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Hail Satguru Dev

All devotees are requested that the spiritual discourse is about to start.

Please settle down peacefully at the discourse site, and

listen to the discourse with devotion.

The loving souls of God are requested again

that the spiritual discourse is about to start. Please

settle down peacefully at the discourse site, and

listen to the discourse with devotion.

Sat Sahib! (Salutations to God)

Viewers! The spectacular and amazing spiritual discourses of Jagat Guru

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj have brought a revolution of spiritual knowledge

not only in India, but also across the world.

Millions of devotees have sent congratulatory letters

for broadcasting these spiritual discourses.

Along with this, a few devotees have also sent to us some queries.

A few devotees have sent in their doubts too.

To redress the queries of all those devotees, we met Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

and gained answers to all those queries from Maharaj Ji, which our viewers are curious to know.

So, come; let us find out the solution to all your queries from Most Revered Jagat Guru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

So, lets listen to solutions to all the queries of devotees

offered by Most Revered Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj himself.

So, pious souls!

How will we find out unless we are told about it?

God Himself came, lived here for 120 years and went back.

We didnt know how to recognise the ruby (Lal),

due to which we kept failing.

And it is one thing to make a statement,

but i will prove with evidence

that in this world,

no one possesses spiritual knowledge or

any solution (way of worship).

And that

there is no God like Kabir,


and there is no knowledge like the one given by God Kabir Himself

to this servant of God.

Hail Bandichhor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji

Supreme Father, God, Purna Brahm,

Creator of the entire nature, God Kabir has bestowed a special grace

on all of us human beings.

He has Himself come

and given us this knowledge

that why we are taking birth and why we are dying.

The property and

the offspring,

whom we strive to protect day and night, all this

gets destroyed in front of our eyes.

What is the reason behind this?

Pious souls! There was no one who could impart this knowledge to us,,

as a result of which we could not see an alternative to this.

We considered it to be final that

birth and death will continue.

Today, we realise this


no one could remove this question mark to date as to why

we die and why we take birth.

We form such a nice family and we have so much love in them, affection and attachment

and in a matter of a second,

we lose everything.

If sometime we get worried about this, then we conclude that this is happening with everyone.

We have considered it to be a norm that this will definitely happen, but let us continue with our work.

Which work shall we continue to do?

Construct villas, bungalows, buy a luxurious car and

then die.

What kind of work was this?

All the incidents

that are happening with us, you see every day,in

any village or at anyones home,

even we

ourselves have

faced many such incidents,

So, why is this all happening?

For that, God Himself comes and enlightens us that we have come to this

wrong world.

God Himself

explains the true way of worship,

the real process

and procedure to get rid of this

disease of birth and death.

And for that, God Himself

comes along with His body, from where He is residing.

So, God reminds us to peek a bit into

the past and in the future,

and not to limit ourselves to the present only.

If we peek

into our past, look into the past

Then what does God state? God has Himself

come and imparted spiritual knowledge to His beloved soul, Garib Das Ji.What has he said?

Bhai, Aagey gaye na baavrey

Aagey means the ones who have already departed.

Aagey gaye na baavrey,

yeh rehte bhi sab jaaye hi,

bin sahib ki bandgi kahin thhorr thhikaana naahin.

Our grandfather, great-grandfather went away

and there is not even a trace of them anywhere.

No one knows in which creature's body they might be suffering.


They had wished for their clan to prosper.

Even Their clan propagated, but what did they achieve?


where is the clan before them who have all died? There is not even a trace of them.

So, here God states

to explain to us

Kya maangu kuchh thir na rahaayi,

yeh dekhat nain chalaa jag jayi,

Ek lakh poot savaa lakh naati,

us Ravan ke diva na baati

On obtaining a child, even if you

will share felicitations for two days,

God says, Ravan had one lakh (1,00,000); he had one lakh sons,

and no one from his clan is alive today to light a lamp.

There is no trace of him. His lineage got destroyed; he also died,

and even his kingdom ended.

So, God wants to remind us

God has reminded us that this

is the plight of whatever has happened in the past.

You are currently witnessing that

no living being is happy here

and everyone has a desire to become a millionaire,

to become extremely wealthy,

to build a magnificent bungalow, to buy a car, to be

respected in the world

because this is what we have learnt so far.

So, God says that even if you acquire all this;

like there are many who have big bungalows,

and as a result of their past virtues, they have big cars, and they also have excessive wealth.

And you also see that in a moment, anybody can die.

Wealthy businessmen are found dead

inside their own helicopters after a crash.

What will happen next?

God cautions us for future.

Fir peechhey tu pashua keejey, gadha bael banayee

aur yeh chhappan bhog kahaan mann borey,

kahin kurdi charney jayee

We cannot believe it at the moment because

we have all the comforts.

And this Kaal God (Devil) has mechanized our mind in such a way

that we are always thinking that work has to be done, that has to be done; that work is remaining,

I will do that. So, this is also inspiration of Kaal (Devil) and he has constrained you.

He has imposed so many responsibilities on you,

and for what reason?

For a stomach,

for a subsistence.

To keep this body safe,

one has to build a house, wear clothes, and have food.

All this is for the protection of the body so that it remains fine.

And there is no guarantee when it might perish, and for what reason.

So, here God says,

Kabir yeh tan jaayega,

sakey to thaahar laa,

ek sewa kar Satguru ki aur Govind ke gunh gaa

One day, this mortal body of yours will be destroyed,

and as soon as the end of your human life will come,

you will immediately perish, no matter how much work

of yours is pending.

At that instance, it will not be seen that your boy

is not married or the girl is yet to be married;

Kaal will not see this.

A devotee was telling that his

maternal uncle had 5 - 6 girls

and due to the wrong tradition of

dowry in our society, we have considered girls to be a curse on us.

In their dowry, one has to make a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

Because of which,

he said that his maternal aunt had gone to invite people.

The marriage of three girls had been kept at the same time.

A person, who has many daughters, contemplates to bear all the expenses at once,

and wishes everything to go well.

Now how much burden there would be on the mind of a parent (mother)

whose three daughters are about to be married;

That parent is continuously engrossed in thoughts while walking somewhere.

In this way, She was standing at the bus stand,

engrossed in her own thoughts I will bring

such things; I will do like this; money will be available from there.

Meanwhile, a bus driver while reversing his bus,

reversed it incorrectly

and she got

squashed between a pillar (pole) of the

bus stand and the


She was unaware as she was engrossed in her own thoughts.

She died on the spot.

Hence, God, the Supreme God says,

At the time of your death,

not even a single breath will be granted to you.

Further, God says God has provided a solution to this.

Kabir yeh tan jaayega, sakey to thaahar laa,

ek sewa kar Satguru ki

And then do worship as guided by Him

aur Govind ke gunh gaa.

The meaning of Thaahar is support

and so God says, This human life of yours will

end when the time comes

and all your work would be left pending.

To avoid this,

To avoid this, you will have to take the (thaahar) support of the true mantra of God via a True Guru.

you will have to take the (thaahar) support of the true mantra of God via a True Guru.

After getting (thaahar) that support, your life will be extended.

And that support too can

only be obtained after taking

refuge of Almighty God Kabir.

No one else including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Brahm and Parbrahm

is capable of extending your life.

So, here, God says

Kabir yeh tan jaayega,

aur sakey to thaahar laa,

Then that Thaahar (support) has been explained.

WhichThaahar (support)?}

"Ek sewa kar Satguru ki

aur Govind ke gunh gaa

So, God has Himself come

and given that knowledge which is a special support,

special (bhakti) way of worship, by which God helps us.

If on this

occasion, you will properly adopt

this path and follow it throughout your life,

then this is your last

human life. You will become happy forever

and reach Satlok,

where there is no death,

no illness,

no old age.

The creation there is similar to what it is here.

This one is duplicate. That one is original.

You will acquire a similar family there.

You will remain happy forever.

You will travel in aircrafts.

Every person

owns an

individual aircraft there.

They also have their respective

massive gardens and bungalows.

Pious Souls!

It is very easy to attain God.

Due to ignorance, our religious gurus had made it very difficult.

Our Holy Books state that it is a straightforward path.

Absolutely simple;

it is an ordinary path,

way of worship.

Gods mantra has to be chanted.

One will attain salvation through mantra.

It has some supportive activities. These are five

(Yagyas) religious rituals.

You have to do these as well.

This is what you have to do.

Whatever service or duty God has given you

in your family, keep doing that

as well.

You will succeed.


become highly

distressed because of not doing bhakti (worship)

Until our virtues are going on,

When the virtues finish,

a mountain of miseries befall us.

At that time, even a king thinks of taking the refuge of God alone.

He knows that God is a supreme power and He makes a distressed person happy.

If you will already be in the refuge of God,

then miseries wont befall you.

Until we come in the refuge of Supreme God Kabir,

we receive the results of our previous deeds,

that is, we get the result of good and bad deeds that we performed in the previous lives.

And when we come in the refuge of Supreme God Kabir

through a Supreme Saint,

who is a recipient of His favour,

then sins do not affect us.

We only get the results of our good deeds.

And if there is some bad deed in our

previous deeds that can cause harm to us,

then God eliminates it.

That is why, we search for God.

That is why, we used to search for God so that we do not face any hardship.

We are doing bhakti (worship) and the hardships are also occurring, then

either that way of worship is not correct,

that God is not complete,

or there is some shortcoming in your worship.

We face miseries

solely due to these three reasons.

So, the purport is that God Himself comes and enlightens us.


it is your good fortune that you have already taken the refuge of God.

Now that we have come in the refuge of God, then our everyday tasks

will also be performed better than before.

Because when we are distressed, we go to God in search of happiness.

Whether you have come in distress or happiness,

now there will be no misery.

And even if there will be any misery

due to a harsh deed,

it will be subdued by the grace of God.

This is mentioned in the qualities of God.

And you will also

attain Him here.

