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(echoing boom)

- He holds a lot of regret.

I think he just wants to fix it as much as he can.

- I didn't have that typical father-daughter relationship

where I was in the home.

- Hi, I am Bob the Drag Queen,

winner of "Ru Paul's Drag Race: Season 8".

Here on "Drag My Dad", we take

your typical macho, goofy dad, and help them transform

into the ultimate drag fantasy.

(upbeat music) (family laughing)

- Oh my god. (family screaming)

(family laughing)

- [Bob] While helping bring families together

along the way.

- I have a good relationship with mom,

and I wanna have that relationship with you.

- [Bob] Now drag isn't just about glam,

it's about allowing people to open up

in a way they never have before.

This is "Drag My Dad".

Hey, another day, another dad!

- Hey, what's up, girl?

- I'm really excited today, we have Gabi and Julio.

- Julio, ooh!

- Now Julio and Gabi's mom divorced when she was a baby,

like months old. - Okay.

- They just feel a little bit strange together,

and they're trying to get passed that.

- Got it.

- Her mother and I ended getting divorced

when Gabi was very young, and that's where I figured out

with the sports I'd get to spend a lot more time with them.

- My sister played soccer, my brother also played basketball

and baseball, so I had to be in sports.

My dad was my coach.

He would drive me to every single practice,

which was three times a week.

- I was always so into the sports

that if she wanted to deviate, we would always

have a big conflict and we would butt heads.

- I think my dad was apprehensive of letting me quit soccer

because our connection was heavily rooted

in him taking me every single week

to practices and games.

- One of the things that I'm realizing now is that

(exhales sharply) we use the sports to stay together.

And maybe she didn't like it as much,

but she did it for me.

- Since I stopped playing, I only see him

for Father's Days, birthdays.

We never really hang out just the two of us.

I'm here today because I really do

wanna be closer with my dad, I love him a lot.

My dad being in drag will definitely get him

to reach into his feminine and vulnerable side.

- This is (chuckling) out of my comfort zone for sure.

I'm hoping now that we're doing this together today

it's gonna bring us closer together.

She's a great girl, couldn't ask for anything more

from a daughter.

- Alright, so I'm gonna go grab them

and you start prepping up, alright?

(upbeat music)

- Hi! - Oh hi!

- Oh my god! - Welcome, how are you all?

- Good, how are you? - Good.

- Gabi, I'm assuming?

- Yes. - Julio.

- How you doing? - Hi, I am Bob the Drag Queen.

Have you ever done drag before?

- No. - Have you ever worn heels?

- Never. - Lashes?

- Never.

- A dress once?

- (laughing) No, never a dress.

- He's like, "Oh, is that, that's what,

"that's what y'all do?"

- Well you look amazing, your makeup's great.

- Thank you. - Did you do this yourself?

- Of course I did it myself. - Work.

- Bob is fun, Bob is full of energy,

and he loves to say the word "work".

- Work, work.

So Gabi, why did you bring your dad here today?

- Usually we're in his world, like I grew up playing soccer

because that's what he loves.

And now today, I'm bringing him into my world

and he's gonna do makeup for a change.

- Yes. (Bob laughing)

- Are you nervous?

Be honest.

- A little bit, yes I am.

- Well don't be nervous, do not be scared, don't be scared!

No, I'm kidding. (Julio laughs)

We're gonna start by having a consultation

with our makeup artist, and then we're gonna look

at some outfits for you, and then parade you around

in front of your loved ones.

- My bad, dad, this is what you signed up for.

- Alright, so let's go talk to our makeup consultant.

(peppy music)

Right this way.

- Oh my god. - Kizha, we have company!

- Hey! - Hi!

- Are you a little overwhelmed?

(Kizha chuckles) - Just a bit, I mean.

Gabi, the things I do for you, oh my god.

- So this is Kizha Carr, Kizha Carr is a makeup artist,

drag icon, and she's gonna be deciding your whole look.

Now I wanna talk about this look.

Do you have an idea of what you want Julio to look like?

