

- Music -

Sky! Come on, keep up.

He fights like a girl.

Like a fairy or witch Brandy?

It's a compliment. Look at the Winx!

Well, we're called Specialists for a reason

If it comes down to the wire, the same ones always have to fix things

Thats us!

- Music -

Everything okay?


What are you doing here?

You're not allowed here.

If Saladdin sees you...

I'm happy to see you to Brandon.

We didn't come here to catch up.

No of course not.

The Magic Dimension is probably in danger again.

It is Brandon.


Where is Flora?

Did something happen?

And Musa?

They're coming Riven. This couldn't wait.

What's wrong? Tell us and we'll take care of it.

We got an assignment from miss Faragonda.

We have to find the Magic Circle

to prevent the Trix from stealing all the magic essences from every planet.

If that happens, the magical harmony and balance that keeps the Magical Dimensio intact will disappear.

Oh and I thought something serious happened.


Brandon, this has happened before with the ancestrial witches,

and now the Trix have found the spells from the ancestrial witches.

The Magic Circle is the only thing that can prevent the Trix from stealing all the essences from all the planets!

See, I do pay attention.

Musa! Did Flora come with you?

No, we haven't seen her yet Helia.

I have no idea where she is.

So these essences contain important magic

and the Magic Circle..

That doesn't sound that difficult.

Do you know where the Magic Circle is Riven?

No, but how hard can it be?

It's magic, and it's round.

But of course! My sword ring

How didn't I think of that.

Look it contains magic, and it is round!

And a little too easy Stella.

If it was that easy, miss Faragonde wouldn't give us this assignment.

Wait a minute, if this has happened before, does Faragonda know where this Magic Cirlce is?

We have to find it ourselves.

It has something to do with the core of our own powers.

We have localized Flora!

We know we're she is!

It looks like the Trix have taken Flora to the Shadow Castle!

I have enough with those Trix.

We have to go to the Shadow Castle.

I know the way.

Need any help ladies?

No thanks Brandon. We can handle those Trix ourselves

I'm coming with you!-- Helia wait.

Don't worry. It will be alright.

Magic Winx!

- Meanwhile in the Shadow Castle..

The Trix keep Flora inprisoned in a force field.

They're about to execute their evil plans.. -

Hey! You awake fairy?

Fairies smell so bad.

It's about time you'll tell us what you guys are up to.

Let me out!

You would like that huh..

Tell us what you know and we'll consider.

What am I supposed to tell you?

I don't know anything.

Do you really think we believe that?

Aren't you the smartest of the bunch?

Yes I am, and that's why I know the Winx will be right here to save me.

And then you'll see what happens to you.

How cute.

The more, the merrier.

This takes too long.

We have other important stuff to do and that will not be interrupted by a little Winx fairy.

We have to hurry.

Those other girls will be right here and that is not what we want right now.

We have to start now.

Stormy, where is the Forgotton Book?

Oops, forgot.

Just kidding!


And what will we do with her?

She is staying here.

Like the three ancestrial witches have done before,

we'll also rule over this Dimension.

Yes! Yes!

The Magic Essences are ours.

Open the portal to all the planets!



- The Winx have found their way into the Shadow Castle.

But will they also find Flora? -

It's this way!

My database says Flora is somewhere deep inside the castle.

All this negative energy around here disrupts my gadgets though.


Could he still be here?

I hate this place.

Be quiet!

I hear something.

Someone is coming!

This way!

It's so scary!

Flora should be really close.

There's nothing here.

Tecna! - Flora!

You found me!

Flora, are you alright?!

Where are they?

Gone! They went trough a portal to steal magic essences.

They will be just as powerful as those ancestrial witches.

Magic essences?

Then is the Dimension now in danger!

And if we don't find the Magic Circle - Magic essences? Magic Circle?

What is that?

We would like to know that to!

Especially as to how we can find that Magic Circle!

Faragonda has warned us that that is the only way to stop this evil plan of them

What if the Trix have already gathered all the essences?

What do we do then?

Girls, as much I like to stay here and chat,

but if the Trix are already gone, shoudn't we be to?

Uhm hello!

How do I get out of here?

Maybe a technological spell?

I can try.

There is a very dark spell on this!

Come on, they might come back!

A Magic Circle..

A closed, round line

as counteforce

a circle of power..

I got an idea!

I knew we could count on you!

Flora knows where the Magic Circle is!

Too late..

Winx! Are you here to get your lost fairy?

I don't think so.

I do!