Now the devotees who have come here in distress,

they should not worry

thinking that We have remembered God now in misery only.

How will our prayers be heard?

It is for those who have not found God properly, who have not found a saint,

and they invoke


gods, because they could neither give you

any benefit nor cause any harm.

Which gods?

Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu ji, Shri Shiv ji,

the other 330 million deities under these,

Shri Durga ji,

and Brahm and Parbrahm,

who have been addressed as Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush

respectively in Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Chapter 15, Verse 16.

They can only give you the result of your deeds;

results of whatever virtuous deeds and sins you have committed.

And to date, whenever you were happy,

you never remembered God.

And when you were distressed,

you used to cry before these, and these gods have no capability.

So, God was narrating account of that time,

that now you are crying before these gods.

Who will listen to your appeals now?


you have come in the refuge of that God

in whose mantra, Satnaam

The meaning of Satnaam is True Mantra,

Right Worship,

Right Mantra,

that is, correct mantra,

true mantra.

It is called Satnaam.

The first mantra that is given to you

is the original mantra.

Nobody had any idea about it till now.

Nobody had been able to find it out till now.

So, this had to be revealed now only.

So, whoever has received this mantra even by doing its worship,

you will receive many benefits. Because the first and the last mantra

in these seven mantras that have been


to you for chanting

in these the first and the last mantra are destroyer of sins.

And your earnings of virtuous deeds

are enhanced

by the middle mantras.

And Pious Souls!

Today in this world, there is no Guru

except this servant of God,

let alone a Satguru (True Guru).

There is

not even a Guru.

Like an ill person expects his illness to be cured,

a childless person expects to have a child.

Even if it is deemed

necessary to grant you a child

then you will only get it here.

No one else can grant it to you in the whole world.

And if your illness has to be cured, then it will be done here itself,

and nowhere else in the world.

And it will definitely be cured.

Your illness will certainly be cured.

As far as granting a child is concerned, if God wishes, then

He can do anything. It has a long history. I will explain it to you some other time.

Here, there are thousands of such examples of couples who had been married for 10, 12, 15, 20 years

and were still childless.

These days there are all kinds of physical treatments


They had even exhausted all these measures.

God granted a child to them too. It is not a big deal.

But our and your main aim is to attain salvation.

Now what does God say?

Harey Ram, Ram-Ram Harey-Harey

Krishna-Krishna Harey-Harey, Radhey Shyam- Sita Ram,

Radhey Radhey Shyam Milaadey, Om NamH Shivay,

Om Bhagvatey Vasudev NamH,

Gayatri Mantra,

these mantras do not lead to salvation.

These are futile, useless.

In Gita Chapter 16, Verse 23 and 24, it has been

clarified that those, who abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, follow arbitrary religious practices,

neither attain happiness, nor salvation, nor any



Hence, it is


Therefore, then in Chapter 16, Verse 24 of Gita, it has been clarified

that, Arjuna!

To ascertain which religious practice should be followed and which should be abandoned,

consider the scriptures to be the yardstick. Do not rely on any folklore.

So, Shrimad Bhagavat Gita is our yardstick of bhakti (worship).

Holy Vedas are the yardstick of our worship.

But Puraans

are helpful to us in understanding the spiritual knowledge.

And the way of worship in accordance with the Vedas and Gita

that is present in the Puraans, is from the Vedas and Gita only,

that we will acquire from them alone. The rest of the knowledge

in the Puraans which is the personal knowledge of a sage or a speaker of Puraan

that does not match with the knowledge of the Vedas and Gita is not acceptable to us.

Now the Speaker of the knowledge of Gita says that my only mantra is one word

Om. Nothing else.

There is no other mantra.

If anybody is chanting mantras other than this, they are wasting their time.

They are only collecting stones, rather than gems.

This is of the level of Brahm.

One, who dies while chanting this mantra

in the final moments, attains supreme salvation.

Which is that supreme salvation?

It is Brahmlok.

And in Gita Chapter 8 Verse 16, it has been stated that

Those who have gone to Brahmlok are reborn.

Now in Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23, it has been stated that

There is direction of recitation

of three mantras

for the attainment of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm (Complete Happiness-Giving God).

Nothing else.

Direction means

only do as directed;

nothing else.

Please see this

Chapter 17

Verse 23

Shrimad Bhagavat Gita

And this is Chapter 17,

Verse 23

Om, Tat, Sat,

iti, nirdeshH, BrahmnH, trividhH, smritH,

brahmanaH, ten, vedaH, ch, yagyaH, ch, vihitaH, pura ||

Om= Om,

Om, Tat= Tat, Sat=Sat

This three types of mantra has been said to be the mantra of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm

of that Param Akshar Brahm.

Now the mantra of attainment of

Sachidanand Ghan Brahm, Param Akshar Brahm (Complete God) is Om-Tat-Sat.

Pious Souls! Om mantra is simply of Brahm, Kshar Purush



is of Akshar Purush.

And Sat is of Param Akshar Brahm (Complete God). This is also a code word

It is an indicative word

Om and Tat, which is a coded word

together form Satnaam, which is comprised of two words.

And whichever great men have attained salvation so far, they have chanted this Satnaam.

And the Sat is an indication towards Saarnaam

That too is some other mantra.

It is a code word, which is available with this (Das) servant of God

No one else on this earth, in this world, has this mantra.

Maharaj ji, we have heard that you make people forsake the worship of Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu ji, Shri Shiv ji etc deities.Is this appropriate?

Can we make people renounce Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh? Am I a child?

God Kabir had taken respected Garibdas ji to Satlok.

After making him familiar with the entire state

there, the state of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, God left him back on earth.

After that, he (Garibdas ji) had said

Teeno deva

kamal dal basaein,

ye Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

Pratham inki vandana,

phir sun Satguru updesh

He had said that Brahma, Vishnu these three gods

reside in the lotuses.

They reside inside the lotuses in our body.

Aur pratham inki vandana

The mantras that we chant are a religious practice of these.

Aur phir sun Satguru updesh

Listen to the knowledge of the Satguru (True Guru),

and acquire the complete course.

Then you will succeed.

These Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are not our enemies.

Some say that your

Guru Ji

makes people

renounce Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

Can we make people renounce Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh?

For example,

Oordhav moolam adhH shaakham

With the roots above and the three gunas (qualities)-like branches below,

this is an inverted world-like tree.

Now what is the state here?

The root above is the Supreme God. Below are the three gunas-like branches of the world-like tree.

So, will anyone cut the branches? Any wise person?

Will anyone advise to chop the branches of the tree?

that chop these and throw them away.

Then what use will that residual log of wood be?

So, the purport is that God

used to say that For example,

we have to plant the plant of bhakti (worship).


we brought a plant from a nursery.

How will we plant it?

We will dig a pit.

And planting it

in the pit

from the roots, we will irrigate the roots.

So, if we will irrigate, that is, worship the roots,

then that plant will grow into a tree. Its branches will flourish

the three gunas-like branches.

Then those branches will bear fruits.

And we are doing the entire process for the fruit.

When we are doing everything for the fruit,

then we do not have to chop the branches.

We have to do like this.

We have to make our way of worship according to the scriptures.

Please see

Suppose, we brought a plant.

Then this is wisdom.

We inserted the roots in the pot i.e. in the mud.

We planted it.

And we started worshipping i.e. irrigating it.

The root of this world-like tree is God Kabir.

Now we have to worship the roots. We do not have to worship

these Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

What are we doing?

This is what we are doing.

Now, is this not a childish activity that we have done? Isnt it laughable?

We are doing such type of worship.

We are doing just the opposite.

We are worshipping Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh as revered deities.

We have planted Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh in the pot.

And we are doing such worship. So, what will a wise person say?

He will advise to turn it the other way round.

And that person starts arguing, Go away. Beware. What are you doing?

Now see

We have abandoned the root.

The root has been left above.

So, the plant of bhakti (worship) withered away.

This is useless.

This is way of worship contrary to the scriptures.

An upside-down planted plant of bhakti (worship).

And we have advised to do this.

In this

we will worship God Kabir.

Then we will earn virtues in accordance with the scriptures.

Due to the scripture-based virtues, the fruits will be given to us by these

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh alone. Because they are the chiefs here.

Now these will bear the fruits. Now we will give its evidence.

Now, Pious Souls! God used to say

You should follow correct way of worship,

then you will get complete benefit.

Now you are worshipping those who cannot grant you anything.

For example,

you are working for a factory owner.

So, you are working for him.

After registration of your attendance, your salary comes to the cashier to the accountant.

Now the salary will be given by the accountant


the cashier,

but it will be given in return for your work.

And that too, if you will serve the owner.

If you start

polishing the shoes of that cashier or the accountant and cleaning his utensils,

and you left the actual job,

then they will give you nothing.

They will shoo you away.

They wont even ask you for a cup of tea.

So, in a similar manner, we have to worship, serve the Supreme Father God as the revered deity.

Supreme God Kabir.

And then from that, we will earn scripture-based auspicious virtues.

And then their results will be given to us by these three alone until we live here.

They are the chiefs here.

They have to give us the result of the work done by us.

As one will do, God will give the result accordingly. This was their final rule.

So, these gods can only give the result of ones deeds.

They cannot add anything in it. And the factory owner can give anything as a gift.

Meaning, God is our Master and a Master can grant anything.

Now let me show you some more because the concept is related to this.

In this Gita Chapter 3

This is Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Chapter 3

I will show you from Verse 10 to 15.

Please see this.

Shrimad Bhagavat Gita Chapter 3

And Verse 10

Prajapati Brahma,

in the beginning of creation, after creating all beings along with yagyas

had said to them, You may prosper from the yagyas.

Yagyas means religious rituals.

according to the scriptures.

These yagyas shall bestow upon you all you wish to achieve.

In Verse 11, it is said-

Through this religious ritual (yagya), prosper the gods,

and those gods shall prosper you.

Thus, selflessly prospering each other, you will attain

the supreme auspiciousness.