- I definitely want something sporty,

'cause I grew up my whole life playing soccer,

my dad was my coach.

- So Gabi's wanting her dad to be athletic and sporty.

It sounds like she's describing a butch softball lesbian.

(Bob laughing)

- It's definitely totally out of my comfort zone,

but the most important thing is

forming a better bond between us.

- You're so sweet.

(Bob softly sobbing)

Oh my god.

You get out there, we're gonna talk to Julio.

- Bye girl. - Bye dad, good luck!

- Aw, that's such a sweet little,

alright, you have a seat, join us.

(upbeat music)

We definitely wanna give some classic drag,

so we're gonna give a nice new drag brow,

give it like a metallic ombre effect,

and we are gonna throw in a dash of glitter on the cheek.

So Julio, I'm so excited to get this experiment

started with you. (Julio laughs)

So now that it's just me and Julio one-on-one,

so I wanna have a little chat with him

about his relationship with Gabi.

You have how many kids?

- Three kids.

- Was it that they just all naturally wanted to play sports?

- I think that I had a little bit to do with that.

I thought that sports was a good way

to learn communication with other people,

but because I was divorced, it was also good

'cause I got to spend time with them.

And, (somber music)

the thing about Gabi that is most interesting

is she played the sports, maybe she didn't like to,

but it was because she wanted to spend time with me, so.

- And did that mean a lot to you?

- It's means the world.

- Like it's heavy on his heart, these kids are his world.

How has your relationship with Gabi been

since she stopped playing soccer?

- It's been a little bit difficult

because we didn't get to spend as much time together.

So that's definitely something that I regret.

So now that she's graduated, I'm looking

for an opportunity to bond.

I kind of wanna show her that I'll do anything for her.

What do you guys have in store for me?

(upbeat music)

- It's a secret (laughs)!

- Jesus.

- If you could look at yourself now in my opinion,

because now all of a sudden you don't have eyebrows.

- Oh (beep), oh man! (men laughing)

- He fully does look like a caramel head (laughs).

Alright, I'm gonna go check on Gabi.

- Alright. - Alright, here we go.

(upbeat music)

- Hey Gabi. - Hi.

- Cute coat, I normally put the bra under the coat.

So Gabi and I are sitting down and stuffing bras

for her father.

So, we're gonna give your dad some boobs (laughs).

- He's gonna have bigger boobs than me.

- We don't want him to fall forward, you know what I mean?

- Yeah. - But we do want him

to feel like a sizeable woman.

- Okay.

- So I use polyfill, this is like the stuff

you find in pillows. - Mm-hm.

- What you do is you snip a little piece of the top,

just enough to get a finger or two in there,

and then you separate it like so.

And then once you've done that,

you just start stuffing it in.

- Okay. - Do it to both sides,

and then you have a set of boobs.

(Bob laughs) - I'm pretty nervous

right now.

- Why are you so nervous?

- 'Cause it's just like, I'm, I don't talk to my dad a lot

about emotional stuff.

- What do you guys normally talk about?

- We mainly talk about superficial things,

I don't like to tell him about my personal life

or anything like that.

It's hard for me to say how I feel

because I have so much anger from my parents' divorce

when I was a baby.

It's just always like a very separated relationship.

- Do you blame your dad for those things?

- Maybe I blame him for not being able

to be kind of the adult in our relationship sometimes.

Like sometimes I feel like I'm the one who has to reach out.

My senior year of high school, I barely saw him

after I stopped playing soccer and that was annoying.

I feel like I went four or five months without seeing him,

and I mean, he never followed through

on making plans with me so that was always really upsetting.

I try not to say that around my dad,

'cause I feel like that would literally break his heart.

- I hope that Julio and Gabi can open up

the line sort of communication

and maybe reach passed the surface level

and talk about their feelings.

Once you tell people what's going on under the surface,

then they can adjust their behavior.

And then maybe from there, you can grow.

- Mm-hm. - So I would like that

for you all.

- I would like that for us, too.

It's definitely still difficult to talk to my dad,

but talking with Bob makes me feel like I can.