And you are going back to Oblivion where you belong!

No way fairy.

Magic Winx!

Why are we not able to fly?

I can't transform!

I can't help you!

Stella watch out!

Golden pollen!

Bloom! I can't move!

My make-up!

Oh Stella!

We can't do anything. They're too strong!

It's because of the essences!

We're too late!

We can't do this without the Magic Circle!

We have to go!

What about Flora!

Girls, you can't save me if they trap you to!

Go, run!

We have to go now!

Musa! Tired already?

Is it past your bedtime?

What about your friend Flora?

Just wait till we find that Magic Circle!

Wait a minute tuneless fairy,

what did you say?

Something about a Magic Circle?

Some cute plan again?

Get out of my way with your hurricane hair!

Did your hair dryer explode?

Well, well, well. Weren't you trying to escape?

There is the exit!

Well, it was very nice having you!

Going back to your boyfriend?

Oh your lipgloss!

Hold on Flora. We'll be back!

Bye Flora.

- Music -

- The Trix have stolen all the magic essences of all the planets

The whole Dimension is in danger

Even Alfea.. -

Oh what a mess!

Look what happened.

This happened because the magic essence of Magix dissapeared!

This is terrible.

Those essences have to get back to where they belong.

How will I ever sleep like this.

You should be happy you still got a bed.

Stella, what happened?

Well, there is a hurricane trapped in room. Forever.


I have really bad news..

Now that the witches have gotten all the magic essences

And Flora!

And Flora, they are now all in big danger.

The balance is gone, and that has big consequences.

Everything is changing.

You have to find the Magic Circle now to save Flora and the whole Magic Dimension.

The Trix have to stopped.

Your own home planets are in big danger.

We're getting emergency calls from Solaria..

And Melody..

From Andros too.

The professors are doing everything they can.

But time is running out..


The entire Magic Dimension is counting on you!

And don't forget,

you're Flora's only hope.

What a disaster.

How do you think earth is doing? In Gardenia.. My parents..

The entire Dimension is counting on us Bloom.

Is there no one else they could find?

We got a W!

We got an I!

We got a N!

We got a X!

We got..! - Nothing!

We got nothing!

The Trix crushed us..

Our powers aren't strong enough.

Especially not with Flora.

Where is Flora!?

Do the witches still keep her inprisoned?

I'm assuming it didn't go so well then..

Sky, it's terrible.

We coudn't do anything.

We had a feeling something happened.

Magix changed in a blink of an eye.

The Trix stole the magic essences.

They've become so strong..

Too strong for us!

It is one big mess.

And if we don't find that Magic Circle

then the Magic Dimension will never be the same.

And Flora, and us to.

I think you can use our help. We should go to the Shadow Castle.

And then what?

I want to help Flora to, but not this way.

There has to be something that we can do..

Aren't we optmists?

Specialists, optimists.

We'll continue tomorrow.

We're gonna find that Magic Circle.

I'm glad that you guys came.

Glad to be here.

Your enemies will have a hard time with friends like us.

Friends, enemies. It's always the same thing.

- Music -

- The Winx are heading to the Alfea Library to dig up some information about the Magic Circle. -

- Music -

Hello? Miss Barbetea?

Is anyone here?

Fortunately she isn't here.

Let's be quick.

There has to be something here that could tell us more about the Magic Circle

I'm sure Flora knows the solution. She knows a lot about magic.

What did you say want to say to us back there?

How do you think she's holding up?

All alone in that scary castle..

And those creepy Trix. How awful!

And all that humidity is so bad for your hair..

Don't you wanna help her? Keep searching!

The library's searching system!

We just have to ask for the right book.


The Magic Circle.


Girls help!


Since the beginning of time, the Magic Circle is the source of the Magic Dimension.

We have to find the source!

Oh no, not to the Black Mud-Swamp right?

Maybe on the bottom of lake Raccaluce!

Do you think Daphne knows something?

Maybe the fountain in Magix city! We could go shopping -- Stella!

Well, my solution would be shopping.

I've found it! The Magic Circle is in the heart of the Magic Dimension.

We should head over there!

Head over where?

The heart of the Magic Dimension! Midpoint, in the centre.

I know! But where is that?

Here in Magix?

The intergalactic map!

It has to be pointed out somewhere in here.

Let me log in.

Geograficly, the midpoint of the Magic Dimension should be on the intersection of the Meditereanian.

There! That planet!

There is where we should go then!

How would th weather be there? And what should i wear?

I have to go shop--

I'm sure I have something in my closet.