In Verse 12, then it is said

The gods enhanced by the yagyas

Now will we enhance the gods by holding them or stretching them?

Now this method has been explained that by doing scripture-based worship,

by worshipping the root,

the three gods-like branches will flourish; they will grow bigger.

Then they will bear fruits. Please see

Enhanced through yagyas, that is, through scripture-based worship

the deities i.e. these three branches,

will definitely keep fulfilling your desires without you asking for it.

A person, who without offering the material pleasures granted

by those gods,

himself consumes it, is a thief.

Now what has been proved?


we will worship the root.

By worshipping the root, the branches will grow bigger.

The gods have flourished.

On flourishing, these branches will become laden with fruits.

They will automatically give without asking for it.

Because we are worshipping the root. So, it is out of their control.

They will have to give fruit to us.

See further...

And then it is said that those, who do not perform any meritorious deed or charity,

are thieves. He himself enjoys those pleasures without offering, that is, without doing charity. So, he is a thief.

In the 13th, it is said that

Great men, who eat food left over from the yagya,

are relieved of all the sins.

And sinful people who cook food

only to nourish their bodies, they certainly eat

sin only.

Its purport is that

Now pious souls,

Now pious souls, here in Satlok Ashram, Barwala,

here in Satlok Ashram, Barwala,

District Hissar, Haryana

it is the only place in the whole world where scripture-based worship is performed.

Hail Bandichhor Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj

What are they saying?

Great men, who eat food left over from the yagya (religious ritual)Saints


meaning virtuous souls

are relieved of all the sins.

First of all, we offer some food to God,

from the main meal and also from the halwa.

After offering it

to God, the rest of the food is then distributed.


they say that those who eat food left over from the yagya (religious ritual)

Saints Sadhus devotees

Saints, Sadhus, or devotees who eat food left over from the yagya (religious ritual)

are relieved of all the sins.

Now the purport is that Here,

after offering the food first to the God, the rest of the food is distributed amongst His children.

Then it becomes a destroyer of heinous sins.

So, if you come here,

you will obtain the complete way of worship.

So, you will automatically become free from all the sins.

You will listen to the knowledge. Dharm Yagya, Gyan Yagya, Pranaam Yagya,

all the yagyas and the complete way of worship

you will begiven the complete treatment.

Then it is said that those who do not perform charity or meritorious deeds are thieves of God.

Jin Har ki chori kari,

aur gaye Ram gun bhool

Te vidhna baagul kiye, vo phir jhoolein ulti jhool

It is said

Jin Har ki chori kari

The wealth that God has given you in your fate

one who does not

donate it

further, has been

described as

a thief of God.

So, what has been explained? Please see

A conclusion is being formulated ahead.

We have read this Verse 13

of Chapter 3

Great saint, who eat food left over from the yagya,

Saint means you virtuous souls

are relieved of all the sins. And those sinful people

who are only limited to earning and eating, consume sin.

Now a decisive knowledge has been given in verses 14 and 15.

First, we will read their translationof these engineers, then we will understand it.

All the living beings arise from food;

food arises from rain;

rain arises from


(religious rituals); yagya

Its meaning isit arises from scripture-based actionsi.e.

religious rituals arise from scripture-based actions


consider the actions to be


they have interpreted the meaning of Brahm as Vedas This is incorrect.

They have misinterpreted Brahm as Vedas.

They should have written that

See, we came here to this world

of Kaal, so we will get everything only

after performing actions; otherwise, we wont get anything.

So, it is said that these actions were imposed by Brahm.

Brahm has formed the law here.

And Brahm originated from Param Akshar Brahm,

from that God, from Sachidanand Ghan Brahm.

Its meaning is actually this.

But these ignorant people did not have any knowledge.

They misinterpreted everything.

Please see this.

Consider the actions to have arisen

from Vedas No.

arisen from Brahm.

And Brahm


To have arisen from the Immortal God

Here, they should have written Brahm, this Kaal.

Consider Brahm

to have arisen from the Immortal God.

This proves that

Sarvagatam Brahm

Sarvagatam means Omnipresent God,

the Master of all,

is always situated in yagyas (religious rituals).

He is to be worshipped as a deity.

He alone is situated in all the religious rituals.

He should be worshipped as a deity.

This is its conclusion.

Now if we will

worship that God as a revered deity,

then our way of worship will be in accordance with the scriptures.

And in this, it has been stated that by doing scripture-based worship,

we will earn auspicious virtues. The plant of bhakti (worship) will flourish.

Our virtues will reach Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

And they will give you the fruits without you asking for them.

They will give you without you asking for them.

Like, if the branches are laden with fruits

You will also eat, your relatives will also take some,

and if the neighbours also take some, even then they wont finish.

So, in this way,

our entire series of bhakti (worship) is completed.

So, first of all,

we will

God said that the

three deities reside

in these lotuses. These Brahma Vishnu Mahesh.

Firstly, we pray them,

and then listen to Satgurus preachings.

So, we are not worshiping them.

We are paying rent to someone.

Like we are paying tax on electricity,

we are paying the bill

of telephone. We are not worshiping them.

We are giving it to them

to continue the facilities.

If not, they will disconnect the connection.

So, instead of doing scripture-based worship, i.e. the complete course, we are following arbitrary practices.

As a result of which, because of being deprived of the way of worship received from God, we were

turning into atheists.

Now, God has showered his mercy on you and on this (Das) servant.

He made this servant

a Tatvadarshi Saint (having complete spiritual knowledge)

and gave the key to the treasure of true knowledge that was hidden by God 600 years ago.

Now, this servant of God has opened the treasure before His children.

Please see

This is the image of our body.

There are lotuses present in the human body.

Ganesh Ji resides in this Mool Kamal (Chakra),

and its root mantra

is kiliyam.

It has

4 petals.

Above this is Swaad Chakra Anushthaan.

It is also known as Swaadhishthaan Chakra.

This lotus has six petals,

in which Brahma and Savitri reside and their mantra is Om.

This is the Naabhi Kamal (Navel Chakra) where Lakshmi and Vishnu reside and their mantra is Hariyam.

Shiv and Parvati live here and God had given them a mantra.

This is the mantra. After that,

they had become His disciple. Lord Shiva chants this mantra itself. Hence, his mantra is said to be Soham.


see here..

This is Durga and this is the

Kanth chakra having sixteen petals.

It is near

and behind the throat and this is her mantra.

And further, God has only indicated them in His messages.

Now, these are from this body

To get out of this body, to become free up to here, we have to chant these original mantras.

How to do it?

I will not reveal it. I will reveal only

to those who get initiation (naam).

Now, it has been confirmed that we will chant these five mantras.

So, we will do sadhna (religious practice) of these five mantras.

This is not worship.

Now, we have taken loans from these deities; we are trapped here,

we are getting benefit from them and are becoming indebted to them.

With these mantras, we will pay back their debt.

And these are the original mantras of these deities to get benefit from

For example,

a buffalo,

a jhotha

or a


which is called Khaagad in our regional language or it is sometimes called Aankkal

they have a common mantra.

If one calls it bull- bull, it never listens.

And once you say Hurrrr,

it reacts

and might even run to that side.

So, bull (Bhainsa) is its separate name. And it is that original mantra (Hurrr) that will attract and affect it

So, these mantras are the original mantras of these deities, and these mantras control them.

They will automatically get attracted towards you

and will start giving you full benefit.

So, this is the right way of doing religious practice (sadhna).

This easy religious practice is according to the Vedas or holy scriptures,

known as effortless (sadhna) religious practice, simple way of worship.

And they, by their Hath Yog (forced religious practice) and ignorance,

have made it so hard that someone performs penance by standing,

someone by standing upside down by placing their head down,

someone by keeping fasts,

someone goes to the mountains to find God, and someone

chants some other mantras like 'Hare Krishna, Krishna-Krishna Hare-Hare, Radhe Radhe Shyam Mila De'.

Are they written anywhere in the Holy Gita?

So, whatever is written in the Gita is the actual spiritual practice.

Apart from that, whatever religious practices we perform or mantras we chant,

that is arbitrary practice performed by abandoning the method given in Holy Scriptures.

It is useless.

In Gita, Chapter 16, Verse 23 it has been stated, Arjun,

those who perform arbitrary practices, discarding the injunctions of the scriptures, neither attain salvation,

nor happiness, nor any spiritual power; that means useless.

So, the method that is prescribed in Gita;

the mantra to find God and then it hints at asking the Tatvadarshi Saint (Enlightened Saint) and find out from Him.

So, that is the actual spiritual practice to be followed.

In Chapter 3, Verse 8, the Giver of the knowledge of Gita says,

If you sit in one place this is the knowledge of Vedas

and you abandon your duties, you do not perform any action, then how will you sustain yourself.

This is correct

See what is written in Srimad Bhagvat Gita, Chapter

3 Verse 8.

Shrimad Bhagavat Gita

This is Chapter 3 of Shrimad Bhagavat Gita And Verse is 8

It starts from here. Here is its translation.

You must perform duties in accordance with the

injunctions of the scriptures.

That is, perform religious practices as prescribed in the scriptures.

Because compared to inaction, not performing any duties, i.e.

forcefully doing religious practice while sitting in a solitary place,

it is better to perform duties.

And because of not performing any duties, the maintenance of your body will also not be possible.

How will you survive, if you sit in a place?

Now, Pious Souls!

You just saw Verse 8 of Chapter 3 of Shrimad Bhagavat Gita.

This is the knowledge of Vedas as it matches with the knowledge given in the Yajurveda Chapter 40, Mantra 15.

In Chapter 6 Verse 16, it has also been said, Arjun, this worship is neither successful of one who eats too much,

or who doesnt eat at all

Eating too much would mean - overeating to an extent that you start feeling lazy, and cant do Bhakti (worship).

And to not eat at all means - to keep fast.

Fasting is also forbidden in Gita, and they ask people to keep Ekadashi fast. Where did this come from?

and neither of one who sleeps too much, nor of one who does not sleep enough.

