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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GF Tests BF to See if He Will Cheat With 2 Other Girls!!!! (Gold Digger Investigation)

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This is al her dream is to become a big Hollywood actress one day

So that's why she moved to LA to pursue acting that's also where she met her boyfriend Dominic

He actually moved to LA around the same time as her to also grind but to become a model



Ella no longer trusts is her boyfriend Dominic as much as she used to she's afraid that he's become an opportunist and that he would

Not hesitate to drop and trade her for the right opportunity. So today we're gonna be seeing her for Theory Street

We're gonna be using some money along with his beautiful

Multi-million dollar house to find out if her boyfriend Dominic will be willing to dump and trade her for these two stunning models

And I'm telling you right now this video is juicy

So you should probably go grab some talkies to munch on while you watch this, but let's start from the beginning

Shall we off the bat? Let me make this clear. I'll support Stallman extreme

She understands and knows that her boyfriend obviously has to work with other male and female models

I mean come on she herself as an actress, so she also works with other girls and other guys

You're really comfortable and confident with letting your boyfriend work with all these other girls

Yeah, even if that includes I came having to kiss them or get into like a seductive pose

Like I said guys Ella's supportive and understanding of Dominic's work all she wants his loyalty

So as always Dominic when I'll be put to our three-phase test. The first phase is the introductory phase

This is where Dominic's gonna meet me and be invited to do a paid photoshoot with me

The second phase is the flash phase

This is where I'm gonna be flashing the money the house and this huge

Opportunity to dominate and the last phase will be our date phase

This is where we're gonna see if Dominic will treat Elle by accepting to go on another date with someone else and no I'm not

Gonna be the one asking Dominic on a date get your mind up the gutter

So Elle heads off to go me Dominic who's currently at a photoshoot?

She's gonna be responsible for bringing him back to my place, which is where phase 1 will be happening

We set up our hidden cameras and I sent my friend Jay to hide in the room. He's actually crushing on Ellen

I don't want him to jeopardize. This test time ticks on ain't about an hour later l finally arrives with Dominic

Are you

Okay, oh I I just have one last signature forgot you want my signature on this document right here

Just skim it really really fast and then it's at the last page those signature goes on the last paycheck

I accidentally forgot to go choo. Oh

Yes right here and then I can watch your check right now as you do that

So when I met up with Dominic today

We actually had her tell him that she needed to pick up a paycheck from me for an acting gig that I hired her for

Right now she's supposedly signing the release form for that gig but again, none of that is true

We just want Tomic to believe that it is true because I'm about to offer him a gig as well

You're filming right here on Hollywood Boulevard of it. Yeah, that's cool. You got six shots. Oh, I think so

Are you constantly looking for like gigs and everything all the time?


Because answer to my question is now giving me the perfect opportunity to ask him if you'd like to do a shoot with me

I don't know if she's told you about me or not

But I'm actually like a filmmaker slash

Photographer and I have a couple gigs that I'm like a fellow for like a magazine. That is your boring stuff. Yeah

No, not really. There is no magazine

I'm just saying that because shooting for a magazine is a huge opportunity for any model and we need them a fall for it and

Go for it because this is how we will move on to phase number two. So I lie. I make up a fake magazine

I buff myself up even more and then I proceed to asking for a schedule or just as you like typically well for today

Let's just say let's just say today for the rest of the day. Yeah

Now we know that Dominic is interested and available today and with that my work for phase number one is complete now

Awesome, here's your check miss

I'll getcha number from hell. Yeah, we're good mind. Just just text me. Text me his number in the Hashi to attack

I'm sure we can make something happen today

But let me just check with my guys and everything and with my apartments and stuff. Make sure we have room

I haven't availability and everything before well, it was a pleasure until next time you guys. Have fun. Enjoy your lunch

Phase 1 was a giant success

Ellen Dominic now leave and we're gonna give them time to eat something before we call Dominic up to confirm that who will be showing

up to the photo shoot

All right guys

I think I've been playing it really really cool with Dominic if you guys noticed during phase 1 I didn't really like

yo-yo do this do this do this and like right now I waited like an hour before I'm gonna call him and tell him like

Yo, let's we want to shoot with you supposedly

I definitely wanted to dominate to feel like he needed me more for the photo shoot than I needed him