How are we going to get there?

Teleportation with my scepter of course.

Well, looking at what happened last time, I don't think that that is the best idea.

What is she talking about?

I didn't go as planned, we were supposed --

Yeah, yeah it wasn't that bad.

If you got a better plan..

The Specialists, we'll go with the Hawk.

I'll contact Timmy.

- The girls are heading to the midpoint of the Magic Dimension together with the Specialists.

Will they find the Magic Cirlce there? -

It was so beautiful last time I was here.

What happened?

There is a chage in the planetry status.

That has something to do with the magic essence of this planet.

The Trix did this thoroughly.

Timmy, do you know where the Magic Circle is? Where do we go?

I have combined my data with Tecna..

But I found nothing yet.

Where are the girls? We have to hurry. Flora is still in danger.

Anyone know what were even looking for?

What does the Magic Circle even look like?

Well duh, round!

Ha-ha very funny.

Where are you? Hello?

Over here!

Have you found anything yet?

This planet is so big. We have been walking for hours al ready.

Are you okay Stella?

Ugh, it's do dirty here!

My look is ruined.

These expeditions are definitely not meant for the fairy of beauty.

Look at my shoes for example!

We are going to find the circle.

But we don't even know how it looks like. It's not going to happen.

Come on Musa, we have to. You never give up.

You are a fairy; determined and brave.

Only with a correct analyses we can come to a correct decision.

Fantastic Tecna! You always have everything under control.

Wow, that's a good compliment.

You never say such things to me.

No, but I mean it. Just like that.

But different of course!

You know what I mean.

No, I don't actually. You can tell me what you feel for me.

But that's not always easy.

Helia, what's wrong?

Does Flora know how I feel for her?

Does she know how special she is to me?

Of course she knows!

- Music -

- It's getting late when the girls are back at Alfea.

The still have not found a solution for their problems.

And everything seems to be getting worse.

Who can help the Winx?

Everytime Bloom is in need of help, she dreams of her sister Daphne, the nymph of Lightrock.

Can Daphne help her sister? -




Bloom, you will find the Magic Circle.

Daphne, tell me how. How do find the Magic Circle?

Look inside you Bloom. The source of your power is the flame of the dragon fire within you.

The greatest power of the dimension.

You will find the circle in the heart of the Magic Dimension.

But.. we have already been to the heart of the Magic Dimension!

And we found nothing.

Flora and the planets! They're all in danger!

Don't look for the Magic Circle outside yourselfs.

Your heart Bloom. Your heart.

No, wait! Daphne you have to help me.

How can we find the Magic Circle?


Bloom? What's wrong?

Who are you talking to? Is Flora back?

My sister! I dreamed of my sister, Daphne the nymph!

She said we would find the Magic Circle but she couldn't say how!

Flora and the planets, they're all in danger I..- I have to save them with my dragonflame!

Bloom slow down. You don't have to do this alone. We're in this together.

Didn't Daphne say where we could find the Magic Circle?

Don't look outside yourself..

I had to look inside myself.

Circle.. the heart of the Magic Dimension..

Yes, we have been there. Do we have to go back?

No, it's not there. It's here!

Here? -Yeah!

But how do we find it then? Did she tell you?

Don't look for the Magic Circle outside yourself.

The heart! - Yeah..

Without Pixies, Charmix, to the source of your power.. and then?

The heart! We have to tell the others.

Bloom wait!

It's the middle of the night. Let them rest.

We'll tell them tomorrow morning. You have to rest to.

Are you going to sleep to?

I'll see you tomorrow morning then..

Should I leave the light on?


Sleep? How can I sleep after that?

- Music -

- Musa has accidentally revealed to the Trix that the Winx are searching for the Magic Circle.

What does Flora know?

If the Magic Circle is that important, the Trix would want to find it, before the Winx.

If the Trix have the essences and the Magic Cirlce, they will be undefeatable. -

Drink up fairy. I'm sure you're thirsty.

Would you like something to eat as well? We're not that hospitable he?

Would you like some.. some..


Did you finish it? Will you talk now?

I'm not telling you anything!

No of course you're not. But with a truth serum I'm sure you'll change your mind.

Always comes in handy.


The Winx are searching for a Magic Cirlce to stop us. And that's not what we want.

Tell us what you know about this Magic Circle.

We have to find it be--

A circle of power has to formed from the heart of the Magic Dimension.

What did she say exactly?

Something about a circle of power..

and the heart of the Magic Dimension!