(Bob laughing) I didn't, I didn't--

- Yeah, these are a little lumpy.

You wanna check for lumps, you know,

(laughing) you wanna get those out of there.

(upbeat music)

Alright, so this is really exciting,

we're about to reveal your dad in partial drag.

Now this is not a full transformation,

but I think it is a way you've never seen Julio.

You ready?

- Yeah. - Alright, Julio, come on out!

- Oh! (peppy music)

Dad! (Bob laughs)

- [Bob] It's great, right?

- What do I look like? - Y'all!

(Bob laughing) I can't do this!

- What?

I haven't seen myself, what do I look like?

- Oh my god, I'm literally speechless.

- Now listen, you're pretty far there.

Now a big part of drag transformation is hair removal.

A lot of times, guys tend to really grow a lot of hair

right around the nose, and we are going to get up in there--

- Uh oh. - And get rid of

some of your little buddies.

Oh, you just waxing legs?

Oh no, we waxing noses out here in these streets.

- (laughs) This is crazy, is it gonna hurt?

- Well, let's, I don't wanna answer that question.

What we're gonna do is we're gonna take this little post,

dip it in some warm wax.

And then, I'm gonna hand this to your daughter.

Look up in there, look in there.

- Oh yeah, you do. - See which one you thinking,

yeah, you thinking, yeah? - What?

- It is just a hairy mountain, like that is not okay.

I'm careful. - Go straight,

right, there you go,

just like that. - Oh man.

- And then you just hold that there.

- Oh my god.

- Before you pull it, it's not a slow process,

you really gotta-- (Bob imitates whip)

- Okay. - So one, two, three.

(comic rip) - Oh man!

- (laughs) Ew! - Yes, that's okay (laughs).

Wait, let's see it! - Dad!

- Gabi, what do you think I do all day?

- I don't know man! - You think I do this

all day, or what? - I mean, you should,

self-care is important.

- I have a totally new found respect for women,

I don't know how you guys do it.

- I mean, we got a couple, (Julio laughs)

couple of nose hairs.

- I think I'm enjoying myself a little bit too much.

- I think you're having fun with this,

aren't you? - I am having fun with it.

- Oh god, wait, just give me a second to compose myself.

- But also on the plus side, this stuff smells really good.

- It smells alright, yeah. (Bob laughing)

- Alright, ready?

Okay. - One, two, three, yank!

(comic rip) - Ow man!

- There we go! - I think there was more

on that side. - Ugh!

- She was like wham!

I was like, "Oh man, was this for the extra laps

"he made you run playing soccer?"

Listen, you're very brave, you did a very good job.

I'm gonna go grab your garment, I'll be right back.

- The nose waxing was a really good icebreaker,

but now that we're finally alone,

I wanna get down to the nitty gritty.

I appreciate you doing this, you know it means a lot,

'cause I feel like we don't spend a lot of time together.

It's just really hard, 'cause when you and mom got divorced,

I was a baby.

I feel like we missed out on a lot of good times,

especially when I stopped playing soccer.

- Right. - You wanted me

to have a normal life and not split in between two places,

but we still could've dove more stuff.

- I think what she's saying is true.

I didn't realize how much I didn't know.

I'm looking at what had happened, and reflecting on it,

you know, I'd like to apologize for that,

'cause it's mostly me.

- Yeah. - 'Cause I'm the adult, right?

- Yeah. - So...

- It's okay, dad.

- The sports with me was the only way

to kind of bond. - Yeah, I know, yeah.

- So now that you're telling me about it,

I'm gonna think about it a lot more,

and you know, have these conversations face-to-face.

- Mm-hm. - And maybe I won't

have eyelashes on, but you know what I mean?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- I thought it would be really hard to talk to my dad,

but he's actually open to hearing what I have to say.

He's listening to me for the first time in a long time.

I really appreciate you doing this, dad.

It means a lot. - Yeah.

- And I'm sorry.

- Why? - I don't know.

I just, I have a good relationship with mom,

and I wanna have that relationship with you.

- You know I'm sorry, and hopefully going forward,

we can have a better relationship than we have now.