These cannot attain success in devotion (Bhakti).

This concept has also been clarified in the Verse 16 that it is useless to keep fasts.

Whereas, they describe the Ekadashi fast to be very important.

So, this is their folklore, a self-concocted fable. It is against the injunctions of the scriptures.

Nothing will be benefited from doing this, as per Gitas Chapter 16, Verse 23.

Now, we come back to the same context. The Giver of the knowledge of Gita states in Chapter 3, Verse

8 that if you sit in a place, this is Veda's knowledge, and

if you leave work and not perform duties; how will you sustain yourself?

This is correct.

Maharaj Ji, how was this nature created? Please explain.

Listen to this story patiently because

anyone who hears this for the first time will feel that this is a baseless story.

But after some time, on seeing the evidence,

you will have to accept it.

And, it will be accepted.

Until you get to know about the

Creation of Nature,

you cannot understand this true

spiritual knowledge,

Tatvgyan, or any holy scriptures.

Consider this creation of nature

to be a master key to understand

all the Holy Scriptures,

to see their hidden treasure;

this is

master key

i.e. the main key.

That is why you are often given knowledge about the creation of nature.

In Satlok, with one word (shabd),

God created

sixteen islands.

Then with

sixteen words,

He created sixteen sons.

After that God entrusted the rest of Satloks creation work to one of His 16 sons, Achint,

and ordered, Achint,

you are now the Creator.

He ordered Achint to show that this creation is not a child's play and nothing can be done successfully without the Almighty.

What did Achint do?

With his word power, he created a male entity called Akshar Purush.

In Gitajis Chapter 15 Verse 16, two Purush (gods) have been mentioned Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush.

The origin of Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush is being described now.

Achint created Akshar Purush with his word power

by the order of God. God had given him this much power of word.

When Akshar Purush was born, he walked off of his own accord.

Achint asked for his help

in the creation of nature.

Akshar Purush didnt listen and went to Mansarover,

which is filled with nectar.

He jumped into it to take bath, started enjoying there and fell asleep.

There, the body is without breaths;

now he (Akshar Purush) was sleeping and Achint, while sitting,


then God said -

Son, this work cant be done without the Almighty.

And now, you can relax.

Then God went there.

Kavir Dev (God Kabir)

God, that SatyaPurush (Eternal God), Kavir Dev (God Kabir), took some nectar from that

Mansarover and

made an egg out of it like a magician.

He inserted a soul into that egg with His word-power, and put that egg

in the water.

That egg was very big in size. It went down with a thunderous noise. The thunder

of the egg disturbed

Akshar Purushs

sleep. Now,

if someone is woken up from a deep slumber, one becomes very angry.

He expressed his anger and looked at the egg in anger

due to which the egg burst.

From it, this

Kshar Purush i.e.

Jyoti Niranjan/ Kaal came out in a human form.

God said to bothofthemthat

Akshar Purush

youwereindeep slumber. God spoke through an etheral voice,

You both may come out. To awaken you (Akshar Purush), this entire spectacle (leela) has been displayed.

You both may come out. Both of them came out.

And then He said to them- You may live in Achints island. All three of you

in one island.

Both of them (Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush) went away, and one was Achint.

Now after some time, this Kshar Purush, whether you call him Jyoti Niranjan or Kshar Purush,

and Akshar Purush, whom you may call ParBrahm, both of them started living in Achints Lok (place).

After some time, this Kshar Purush

i.e. Jyoti Niranjan or you may call him Kaal;

he would be called Kaal later on,

This Kshar Purush thought that we three (Achint Akshar Purush Kshar Purush) are living in one island,

and our other brothers are living in their own separate islands.

After that, what did God do?

God created all of us.

All of us who are here in forms such as ant, elephant, man, king, gods, goddesses etc.

whoever it is..

After creating everyone, God had given separate places/islands to everyone in Satlok saying that Live here comfortably.

So, he (Kshar Purush) got worried, distressed and jealous that allthreeofus are in one place,

andallothers are living independently in separate places,

so he started doing meditation.

When he meditated for 70 eras, God asked him, What do you want?

The Supreme God asked him, What do you want?

He (Kshar Purush) said, O Father! O Supreme Father!

This place is insufficient for me. Kindly grant me a separate place.

So, Supreme God gave him 21 brahmands (universes),

like a rich father gives 21 plots to his son that

Take these 21 plots.

He went there,

and started living there. He saw that they were empty.

He thought that some construction should be done in these.

He again meditated for 70 eras.

How did we get trapped here? How did we come with this Kaal in this evil world?

We had made a mistake there (Satlok).

Our Father had given us all the facilities.

There was no inconvenience of any kind.We were immortal. We always used to remain young. We had families there,

the entire group, the entire families.

There is creation in Satlok and it is similar to this world,

but there are

(hans) pure souls there.

There is no death there. There is no old age. Trees are evergreen. There is no attachment or hatred, no division among brothers.

And those from the Radhaswami Sect and all others say, There is only light everywhere in Satlok.

The soul gets merged into the Supreme Soul (God) like the drop in the ocean.

Do we want to die by drowning there?

We are seeking God.

We are searching for God, that we will see Him, will sit with Him and talk to Him. We will tell Him our tale of woe.

We will feel ecstatic looking at Him. They say that God is formless. He is light and only light

and the soul merges into Him like a drop in the ocean. It equates to dying by drowning. Does anyone have this courage?

If we say-

Let us die in the ocean; you will attain God. You wont even go near.

They are just making fool of us.

They all know that they are ignorant about Satlok;

even they know that they are not going anywhere.

They simply create castles in the air, and the reverent beings listen to them.

So, there is similar creation there (in Satlok) as it is. God has a human form.

The brightness of His one hair follicle is equivalent to the combined light of millions of suns and millions of moons.

Such is the radiance of Gods body there. From there, He comes here by acquiring a lesser radiant and simplified form.

Vedas also state this, and God has Himself sung His glory 600 years ago in Kabir Vaani (speech).

So from there, God Himself came and told this. So, leaving our God, who had

given us all happiness, we got

attracted to him (Kshar Purush), who was

meditating on one leg. We looked at him in awe that Look, for how many eras he stood on a single leg! He is simply amazing!

Now, we had acquired this disease, evil, from there only.

that we have now.

For example, an actor or actress dance, jump around, and apply heaps of makeup for their living, and we get captivated by them.

If any actor or actress comes here in Barwala or Hisar,

these local young boys and

girls will assemble and queue up in thousands. They see them from a distance that There he is standing; there she is standing.

After wasting their time the whole day, they return empty-handed.

If he or she was standing there, then what did you get?

They are wandering for a livelihood and we get enamored of them.

Then they say that he is my favourite actorfavourite. These

favorite actor/actresses have ruined us.

He (Kshar Purush) became our favourite hero there in Satlok,

and God, through an ether voice, cautioned us that Children! Dont look at him.

Remain carefree and do Bhakti (devotion). Live peacefully.

This action of his is not right.

God had forbidden him too, but he didnt pay heed.

God had also forbidden us to not pay attention to him and remain carefree.

But we became cautious only from the outside and remained attracted to him from inside. We got

really attracted and attached to him from the core. God Kabir is Omniscient.

He knows everything. When he (Kshar Purush)

did penance for the second time, God asked him What do you want? You have meditated for 70 eras.

Then he said, God, give me some construction material so that I can

do some creation.God gave him five (tatv) elements and three gunas (qualities), saying that Son! Play with these toys.

Then he (Kshar Purush) thought that I would do some construction, but if there would be no souls, then what would I do?

I also need souls, otherwise, I will feel lonely.

Then, he again meditated for 64 eras. God asked him, What do you want? Tell me.

I have given you whatever you asked for. On this, he (Kshar Purush) said, Give me some beings, some souls, Lord.

Now, God Kabir said, I cannot give you these souls in any circumstances.

Yes, I can give you more brahmands (universes) if you want. If you need 5, 7, or 10 extra.

But I cannot give these because they are my souls and have been created by my word-power.

They are my heart, my souls.

I cannot give them.

However, there is a condition- if any of the souls wants to go with you willingly, then one can go.

Go and ask them!

Then, he (Kshar Purush) came to all of us, who are now trapped here.

He asked us, Will you come with me?

I have meditated and obtained

a separate kingdom.

We will live like this there. I will create such deities, (Mahadev) greatdeities and a river of milk there.

Now, did we have any deficiency there

(in Satlok)? But our intellects got corrupted.

We said, Alright! If father gives us permission, we will accompany you.

Then this Kaal (Devil) said to God Kavir, Some souls have

consented to go with me.

God said that Ask them to give their consents in front of me.

God Himself came from there and stood near us. God said,

Tell me, who wants to go with him (Kshar Purush). Raise your hands.

Now, God had cautioned us earlier not to get attracted to him (Kaal). We felt embarrassed, bowed our heads down

and no one uttered a word. There was pindrop silence. Then God said, Hey,

you were saying that many souls want to go with you. But here no one is consenting.

You were telling a lie.


one soul thought, The plan might get spoiled. He dared and stood up.

On standing up, he said, God, I want to go with him.

Then we all thought that this soul might solitarily enjoy there.

And then imitating that soul, all other souls, raised their hands like children raise hands in school imitating each other.

Then, we all stood up and raised both of our hands, saying that We also want to go. We also want to go.

God said, , "Alright!

I have noted the numbers of these souls, whoever has consented.

You may go to your Lok (world). I will send them systematically. I cant send them like this

To send, what did God do? He created us in the seed form (minute form).

And He gave a girls appearance to the soul who had given the first consent to come with Kaal

A young girl, a lady

He made her a beautiful girl who later came to be known as Durga.

And He inserted all of us souls into that girls body with His word-power,

and said to her, Daughter! I have granted you the word power. God Kabir Dev said to her.