Oh! The heart of the Magic Dimension. Is that what you said fairy?



So.. those fairies want to form a Magic Circle from the heart of the Magic Dimension..

What a magic hassle!

Typical Winx so that has to be true.

Last question Flora..

Where is the heart of the Magic Dimension?

The heart of the Magic Dimension lies in your own heart. That is the source of your power.

I'm sorry girls..

That circle! It's just them forming a circle!

We just have to form a circle. That shouldn't be that hard.

And we have the magic essences!

Superpower! It will be the most powerful circle--


You don't have a heart..

So, those fairies want to form a circle to stop us. But they need her for that. Otherwise the circle won't be round.

So we need to make sure we got out of here! And we'll take you with us!

We'll go trough the portal.

No time to waste.

- The Winx have to hurry.The Trix now know the secret behind the Magic Circle.

But the Winx hav not figured it out yet. -

What now? I still have to shower.

Bloom had a dream about Daphne.

And she said we would find the Magic Circle in the heart of the Magic Dimension.

But we should not look outside ourselves.


That's what Bloom said; Don't look outside you for the Magic Circle. The heart..?

Oh that's it!

The heart of the Magic Dimension is the source of our power! The heart.. the source.. our own hearts!

Is that it? What about the circle?

Wait, Flora knew. A Magic Circle.. a round, closed line full of power.

Simple tecnomagic.

Simple? Why did you come with this now then?

Okay, a closed round line full of power..

But of course! I've got it!

WE! We are the Magic Circle!

But are we able to do this without Flora?

We have to save her first.

Oh, how are we supposed to win from the Trix. They are so strong!

They have become so strong because of those magic essences.

And so dangerous!

Are you afraid of those ''Superstorms, superspells''.

But they are strong.

We need help.

The Specialists.

Yes. Sky!

And Brandon, Riven, Timmy and Helia.

But don't we need a lot more help?

We do! Look, we have to make sure we bundle our power. The more power we got, the stronger the circle gets!

First we have to save Flora, and then we'll make that supercircle.

Oh, so everyone has to join us!

Oh hey!

Do you wanna help us? If we all hold our hands, we can form a big circle!

Take each others hands!

The magical bond.

- Music -

Stand up everyone! Let's form a circle.

- Music -

Girls, I think we found the Magic Circle!

Let's go back to Shadow Castle!

It's time for: Magic Winx!

They're gone! We're to late..

And they took Flora with them trough the portal!

Where are Brandon and Sky?

Timmy, this is Tecna. Where are you guys?

Where are you exactly?

Behind you.

The Trix are gone, and they took Flora with them!

I think they know what we're up to..

Do you we go trough this portal now? Where will this lead us?

It doens't matter. We'll make that Magic Circle and win!

- Music -

You'll never be able to win. Never!

Did the serum wear off or something?

She is just babbling sister.

I smell fairies.

Flora! - Bloom--

Too late! - Did you guys not have enough?

You sure have some guts.

Hi Icy.. Darcy whatcha doin' here?

Oh we know everything about your little Magic Circle.

Who rules around here? WE!


Are you serieus?

I didn't think so.

Come on girls! Together!

Flora! Magic Winx!

Icy! They took Flora which means they will be able to make that Magic Circle! Why don't you use your power?


You should never have learned to talk!

I have to do everything myself.


Let's take each other by the hand and make the biggest Magic Circle around the Trix!

Magic Circle.. NOW!

No.. no!

We did it! - Flora!

- Music -

Citizens of Magix, the danger has passed.

A special group of fairies, the Winx Club, have brought the magic essences back to where they belong together with the Specialists from Red Fountain.

The planets of the Magic Dimension have been saved.

Welcome to this ball in honour of our heroes.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, may I have a big applause for our guests:

Musa from Melody, and Riven.

Tecna and Timmy.

Flora from Linphea, and Helia.

Stella from Solaria, princess of the sun and moon. And Brandon.

Princess Bloom from Domino and prince Sky from Eraklyon.

Layla, princess of Andros.

I want to congratulate you on your mission.

The Magic Dimension has been saved and the magic essences have been brought back to their planets.

And that's all thanks to you, Winx and the Specialists!

By working together and bundling your power you found the Magic Circle.

That was the only way to defeat the Trix.

The Trix will be punished.

Winx, you made the Magic Circle from the source of your power, within your heart.

You are good examples to every fairy in Magix.

But now.. It's time to party!

- Music -

The Description of Winx Club - On Tour [VOLLEDIGE THEATERSHOW]