Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Horror Short Film "42 Counts" | Presented by ALTER

Difficulty: 0

Can't believe you went out with that guy last night.

I know, but he was SO gorgeous.

He was a total asshole.

I'm not going to date him, don't worry.

Was it any good?


His dick could have been bigger. But thankfully, he knew how to eat pussy.

So... Are you going to tell me what happened with Lars?

He actually said to me I already dread the success of his projects.

Two weeks before the biggest show of my life, and he quit on me.

Well, actually, in his words he's not quitting on me, he just doesn't want to do it.

He knows I can't afford to find someone else at this point.

I mean he guilted me into hiring him in the first place.

You rent this place from Rob, right?

Are you listening to me?

I'm sorry, I've told you a million times fuck him.

What are you doing?



I'm pretty sure this is a camera.

Rob uses these at the bar.


I think this is a hidden camera.

What the...?

I'm going to look for more.

Another one.

Have these been here since you moved in?

I don't fucking know.


The hell is that?

Dude, this is some psychopath shit.

He's gone.

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