And you may produce as many living beings as this Brahm

i.e. Kshar Purush may ask for. I have granted you the power of word. You can even produce living beings by word.

God Kabir said to His son Sahaj Das, Son! Go and take your sister to Jyoti Niranjan i.e. Kshar Purush.

All of Kshar Purushs brahmands (universes) were situated within Satlok.

He was standing there. Sahaj Das took that girl, Prakriti, Durga, to him.

And after going there, he said, Jyoti Niranjan, this is an order of Father.

Whichever souls had consented to go with you, God has

inserted all of them into this girl. And God

has granted the word-power to this girl. She will produce as many living beings as you want by her word-power.

After saying this, Sahaj Das returned.


Jyoti Niranjan, this Brahm i.e. Kshar Purush saw

the young girl.

Now, Pious Souls! These rubbish activities like rape etc had got instilled in this

Kaal there itself. He became situated in everyone in the form of mind. He has left such an element within us.

This vice arose in him.

On seeing the lonely girl in a solitary place, he tried to commit wrong with her.

The girl also perceived his intention and said,

Jyoti Niranjan! Listen to me.

You are my elder brother. You originated before me

from the egg.

God has created you. And I have also been created by the same God. You are my elder brother and I am your younger sister.

This act between a brother and sister is not good. Do not commit this evil deed. Father has granted me word-power. I will produce

as many living beings as you say.

He did not pay heed to her. He went beyond his limits.

When the girl did not find any alternative to save her honour, she made a miniature form.

And he had opened his mouth to commit the wrongdoing, so the girl entered into his body

via his mouth and went into his stomach. From there, she prayed to her Father, God Kabir, Lord, save me.

God said, Jogjit/

Sahaj Das, go to her.

God Himself came in the guise

of His

son, and

said, Jyoti Niranjan, you have committed a crime.

One, who commits such a crime in such a sacred place, gets a punishment that you would be known as Kaal from today onwards.

You will daily eat one lakh (100, 000) human beings and produce a lakh and a quarter (125, 000).

From today, your name will be Kaal.

God took the girl Durga out of Kaals stomach,

and expelled them both along with their

21 brahmands (universes) from Satlok.

The said 21 Brahmands (universes) stopped after

covering a distance of 16 Sankh Kos (16 hundred quadrillion x 3 km=48 hundred quadrillion kms.)and according to Gods law,

they started revolving here.

Now, Kaal (Brahm) again thought that who can harm me now? Whatever punishment they wanted to give me, they have given it.

He again started misbehaving with Durga.

She again pleaded with him that Jyoti Niranjan,

firstly, you are my elder brother and I am your younger sister.


I have come out of your stomach, so I am your daughter too.

Meaning, Durga said everything in order to save her honour, but he did not pay any heed.

Satan (Jyoti Niranjan) ignored Durgas appeals. God had to see how sinful this devil can become.

and while creating that girl, God had not even made any female genitals on her.

Kaal, by his spiritual power, made female genitals on her body with his nails and forcefully married Durga, who then gave birth to three sons.

The eldest one was called Brahma, second one, Vishnu and the third was called Shiv.

Ab Main Tumse Kahoon Chitaayi, Tridevan Ki Utpatti Bhai

Gyaani Suney So Hirdya Lagaee, Murkh Sunae To Gamm Na Payee

Maa Ashtangi Pita Niranjan, Yeh Jam Darun,Van Shan Anjan

Pehle Keen Niranjan Raee, Peechhe Se Maya Upjayee

Maiyaa Roop Dekh Ati Sobha, Dev Niranjan Tan Man lobhaa

Niranjan Kinhae Bhog Vilasa, Maya Ko Rahi Tab Aasa

Teen Putra Ashtangi Jaye, Brahma Vishnu Shiv Naam Dharaay

Teen Dev Vistaar Chalaave, Inmae Yo Jag Dhokha Khaavey

Teen Guno ki Bhakti Main, Ye Bhool Paddo Sansaar.

Kahe Kabir Nij Naam Bina,

Kaise Utro Paar.

Teen Dev ki Joe Karte Bhakti, Unki Kade Naa Hovey Mukti

The Giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif says that He is God Kabir who created the universe in six days.

Now, first well have to show you the Holy Bible. This is the Holy Bible.

Full Life Study Bible.

This is Bible. This is its

General Editor

We will read in Hindi from here.

Managing Editor,

David Steward, English,

Editor-in-Chief Donald C. Staums,


Joint Editor.

all these. It has been published from here.

See here. It has been published from Missouri, USA.

Now, in this, at the very beginning, is the topic of Genesis.

And at the very beginning of Genesis, in the

first chapter

itselfGenesis means Creation.

Genesis 1 On Page 4 here, Genesis begins from here. Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created the sky and the earth.

This was the first day.

In this way, the first day concluded. Then

the second day concluded.God created Light etc. Then,

there was

dusk and dawn, and the third day happened. And whatever was in it

fruitbearing trees and their seeds

of variant species were created in this way.

Now this was the third day.

To rule over day and night, and to cause light and dark

In this way, dusk occurred and then dawn occurred, and this was the fourth day.

Then see here. On Page number 5.

You read that on Page 4. Now what is written on 5?

Dusk occurred and then dawn occurred. Then, this fifth day happened. Now we have to come on the sixth day.

This is the real thing.

Then God said,

Let us make man in my image, in my likeness,

and they may have authority

over the fishes of the sea, the birds of the sky, the domestic animals, and

over the entire earth,

and all the creeping creatures that crawl on earth.

Meaning, man should be more intelligent than them. Then God created man in His own image.

According to His own image, God created him. And

God created human beings as males and females.

So, what does God look like? Like a human being, like man. It is understood.

Now see here. In this way, sixth day

Dawn occurred and dusk occurred. In this way, this was the sixth day. Now the seventh day.

And God finished his work, which He used to perform, on the seventh day.He took rest

on the seventh day from all of His work. Meaning, He created the nature in six days and took rest on the seventh day.

Thats it. We had to only take this much from here.

Now, the Holy Bible has clarified that God is like a man.

He created man in His own image. He created them as male and female.

Further, there is very good evidence in this that God is in form;

He can be seen standing in front of you and He speaks too. It is written in the Bible.

Now lets show you Quran Sharif. Please see.

This is Quran Sharif Holy Quran Sharif. About this, it is written that

This is their Arabic language Jaalikal- Kitabu La Raeb Ja Sallah: fihi Ja.

They have written its meaning that This is that Ilhami book...

religious bookin which there is no scope of any doubt.

It means that whatever is written in it is final for us. We have no doubt about anything in it. There is nothing wrong in this.

This is their purport.

From where has it been composed?

Classical Arabic Manual but in Nagri Script. Commentry with translation.

Its meaning is commentry with translation

Translator is Nand Kumar Awasthi

Shervani Edition From where is it printed?

Quran Sharif Shervani Edition

Publisher is - Lucknow Kitabghar, Mousam Baag (Sitapur Road), Lucknow. It has been published from here.

Now we come at its Surat Furqani


See this

This is Quran Sharif, and

Suratul Furqani. It is called Surat.

Suratul Furqani i.e, Surat Furqani 25.

Now in this, we will see from here.

Please see

This is (Aayat) Verse no. 52. Verse 51 ends here, and 52 begins.

Falaa - Tutiyal- Kafirin Va Jahidhum

Bihih Jihaadan Kabiran

It is clearly written Kabiran.

Whether you call it Quaran Sharif or Majeed Now we will show you.

Now they have written its Hindi translation here. This Verse 51 ends here and 52 starts.

It is the translation of the Arabic language that we read.

It is written in this in Nagri script.


the Verse 52 has been translated here. So (O Prophet!)

The Giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif is saying to Prophet Mohammad.

You may not listen to the (Kafirs) disbelievers.

Those who instead of worshipping God, worship other deities are called (Kafirs) disbelievers.

and with

the evidence of this Quran Sharif,

that is, the knowledge that I am giving you, face them with great force.

They have interpreted Kabir as Great.

And they should have written that - That Allah

Fala - Tutiyal- Kaafirin Va Jahidhum Bihi Jihaadan Kabiran. Kabiran means You may struggle for Kabir.

The (Kafirs) disbelievers do not believe that Kabir is God,

but I am telling you that Kabir is everything.

Now, here, you may say Kabiran, Kabir, Khabir or Khabira.

They are all the names of this same

God as per various languages.

Now, we will show you in Holy Books.

Please see Shiv Puraan.

This is Concise Shiva Puraan, Illustrated, Bold Font, Only Hindi It has been published from Gita Press, Gorakhpur.

Who is its editor?

Hanuman Prasad Poddar

It is published from Gita Press, Gorakhpur. Let us show you Rudra Sanhita of this Holy Book.

Concise Shiv Puraan From page number 98

We will start from its end here, following this link, we will move ahead Fifth chapter of Rudra Sahita ends here.

Listening to his

son Narad, the father of the world, Brahma said this there-

Now, the 6th Chapter starts.

Brahma Ji said, Brahman!

Brahma Ji is saying to his son.

Superior amongst the deities (Devshiromaney), you are always busy with the task of welfare of the world.

For the benefits of the people, you have asked this great question.

When the entire animate and inanimate world had got destroyed,

then nothing remained, only darkness ensued.

At that time


the Sat that is heard in this sound, only that


Firstly, these Brahma etc had no particular knowledge;

nevertheless, to date we kept on believing these Puraans to be true.

We will see from that itself.

Tat Sat Brahm- now who is

this pointing to? We will tell this later. We will see

our objective first. Now see on Page 100.

The Parbrahm, regarding whom,

through knowledgeable and ignorant

Now, Brahma Ji is the best speaker of this universe

and he says that I will impart some knowledge, somewhat true and somewhat false,

as per my knowledge. The Parbrahm,

regarding whom, through knowledgeable and ignorant utterances, the following options are presented,

he, after sometime, presented the desire for a second- within him, arose the pledge to become more from One.