That's why we took a while to call him back

Hey Dominic, it's Sergio. But in this five minute phone call

We got the confirmation that we wanted that he would show up later today to this house and to her shock

He actually also offered to show up sooner, which was great. Ok, please fax me. Keep me updated fan thing changes

I'm gonna text you the address where the location is gonna be and everything and the attire is going to be swimwear

Okay, so bring swimwear attire and with that about two hours later

We FaceTime Ellen let her know that we are on our way to the house

She tells us that she'll be heading out to meet us there also

So yolks the plug youngster plug coming in clutch with this million dollars

Yes, I freaking love it. How are you feeling Ella how

I'm so nervous

I feel like a little guilty cuz like I feel like I should trust him but at the same time I'm like, yeah, I

Need to know if L won't know soon

But first she must meet the girls who will be assisting me and hitting on her boyfriend

Oh, I want you to meet some people. I want you to meet rose and I want you to meet Jules

They're both gonna be playing our decoy and they're both gonna try to catch something


increase our chances

Man said one girl was enough but two is even better on top of flexing attempting Dominic with this beautiful million-dollar home

We will be coupling that now with these gorgeous ladies. Now. How are you feeling?

This is the reason that we're having this issue with that I'm like

Oh, no girls, she's like 11 you guys are like at nine point

Yup, we are most definitely testing j4l if dominic feels it is simple, it's not that hard

It's not as hard as it looks okay. It's very just keep it very natural with him

Okay, but let's go over a game plan. So I'm gonna bring him out here

I'm gonna snap some pictures of him and then I'm gonna leave him alone for like about like a good five to ten minutes and

Stuff that's when you guys are gonna make your move you guys are gonna hit on him

You guys are gonna say what you guys have to say. And yeah, I think it would be very cool

Very interesting very funny

if both of you guys were trying to hit on him and stuff and won the girls not practicer game on Jay in order for

Them to practice sounding natural and to get their laughs and giggles out because they both will be hitting on Domini

We've decided that where they are sitting now will be where they will make their move

So we've set up Ramin camera to capture that shot. You see it yet. No. Well good. How about now though?

While facing happens outside guys, I was gonna have the opportunity to watch and listen to everything from in here

She's not gonna be right here initially

She's gonna be hiding because Dominic has to walk through here

But she will eventually get to here and she'll have this camera right here

You got to be hiding you can't be seen in the window. You have to be like right there


We have found a perfect spot for aldehyde as Dominic walks into the house and makes his way to the deck time continues to tape

But we finally have a text message up different Dominic saying that he's almost ki okay Dominic is only a couple minutes away

So it's time for everyone to hide it's time to get ready and get this show on the road

We finished setting up the rest of the camera angles and everyone begins to get into position

Just like he said a couple minutes later Dominic has arrived

Yep, come on up Oh

rapid changes, but they are you like

Dominic showed up with the duffel bag, which I assume was just more outfit changes

So I politely explained to him that that wasn't necessary. Remember this isn't a real photo shoot. This is only a test

So to avoid complicating things I told him that I will shoot him with what he was already wearing and further apologized and told him

That I only had about 30 minutes to shoot him

Anyway, since I kind of last-minute business meeting to get to welcome to our beautiful backyard is our deck. This is our pool

Yeah recently renovated

Ah both of you right now, I want you to meet some people first, this is rose roses Dominic

I'm gonna be shooting some pictures real quick of them

And this is Jules right over here Jules this and Dominic yoke's L&J ninja their way to the main camera

Let me explain to you the purpose of phase 2 it is simple

I will take pictures of Dominic invite him to be part of a fictitious

Modeling team and then leave them alone for the decoys you do their job originally

Like I said, I I really had a plan like a massive photoshoot

Like I wanted to like an average the shooting here here here over there and the floaties in the pool and everything and stuff

But we're only gonna be able to do a couple shots

But let me just get a couple shots of you at least you guys are gonna link up on the phone cause I'm gonna cost

Sergio and L. You'll be able to hear everything. That's Jason

He's gonna give me a call in order for Ella listen to what's gonna be said in phase number two

My job is just to make up the call and leave it rolling. Discreetly. He has yeah

So let's just start it then like I said

Let's shoot a couple shots real quick

And let's get you out here because I gotta get going in like 20 25 minutes right now