- Yeah. - We still got a lot of time.

- We do. - I don't like to see you cry.

- I don't like seeing you cry either.

I don't blame my dad for what happened in the past,

but I just want him to be more present in the future.

- I'm totally in shock that drag could have

such an impact on our relationship.

I guess having the makeup on, feeling like I had a mask,

made it easier to have that heart-to-heart with Gabi.

- I love you. - Love you (grunts).

(upbeat music)

- Hi, hello everyone.

So we have been thinking about this sports theme.

- Okay? - You like order,

you like a routine, who in sports knows more about that

then the referee?

(all laughing) - Yep.

- That's hysterical!

- The referee take is amazing,

especially because as a coach,

he would always fight referees, but now look at him.

- That's hysterical (laughs)! - So we have you

this referee cocktail dress. - I really not ready for this.

- This outfit really fits his personality.

We have taken the things he loves about sports,

the things he loves about his time with his daughter,

and we have molded it into a feminine shape,

we're gonna cinch it with a belt.

So you grab onto that, squeeze your tiny ass

into that garment down there. (Julio laughing)

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- So my brother and my sister came,

and we're just all sitting there nervously waiting

to see what the heck is gonna pop out

behind those blue curtains.

- [Julio] What I'm thinking is put one foot

in front of the other and don't fall.

Whoa! - There she is, henny!

Do you even recognize yourself?

- I don't, I really don't.

(dramatic music)

(family cheers)

- Yes! - You see something you like?

- Oh yes! (family cheers)

- Well it's not for sale (laughs)!

So listen, we got to meet a really lovely father of three

named Julio, but we have left Julio

back in the locker room.

And now we have someone we are calling

the bitch of the pitch.

We about to blow the whistle for a little lady

we're calling Miss Bella Yellow Card!

(family cheers) (family laughing)

(peppy music)

- Hey! (family screams)

- He looks amazing!

Are you looking at him?

I don't even know who that is!

(dramatic music)

- So I do my grand entrance, and I see the look

on my kids face, and I just became part of the moment.

I'm walking in these heels and I got the tight dress on

with the hips, so I think I'm doing a relatively good job.

- Get up, get up, get up! (family laughing)

- [Tara] Woo, go Bella, go Bella!

- This is my dad like I've never seen him before.

He's serving us fierce, he's serving us extra,

he's serving us everything.

- Go Bella, go Bella! - Hey, hey, hey, hey!

(family laughing)

- [Julio] How's the dance moves?

- You've always been a good dancer,

you know that. - Oh okay.

- But on heels--

- On heels. - It's needs some work.

- [Julio] So you're gonna work with me?

- Yeah, why not? - Maybe that's one

of the things we could do together?

- [All] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

- Gabi seemed so happy, I haven't seen her smiling like that

from ear to ear in a very long time.

- What is probably the hardest part for you?

- When I was talking to your sister about--

- Aw. - Breathe you guys.

- (exhales) Ab you guys growing up,

and how I used sports to spend a lot of time with you guys.

But then it came to a point Gabi didn't really wanna do it.

So in retrospect, I should've probably

been a little bit more in tune with her feelings--

- Aw dad! - Even in the conversations

that we have, and Gabi tries to explain

how she really felt, her true feelings.

So I think that's the best thing,

but the best thing in my world, right there.

- Dad, I mean Bella!

(men laugh)

- Oh my god, this is, look at this!

- It's only been one day, but I'm so hopeful

for what is to come of our relationship.

His whole persona changed being in drag,

and it really opened him up to listening to me,

and that's all I've ever wanted.

- I'd do anything for you guys,

you know that. - I know you would.

- Now I know it.

- [Tara] (laughs) Now we literally

know it. - Now we literally know.

Today I learned I should never write off my dad

'cause he will really go to the ends of the Earth for me.

- Oh skate, help me. (JC screaming)

Good game on three.

- [Men] One, two, three--

- [All] Good game!

- Alright, everybody hit the locker, hit the showers

you sweaty bitches. (Julio cheers)

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