Then, that Formless God, with his divine power, imagined a figure (form) for Himself. Murti means form

He who is the formless Param Brahm, His figure

is God Sadashiva.

Both ancient and modern scholars call Him God.

At that time, the one living alone and indulging in leisure at his own will, that Sadashiv from his

own body, He Himself created a self-featured figure, Shakti, who was inseparable from His own body.

That Parashakti has been said to be Pradhaan (leader), Prakriti, Gunvati, Maya,

Mother of the element of intelligence and free from vices.

That Shakti is said to be Ambika. She alone is called Prakriti. Remember this Prakriti word; it is for Durga here.

In Gita Chapter 14

Verses 3, 4, 5, when this servant of God will show you the origin ofBrahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, then these are code words there.

There Prakriti is used for Durga that This Prakriti is my wife.

I place the seed (semen) in her womb, by which all are created. Kaal is narrating Gita.

Sarveshwari (Goddess of all), and Tridev Janani,

Mother of the three deities,

and she is also called Nitya (eternal) and MoolKaaran (main source).

Created by Sadashiv, that Shakti has eight arms Ashtangi.

Ab Main Tumse Kahun Chitaee,

Tridevan Kee Utpatti Bhaee;

Maan Ashtangee Pita Niranjan

Whom they call Sadashiv Sadashiv

he is that Kaal. He appears in Shiv form, by acquiring the form of his son.

She has eight arms.

Shakti has eight arms.

Various types of ornaments increase the beauty of her body parts.

Now, this is Prakriti. Prakriti who holds all eight weapons.

She has


arms and

holds many kinds of weapons.

Despite being single, that Maya acquires many forms when required.

For instance, she had acquired three more forms of - Savitri, Lakshmi, and Parvati.

That Sada Shiv is known as Param Purush,

God, Shiv, Shambhu and Maheshwar.

Now it will become clear here.

Now we have come to page 101 while reading this. On Page 101.

Rudra Sanhita and

this is the sixth and seventh chapter going on.

They completely smear themselves with ash. That

Kaal-form Brahm

It has been clarified.

He is Kaal-form Brahm,

who is the father of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, who is the husband of Durga.

That Kaal-form Brahm,

at the same time, along with Shakti;

it is a misprint; along with Shakti, had created a place named Shiv Lok. That great place

is known as Kaashi. In form of lover and beloved


They both, in the form of husband and wife, Shakti and Shiv, Durga and this Kaal-form Brahm,

in their eternal ecstatic form, always reside in that beautiful place.

See further

Devershey (Sage of the Deities)! At one time, while sharing an intimate relationship, in the paradise,

Shiva and Shiv, Durga and Kaal,

had this desire in their mind that another male should also be created

i.e. an offspring should be produced, on whom

the great burden of regulation of the universe could be laid,

so that we both, while living in Kaashi alone, roam at our will and attain eternal bliss.

On determining this

along with Shakti, the universal Lord Shiv, Kaal, Kaal-form Brahm,


nectar on the tenth part of his left side, that is, consummated as a couple.

Then, there appeared a male entity i.e. a son.

Please see here

on page 102.

Now, we will read here.

We will take

a little bit from here. Shiv said - He said to the newly-born child.

Shiv said, Son,

being ubiquitous, your name would be popular as Vishnu.

So, the birth of Vishnu from Durga and Kaal has been proved.

Now seethis Chapter 6 has ended. Now we come on the 7th.

Brahma Ji says Devreshey (Sage of the Deities)! After that

the merciful God

Saamb Sadashiv, that is, that Kaal by sharing an intimate relationship with Durga,

just like the way he created Vishnu, created me too from his right side.

Now, Pious Souls!

Do you have any doubt that who is their grandfather?

Who knows about the creation of all these?

And no one can be omniscient except God. The knower of everyone. Only Kabir is God.

Now, two concepts have been clarified here that Vishnu and Brahma were born from the union

of this Kaal and Durga. They are

their sons. Now the third, Shiv, remains. Now, here the translator got confused.

the correct aspect is written in the original Sanskrit text

Now, the translator only Hindi is mentioned in this.

The translator messed it up here.

He thought that - Creation of Shiv from Shiv?

If I will write this, I will be called crazy. He evaded this context altogether.

God says, Chor Churaavey Tumrdi

Aur Gaadey Pani Mae,

Wo Gaadey Wo ooper Aave, Sachchaee Chhanee Naa.

A thief stole a (tumba) dried gourd.

A dried gourd.

Like a watermelon or a pumpkin.

When dried,

the seeds are taken out from it.


drying up,

it becomes like a ball, a large ball.

After stealing it, the thief thought that Let me hide this into the water.'

So he dived and left it

deep inside the water but it came out of water before him.

So, it is said that- Chor Churaavey Tumdi, Gaadey Paani Mae;

Wo Gaadey Wo Oopar Aave Nu Sachaayi Chhaani Naa

Now, let us show you

that the father of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh

is a separate entity.

Now please see

The same Rudra Sanhita.

It is the same Shiv Puraan. Concise Shiv Puraan.

On Page 110.

Rudra Sanhita is going on.

Now, we have come here to the end of Chapter 9.

In this way, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra have Gunas (qualities),

but Shiv is considered to be beyond the Gunas (qualities).

Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamogun Shiv this has also been proved that these three have Gunas (qualities),

but that Shiv i.e. Sadashiv, this Kaal-form Brahm is different

from these three deities.

By writing Rudra word here, he has again messed it up. He thought, they would think that Rudra is someone else.

Further, its concept has been clarified even more.

As you know, this Das (servant of God) repeatedly imparts knowledge to you.

But you are a student. Many times, it happens that you are unable to attend spiritual discourse. At that time, that topic is discussed.

How have they been misled?

God says

Teen Dev So Usko Dhyaanvein, Niranjan ka Wo Paar Nahin Paavein (The three deities, worship Niranjan; but they are unable to understand him.)

Sages and ascetics read the Vedas for the attainment of God.

They assumed Om mantra to be of the Supreme God.

They assumed Brahm to be the Supreme God.

They practised Hath Yog (forceful meditation) and chanted Om mantra but achieved nothing. So, what happened?

Like, they used to meditate;

used to practice meditation, and enter a trance state.

So, how does this Kaal cheat?

He appears as Brahma before someone in the trance state. So, that person says

Brahma is God, Brahma is God, Brahma is God;

he is hiding himself. I have seen in meditation; he is God.

Now, Brahma gained supremacy with this. Brahma ji also became conceited that I am God.

On the other hand, what does this Kaal do? He appeared before another sage as Vishnu ji. In the form of his son Vishnu.

That sage

announced everywhere that he (Vishnu) is the master; he is the Supreme God;

he is immortal; he is the Almighty, he manifests himself in the three forms. This Vishnu is God.

Now, Vishnu ji became conceited with this, thinking that I am God.

He (Kaal) appeared before someone in the form of his son Shiv,

person declared Shiv ji as the Lord of all deities, the greatest God, conqueror of death, conqueror of Kaal,

Lord of all lords.

With this misconception, once Brahma went to Vishnu Ji and said, I am your father.

You did not stand up and pay respect to me.

Vishnu Ji said, I am your father. You have originated from the lotus arising from my navel.

Brahma says, I am the creator of the entire nature. You are my son.

A fight took place between the two on this subject.

So, when Kaal/Brahm saw that they will fight to death, he placed a pillar in between them, a bright pillar.

They stopped fighting and got occupied in moving up and down the pillar to discover the end of it.

When they failed to find any end of the pillar, Brahma

lied.That is a long story. We will tell you what happened next.

This Kaal came in his Sadashiv form. He appeared in the form of his son, Shiv.

And he said to both of them (Brahma and Vishnu) that You are not God. You are not the Supreme God.

Due to a misconception, you consider yourself to be God.

I have come now to dispel this misconception of yours.

For this, we will have to show you this Shiv Puran with Sanskrit. Please see

This is Part 1, Shiv Mahapuran with Hindi commentary.

Shri Shiv Maha Puraan

composed by Vidyaavridhi

Vidyaavridhi Pandit Jwala Prasad Ji Mishr with Hindi commentary

Khemraj Shri Krishna das Publication, Mumbai.

so and so.

Now we will see a little link in this... Once upon a time, a war took place between Brahma and Vishnu.

Now here on its page number 11 of Vidhveshwar Sanhita

Vidhveshwar Sanhita - Part 1 in Chapter 6,

Nandikeshwar said

Nandikeshwar i.e. the vehicle of Shiv said.

Kaal resides in these forms too.

O Yoginder!

Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu was sleeping on the serpent-bed along with his Garud etc councillors and Laxmi. He was resting.

At that time,

the greatest amongst the Bramgyanis, Shri Brahma, willingly came there and started asking

to the lotus-eyed Vishnu who was resting on a bed beautiful in all respects,

Who are you,

who even after seeing me are still lying down, are sleeping, like an arrogant person?

O Son! Wake up and see, I, your lord, have come.

Brahma ji said, Son! Get up. Look! I, your lord, have come.

The one who

behaves arrogantly upon arrival of a guru; that

malevolent fool..

foolish person should appropriately apologize. Upon listening to this, Vishnu ji got filled with anger from within.

Internally he became angry but did not reveal it on the outside. But he remained calm on the outside and said - Son,

He said, Son! May you be blissful!

Sit down. Please take this seat.

Now, why have your eyes become devious and face awry? Because he was furious. He was angry


Brahma Ji said, Son Vishnu!

O Son Vishnu!

You are proud due to the impact of time. O Son! I am your protector and the grandfather

of the world.

Vishnu ji said that this entire world is situated in me,

How do you, like a thief, call it yours?

You are born from the lotus

arising from my navel and

hence you are

my son. Calling me as your son is futile.

Nandikeshwar said,

in this way both Brahma ji and Vishnu ji influenced by the Rajogun started arguing with each other.