Yeah, a little surf right here and so the fake photo shoot begins, even though this isn't real and I'm not a professional photographer

I did try my very best to make it seem like I knew what I was doing by getting the best shots

Remember, it is crucial that I still sell the role that I'm playing girls

Do you guys mind if he just takes a picture right there with you guys? That's straight. Cool. Awesome

Yeah, right there in between them right there

now that's a

No-no, that's why you keep it on keep it on that's good. I like the look


SJ spits his own game to L

I continue to shoot and shoot and shoot l if it if it makes you feel any better, you smell good right now

Taking pictures it is now time to move on to the next step of this face. Are you currently I'm

Apart part of a agency or like do you have an agent demands? I mean not at the moment, uh-huh

this question once again is now set up the perfect opportunity for me to ask Dominic if he'd be interested in joining my

Fictitious modelling team. I I have something I want to ask you me

so actually pretty much kind of like a team and these two girls are actually also like the models of mine and stuff currently I

Just have a team of girls

But I'm looking to start up also a team guys now because I feel like I'm ready now got a great look to you

I feel like a lot of companies would want to work with you and stuff and everything if you were open to it

Maybe you could throw in that squad. Maybe you could join their team. Like I said, we travel the world

We do a lot of photo shoots everywhere we go and stuff and yeah

yeah, but

Um, well, okay, once again, we have reached under the boring ten-minute conversation and we gotta get to the juicy stuff

So let me bless those lives again. Here's what I told Dominic

I basically told him that we drop of the world taking photos and sell into whatever outlet wants to buy them therefore he would have

To leave everything behind and travel with us, but I told them also that it'd be worth it

I dropped a couple big names that we supposedly work with in companies and websites that we were always providing content for I also told

Them that we would only take 5% of him all of his expenses

Including travel fees meals and hotels would be paid for and that we could start off by signing a one-year contract

It sounds epic and like a dream come true, right?

Well, that's exactly the point the last and most important thing that I mentioned to him

That was like he needed to let me know by today if you wanted to do it or not

I showed them that we were leaving to Puerto Rico for a shoot in the morning and that we wouldn't be back for a month

So we could potentially lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nothing's for sure. I'm not saying that you're gonna be the biggest model

I'm not saying that we're gonna get you, you know, like million-dollar gigs and everything

I'm not I'm not saying yeah, you know pakiya might not even work out at all

All we're asking for is that leave the faith to take that leap of faith with us?

We'll take it with you and everything and yeah, it's crazy

It's not the usual model rods because I know models like to say you're in LA

Millennials we do things differently and yeah over time we're going to different routes so forth

Million dollar home these girls drive nice BMWs nice Mercedes and everything, you know

So I might work out for you could work out for you and stuff. It could be a great opportunity

Tonight or anything, you know. Anyways, okay. I think we're pretty much done. Let me just pop this card into my laptop

Let me just take a look at the photos. Make sure that they're all good

Make sure that we don't need any more and everything. And yeah, I think we have enough though, I think is good

And again, I'm sorry for being such asking you guys watch my phone


Leave my phone behind so L could still listen in I make my exit and now phase two is officially complete it is now time

To immediately shift into phase number three, let me tell you guys the purpose of the back

This phase is a little more complicated, but don't worry. I'll be sure to explain everything. You know, you should really join the team

Take a seat so the girls have successfully called dominic over to try reassure him that joining. The team is a good idea

we were in your shoes before and yeah, it's scary but

Looking back. We don't regret anything joining the team was the best decision we ever made

I mean, I don't think it's a bad idea. I just don't know it sounds really cool. I just

I want you guys to please know and

Understand this if Dominic says yes to joining the team in order to further his career as a model

He would not build this test. I would 100% support him

even if that means he has to travel the world what we want to find out is if he will join the team for the

Wrong reason and that's why Rose and Jules were trying to convince him to join by hitting on gonna work out

I mean, is there something to lose if you don't go my dog? That's the only reason you don't want to go


Think it's a great opportunity. There's a lot of things I could go south. Nothing's ever for sure

If you don't go with us and you're missing out on some amazing opportunities with us, oh

Man, look at that. Look she's giving him it has begun. That was definitely the first hit right there

Yoke's be honest. Could you resist that? I couldn't man. I'm weak you

Don't have anything to lose if you do go

So at the end of the day you just have everything to gain will gain knowledge and experience and the other models big-time photographers