By saying

I am great, and I am the Lord, with the desire to kill each other, they became eager to fight.

And then all the deities

boarding their aircrafts came to view that great

spectacular war and started

showering flowers on them from the sky.

Well done, deities!

Just like buffaloes are made to fight

in villages. If two are fighting,

and the deities say, Well done! Very good! Finish each other. and shower flowers!

Are these the characteristics of deities?

They should have intervened.

And by beseeching, should have separated them, stating that If you both will fight, then what will happen to us?

And the deities, instead showered flowers on them to boost them Well done, Cut each other to death.

This jury has been corrupt right from the beginning, it did not get corrupt now. Its been since then.

If the deities have such characteristics, then what kind of nature would the people like us on earth have,

it is a matter of consideration.

It is understood, what would we be like then?

Now they had a fight

and in between, now I will tell this in short. It was necessary to show this little bit,

that what the level of intelligence was of those whom we worshipped.

Whom we believed to be Lord of all lords, greatest lords, and God, their nature was equivalent to a fourth-grader.

Children of grade 4 or 3 fight like this.

When the teacher asks, Why were you fighting children? One says, He said I am your father.

then the other child says, No sir, first, he said I am your father.

and this is why they both were holding each others collars with their faces turned red and fighting.

So, our lords, whom we believed to be real God, Supreme power, they had intelligence

So, our lords, whom we believed to be real God, Supreme power, they had intelligence and behaviour was like those kids of grade 4. This is right

and behaviour was like those kids of grade 4. This is right

in front of you. I am not telling this from my side. Based on these behaviours, we will be able to identify who is God?

Who is that God?

Now what happened next,

Then this Kaal (Devil) came there acquiring the form of his son Shiv ji.

He has vowed that he will never appear in front of anyone in his original form. He has

taken a vow. He has pledged.

Therefore, he sometimes appears in the form of Vishnu in front of someone

who worships Vishnu

If someone worships Shiv, then he appears in Shiv form.

He appeared in his original form during the battle of Mahabharata

when even

a warrior like Arjun got scared to hell after seeing his face, that was his original form.

And he said Arjuna, I am Kaal and I have appeared to eat everyone,

and Arjun joined his hands and requested him God,

please appear in that same Chaturbhuj (four-armed) form of yours as I cannot see this anymore. He was scared to death.

Now he came there in the form of Shiv. He placed a pillar in between those two.

He came and stood there, and said, I have come to dispel your misconception

that you believe yourself to be God. You are not God.

Please see this

Now this is on Page number 17. Earlier we had read on page number 11.

Vidveshwar Sahita Chapter 9...

To remove the ignorance and

the enmity of the two of them,

he told both of them. Who said?

That Brahm in the form of devil/ Kaal, whos also known as Sadashiv- their father.

What did he say?

That I have two different forms-

visible and formless, but there is no other God,

therefore, they cannot have two forms.

First is in the form of a pillar i.e. he was standing in the form of a pillar

and then he acquired a bodily form.

Out of these- Brahm is formless while Gods form is visible.

Both of these forms of mine are perfect;

they cant be of anyone else.

Therefore, neither both of you nor anyone

else can attain godliness.

The fact

that out of ignorance you assumed yourself as Lord i.e. God, was very surprising.

I have arrived in this war field to remove this misconception itself.

Both of you out of ignoranceHe is saying to Brahma and Vishnu Their father, this Kaal

assumed yourself as God;

you are not Lord. You are not God.

This was very surprising.

I have arrived in this war field to remove that misconception.

Now both of you, give up your pride, and fix your thoughts in me,

it is out of my grace, everything

comes into existence in this world.

On page number 18,

Now see here below, O Sons!

Now this Kaal is saying to both of his sons, Brahma and Vishnu.

O Sons!

You have acquired these duties through penance.

which duties, which job, creation and


creation, see. O sons!

You have acquired these duties through penance. These are called creation of nature and maintenance, which

I have granted to you by being pleased with you.

Similarly, other two duties

Now, see the entire concept has been clarified.

Now the speaker is this Kaal, and he says - two other duties have been granted to Rudra and Mahesh.

Now two were above sons.

Two were mentioned above and other two are these, Rudra and Mahesh,

and this speaker is different from them. He is their father.

We had to only clarify this concept here. Nothing else.

Therefore, in Gita Chapter 18 Verse no.62, the Giver of the knowledge of Gita says that

Go in the refuge of that Supreme God in all respect.

By His grace alone, you will attain absolute peace and ultimate eternal abode.

In Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23, he has said that

Om-Tat-Sat iti nirdeshH brahmnH trividhH smritH

BrahmnH means Sachidanand Ghan Brahm, Param Akshar Brahm, Complete God, SatPurush, is worshipped

with recitation of three mantras: Om-Tat-Sat. Nothing else.

There is no mantra in Gita other than Om.

And the method of chanting of these three mantras, the narrator of Gita says that I do not know about it.

In Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34, he has said that it has been described in detail in that Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge),

about which, it has been mentioned

in Chapter 4 Verse 32 that - it has been uttered in the speech of the Sachidanand Ghan Brahm.

That is Tatvgyan (True Spiritual Knowledge).

To understand that Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge), you may go to Tatvdarshi saints.

It proves that the Giver of the knowledge of Gita is also not aware of this mantra.

So, the purport is that in Gita, there is

no mention of either Hare Ram Hare Krishna, or Sitaram RadheShyam,

or Ram Ram Radhe Shyam, or Sita Ram or Om Namah Shivay or Om Bhagvate Vasudevay Namah.

So, all these are arbitrary practices, mantras.

In Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23, it is stated that those, who abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures,

perform arbitray practices,

do not attain any benefit. Neither do they get happiness, nor salvation, nor any spiritual power. Useless.

And those who perform Shraddhs and pick up

bones of the deceased after cremation, it is said in Gita Chapter 9 Verse

25, that those who worship ghosts will become ghosts,

those who worship deities, will go to deities and become their servants in their worlds,

and those who worship me, will attain me.

So, even this concept has been clarified that these religious practices should not be performed.

So, Gita is one of our holy book of Bhakti among other holy books.

Now, the topic that was going on was to find out who are the mother and father

of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

The concept has become clear.

Durga is their mother

and this Kaal-form Brahm

is their father.

Durga is also called Prakriti.

And Rajgun is Brahma, Satgun is Vishnu, and Tamgun is Shiv.

Let us also show this to you.

Then, we will show in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, the origin of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh from Durga and Kaal.

Please see this

This is Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, that is, Devi Puraan, Shakti Puraan

with Hindi commentary, Part one.

Where is it printed from?

Ath Devi Bhagwatam Sabhasha Tikam Samaahatmyam Khemraj Shri Krishandas Publication, Mumbai - 4.

{Shrimad Bhagwat with Hindi Commentary, Third Skand (section) begins}

Now we are seeing its Third Skand (section),

In this too, on Page no.11. Earlier, we had seen Shiv Puraan. On its Page 11,

and this is

Third Skand (section) Language Commentary, Third Skand (section), in Chapter 5.

Here, we will read

Lord Shiv is saying to his Mother, Durga, O Mother!

If you are always compassionate towards us, then how come

you made me dominant in Tamogun and Brahma in Rajogun

and Hari in Satgun. That is,

why did you endowed Vishnu with Satogun?

Now look here.

We will now read Sanskrit.

Yadi dayardramna na sadaambike kathamaham vihitashche

If you are merciful mother, then how come you made me (TamogunH) Tamogun. And

Kamaljay Brahma ji who originated from lotus flower, RajogunsambhavH how did you make him Rajgun.

SuvihitH kimu Satvogunh HariH and how did you make Vishnu Satogun? Hence, proved.

Rajgun is Brahma, Satgun is Vishnu, and Tamgun is Shiv ji.

Let us show you more. Because, Virtuous Souls! Today we have built computers,

helicopters, aeroplanes, sky labs and dont know what else we made in this fake world. Our life is short.

And this Kaal

did not even let us focus on what we actually had to do. We made atom bombs, and became each others enemy.

And the thing that we were supposed to make, we did not even touch it, did not even start it. Now see this.

This Das (servant of God) is making you do a Ph.D.It is your good luck that you got admission in this university

and you will attain salvation with this.

This is Markandey Puraan. It has been published from Gita Press Gorakhpur.

Le me show you on its page 123.

Markandey ji is saying Concise Markandey Puraan

It will begin from Page 122. Let us see from here.

Then there is a complete description on Page 123. Markandey Ji said

This is Markandey jis message going on.

We will see here on Page 123. Now let us come over here.

In this way, there are three states of Self-existent God. Rajogun dominant Brahma,

Tamogun dominant Rudra and Satogun dominant is the keeper of world, Vishnu.

These only are the 3 Lords and these only are the 3 Gunas (qualities).

Gunh teeno ki bhakti mein ye bhool pado sansaar,

kahey Kabir nij naam bina kaise utro paar.

Teen dev ki jo karte bhakti, unki kadey na hovey mukti.

Now this concept has been clarified that Rajgun is Brahma, Satgun is Vishnu and Tamgun is Shiv ji.

Now let us show you further that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are mortal

After that we will show you in Shrimad Bhagvat Gita that they are born from Goddess Durga and Kaal.

Please see this.

Shrimad Devi Bhagvat, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur. Editor -

Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Chimanlal Goswami

We will show you on its Page 123 just a little bit.

On Page 123

Now Lord Vishnu while praising his Mother Durga is saying, You are a pure figure.

This entire world is arising from you alone. I,

Brahma and Shankar we all exist by your grace. We have Avirbhav meaning Birth and Tirobhav meaning Death.

Only you are eternal, the mother of the universe, Prakriti and eternal goddess.

Do remember this word Prakriti for Durga.

Lord Shankar said Goddess! If the highly fortunate Vishnu has appeared from you,

then Brahma who was born after him, is also your son.

Then does this not make me, Shankar, who performs Tamoguni spectacles (leela), your child too?

Meaning, you have created me too. Shive! You cleverly create this entire world.


concept has been clarified. Your Gunas (qualities) are always capable in the creation, regulation and destruction of this world.

Born of these very three gunas (qualities), we, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar are always eager to perform our prescribed duties.

We can only give the result of the work performed. We cannot change anyones fate.

Now four concepts have been clarified with this.

In these few lines of this Holy Devi Puran, four concepts have been clarified.

First is that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are mortal.

They take birth and die. Second is that their mother is Goddess Durga.

And the third is that Rajgun is Brahma, Satgun is Vishnu and Tamgun is Shiv

And the fourth is that

they can only give the result of the work performed, that is, they can only give the result of whatever you have done.

They cannot make any amendment in it.

and even the fifth one has been clarified that Durga is also called Prakriti.

Now please see Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

It has been published from Gita press Gorakhpur.

Its Translator is Jaidayal Goyendka. Now in Chapter 14,

three verses will clarify this concept.It is a code word. It is a brief description of all the four Vedas

in a very

concise form.,

Now see from here.

This is Chaturdashoadhyay Chapter 14

And Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

See here from Verse 3.

O Arjun!

My Primeval

Brahm-form Original Prakriti

Actually, they have translated it incorrectly here.

We will just see from this. Prakriti is

the yoni i.e. womb of all the living beings, and I place the seed in that womb.

TataH means

from that union, TataH means from that, all the living beings are born. And in the 4th

- O Arjun!

In various forms of life, whatever living beings are born,

Durga, Prakriti....

Prakriti is their mother who conceives all of them, and I am the seed-laying father.

Kaal is saying this.

And it has been clarified in 5th

O Arjun!

Satgun,Rajgun, and Tamogun; these born from Prakriti(Aha)

Born from Durga, these three Gunas (qualities)- Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, Tamgun Shiv ji.

Born from Prakriti, these three Gunas bind the immortal soul to the body.

Now Kaal has washed his hands of it by saying that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

have bound the soul here according to ones deeds.

Now Pious Souls!

This is called Tatvgyan (true spiritual knowledge)

and he is called a Satguru (True Guru) who himself fully understands and explains the Holy Scriptures.

And Pious Souls!

It is your good fortune

that you came so early at this Gods feet.

These virtuous souls, who in large numbers, massive herds, have got stuck with the fake gurus,

when they will realize the truth, they will sit

and cry on their fate thinking How they have cheated us!

These unworthy people have ruined us, they have spoiled their own deeds as well as they got us stuck in this Kaals trap.

Pious Souls!

those days arent far when there will be no space available to set your foot here. No one is a fool today.

When for our personal benefit we are ready to do anything,

then to attain God wont we abandon those fake gurus?

The day they get enlightened with this knowledge, not even a single person will be found there,

Those fake gurus will either be found sitting alone or their preachers would be found sitting there.

Rest all will come running over here.

Now see, 600 years ago, God had uttered in His

speech of Sachidanand Ghan Brahm, in Kabir Vaani, in Kabir Sagar,

which was written by Respected Dharamdas Saheb ji; it is written as it is in it.

Read it yourself.

Please see this. Kabir Sagar,


11 parts,

It has been published from Khemraj Shri Krishna Das, Mumbai This is an old edition, very old.

Look here

Kabir Sagar, Gyan Sagar, First Part,

Refined by Kabir Panthi Bharat Pathik Swami Yuglanand (Bihari).

Printer and Publisher is Khemraj Shri Krishandas

Director: Shri Venkateshwar Press,

Khemraj Shri Krishandas Marg, Mumbai.

Now, let us take you to its

Bodh Sagar in Gyan Bodh

This is Gyan Bodh,

and this is Bodh Sagar.

We will make you read on Page no. 21

Dharamdas ye jag bauraana,

koi na jaane pad nirvana.

Yehi kaaran mein kathaa pasaara,

jag se kahiye

wo ram niyaara

This is Ram, they have misprinted as naam by mistake these Kabir Panthis.

yahi gyan jad jeev sunaun,

sab jeevon ka bharam nashau.

Ab main tumse kahun chitaayi,

tridevan ki utpati bhai.

Kuch sankshep kahun gahorai,

sab sanshay tumhare mit jaai.

Braham gaye jag ved purana,

aadi ram ka bhaed na jaana.

This is Ram not Naam.

Ram ram sab jagat bakhsaane, aadi ram koi birla jaaney.

They have written Naam here incorrectly.

It has been misprinted. Later they have made an amendment in their knowledge, but they did not have the intelligence.

Now, it is going on here that

Ram Ram sab jagat bakhaane, aadi ram

Aadi Ram means the Eternal God,

the very first, Primordial God

Bhagwan koi birla jaane

Gyani suney so hriday lagayi,

moorakh suney to gamm na payi.

Maa Ashtangi pita Niranjan,

ye jam daarun vanshananjan.

Now their mother is Ashtangi, Durga.

Father is this Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal.

Pehle keen Niranjan rai,

peeche se maaya upjaayi.

Maaya roop dekhati Shobha,

dev Niranjan tan man lobha.

Kaamdev dharmrai sataaye,

devi ko turat dharkhaye.

Here Dharmrai is being referred to this Kaal.

Paet se devi kari pukaari,

hey sahib

mohey karo ubhaari.

Taer suni satguru taan aaye,

Ashtangi ko bandh chhudhaaye.

Here, Ter suni tahan Hum aaye

Here, God is saying from his side; whereas they have written incorrectly.

Dharmrai i.e. Satan (Kaal/Niranjan)

ne hikmat deenhya, nakh Rekha se bhagkar leenha.

Dharmrai karey bhog vilasa, maaya ko raho tab aasa.

Teen putra Ashtangijaaye, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv naam dharaye.

Teen dev vistaar chalaave, inme ye jad dhoka khaave.

Purush gamm ko kaise ko pavey, kaal Niranjan jag bharmavey.

Teen lok apne sut deenhya, sunn Niranjan vaasa linya.

Alakh Niranjan sunn thhikaana, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv bhaed na jaanya.

Even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are not aware till date as to who their father is?

teen dev jo usko dhyaave, Niranjan ka wo paar na pavey.

Now they too are worshipping Brahm, but they did not meet him till today.

Alakh Niranjan

bada batpaara. Teen log jin keen ahaara

Batpaara means a thug.

He is eating all creatures of the three worlds.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv nahin bachaaye, sakal khaaye pun dhoor udaaye.

It is said that he will even kill Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. He will eat them too.

Tin ke sut hain teeno deva, aandhar jeev karat hai sewa.

It is said that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are the three sons of this Kaal. And these blind,

unknowledgeable, living beings devoid of the eyes of knowledge, it is said that, they worship these only.

Akaal purush kahu nahin cheenhya,

kaal paye sab gehleenya.

Teen dev aur asur avtaara, taako bhajey sakal sansaara.

Gunh teeno ka ye vistaara, dharamdass main karun pukaara.

Gunh teeno ki bhakti mein ye bhool padyo sansaar,

kahey Kabir nij naam bina kaise utro paar.

Teen dev ki jo kartey bhakti, unki kadey na hovey mukti.

Now, Pious Souls!

If any person is intelligent, his heart will burst.

600 years ago, the one whom we used to call illiterate, uneducated, unaware about Vedas and scriptures, had got

this written down that it was .

so and so

And today, the same has been found written in our Holy Books.

So, virtuous souls,

who is God?

Kabir is God,

Only God can tell this.

Like, the Giver of the knowledge of Gita is this Brahm, this Kaal himself.

He is speaking by entering into the body of his son Shri Krishna..

He always performs such spectacles. He never appears before anyone.

In Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta chapter 4 verse 5 and 9, he himself says,

Arjun! You and I have had several births. You do not know, but I know. My deeds and births are unworldly.

His deeds are unwordly in this way that he enters anyones body and speaks.

And in Gita Chapter 7 Verse no. 24 and 25, he says that these foolish soldiers standing in front must be

considering me to be Krishna, but I am not Krishna.

They must be considering me, the invisible one, to have come in the form of a person.

They must be considering me, who is speaking, to be Krishna.

I am not Krishna. I keep myself hidden with my Yog Maya (spiritual power) I never appear in front of anyone.

This is my hard and fast, bad policy.

I never appear in front of anyone. I stay hidden. I live secretly.

So, Virtuous Souls!

He says in the Chapter 10 Verse 2 of Gita that, neither the deities northese

sages know about

my origin, because I am their creator. Now

a child cannot

know about

his fathers birth, however, his grandfather can give all the details

including the date of birth. So, our grandfather, Kabir Ji, has given their date of birth

and has told about the creation of this Brahm.

He has even told about the origin of their father, how he was created.

So, who is that God who has created this entire nature, Kabir is God, Kabir is that God.

Kabir is that God.

Anant koti brahmand ka ek ratti nahi bhaar,

satguru purush Kabir hai, ye kul ke sirjanhaar.

The weight of Infinite universes is not even equivalent to 1 gram.

For example, a scientist made an aeroplane and made it fly, and he himelf sat in it;

Now tell, how will he feel the weight of the plane?

So, that Supreme God has come and given us the complete spiritual knowledge. Now, Virtuous Souls!

Let us determine in front of you that how much Kalyug has passed today?

Barahvein panth Hum hi chal kar aavein God Kabir says I will come myself.

Aur Sab Panth mitaa ke Ek panth chalaavein

He further says Pratham charan kalyug niryana tab Maghar mando maidana.

Here, God has done a wonder. He says that-

The first stage of Kalyug will be when I will perform a spectacle in Maghar and I will ascend from there with my body

So, God performed that spectacle

in the first stage. Now, this middle generation has begun when 5500 years of Kalyug have passed.

In 1997, 5500 years of Kalyug had passed. I have shown you the detail many times with calculation.

Now, what has been said next that.

Paanch Hazaar Paanch Sau Paancha, </