They'll make so many connections


That one what's it

Mean we just thought that if you needed a bigger reason to come then you could use us as your easel

Pike is happening man. Got two girls here

No, maybe a little more than get to know. Oh


This is definitely made perfect. The hits are adding up smoothly

I don't even know you guys. It's like what I wrote

There you know what

Guys, why is this feel not real to me? Trust me? It's real

I know it isn't real Dominic go with your instinct. Don't fall for it. It's too good to be true

The conversation continues in out Dominic begins to sounds a little more interested

We're too really

Needless to say rose and Jules are killing it but remember what we're hoping for here guys

We want Dominic to say something like thanks for the offer, but I'm good or thanks for the offer

But I have a girlfriend, but I'm still down to join the team. We just can't hook up. You know, I

Think I want to do it

It's just a big leap, you know

I like big things

I'm in I'm doing this he disagreed

Because you guys are you fucking kidding me, I mean the opportunity is still great

Yeah, you guys are gorgeous beyond gorgeous I've never been

I feel like you have

You have but clearly of you guys too damn

Did you guys catch that keyword to meaning he just admitted it to?

Also dating a model or models for all we know and because he's only pursued modeling since being without and moving to LA the girls

Have gotten it out of him that he has previously cheated on Elle

In about 15 minutes of conversation Dominic has dropped so many bombshells

Hi guys

As you guys saw Dominic just agreed to join this fictitious team and to do this tour

and he said that there was nothing worth staying behind for and

He agreed not to just do it for the opportunity. But mainly for the girls, how are you doing? I'm pissed

I just never thought that we're actually not English

He admits house co-workers. He admits that he wants to do this tour just for the girls. It was just after everything

I'm upset. I'm hurt I can see you I

just like you gotta give you something who's not and

I'm here for you

Are you down to go like this how you feeling? Yeah, no, I want to go talk to him. I'm right there with you

Yes, did you just really do my job right now

So we have proven that Dominic is willing to not just leave but also trade L for a good time with these successful girls

So if you guys have been enjoying this episode without your takis this entire time

You better go run and get some because you guys already know

This shit's gonna be good

Are you ready for the song? Yes, I'm fucking ready. Would you just open the fucking door?

There is no team there is no opportunity there's so we're actually recording you being recording because you're a liar

So you were placed to a test to see if you would be people to L or not, and that's why

To be recording right now guys

No, no turn off the cameras, please I'm not trying

Try and do this l are you acting all child isn't. Oh I'm acting childish. How about you're the one that fucked up right now?

I have no idea what you're talking about. Let me tell ya I need to walk away from this Dominic

You got me stupid. You called me nosy

You said I was overreacting what at the end of the day. I had every right to be suspicious after everything

You pulled you've literally been lying to my fucking faces entire time. How can I not mean anything to you?

Do I really mean shit to you that you're willing to just draw me just like that

Alright, I just I can't fucking no we are going to talk about this

Stop being embarrassing show your fucking face show your face you liar. Get the fuck off me. Don't fucking touch me, you know

You shamelessly just a minute

Don't you bending up with all these models that you work with when you have a fucking girlfriend?

Oh am I doing baby a shame to show your face

I'm not doing this right now. We are not doing something up playing. It's your game

You're acting fucking tile you are going to show your face and you're gonna look me in the eye and apologize to me from life

Don't you think after everything? I've been through I at least deserve back

No, no, I don't think no


Everyone's already seen your face you talk big Jim just now so man up and look me in the eye when I'm talking to you

We're done I want

an image to uphold

I'm not letting you ruin this. What image what are you Mitch are you talking about?

You are a liar. You do nothing. But use people you're a snake is that the image you're talking about?

You know what? We're done. This is over

I'm not doing this right now like that Dominic we're breaking up because I am breaking up with you. These are my terms

I had every right not to trust you

I didn't ever write to test you and right now I have every right to confront you and break up with you

All right, you're done. I'm done. It's done. I'm not doing this no more



I'm recording. What do you want J?

You can't have

Thank God she

Doesn't need a comfort right now. She needs space and she needs time

You saw the poor girl's face

She might be watching this


The Description of GF Tests BF to See if He Will Cheat With 2 Other Girls!!!! (Gold Digger Investigation)