Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ЛУЧШИЕ ПЕСНИ 2020 ГОДА | ТОП 20 ПЕСЕН | РУССКИЕ ПЕСНИ (ХИТЫ) 2020

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Hi music lovers!

2020 did not have time to begin as already managed to please us

huge amount of pretty interesting and jamming

new music!

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Opens our hit list. 2020, the track that is now

sounds from almost every portable speakers each

yard, this is TAIPAN with a young performer AGUNDA "Moon

doesn't know the way. "

The second musical novelty, and who watched closely

behind the creation of the album straight from live broadcast from Alisher

MORGENSHTERN, I think theyll start now sing along under his joint

track with Vitya AKRA TA TA THAT TA. "

And the third track belongs performer Vogel who

apparently inspired similar in sound and name

hit by Lesha Swick "Bitch".

Recently, a favorite of youth Timy Belorussians happened

grand event as well it is the publication of a new

album, where the main and, perhaps the most rhythmic

the track was composition "In the courtyard".

Fifth track on our list belongs to the popular

hip hop duo HammAli & Navai, who broke into the 20 year

with a new potential hit in lyrical keyNot

love me".

A sixth musical novelty,

from a novice performer Mary Gu "I Hate Cities",

was presented on January 22 and despite her sad

subtext already managed to acquire by your fans.

And the next one on our list Kazakh singer Babek Mammadrzaev,

well, one that: “Hey princess less stress! ”, pleased

your fans song with the social planWhat


Now fans of Lesha Swick, I think theyll cheer up,

because one of the main stars Russian deep house shared

a new track in which, singer style is read

at times "Traffic Lights".

Ninth line of the MUSIC chart CLUB and this is another track from

MORGENSHTERN's Legendary dust "created can

say on her kneesIT.”

Who do not know recently Tim Belorussky recorded

his first fit - with the artist signed, like Tim

to the Kaufman label Just Leroy to the track that turned out

in the style of lamp and home "Minute of the evening" setting.

Eleventh line and this is a track about unrequited

love, with all the inherent her notes of hopelessness

from the performer GafurYou are not my".

And now the test, for true music connoisseurs!

Try to guess which one popular hit belong

these lines and immediately fly write your answer in the comments,

if you want to get into ours video, as well as these lucky ones!

And on the MUSIC CLUB counter is the twelfth exit hit

to rent the movie "Not perfect manwith the participation of Egor

Creed's Blue Eyes.

HammAli & Navai Duet Doesn't Stop to please us, writing in

early 20 sentimental love song provoking

tears from fans of their work "Where have you been?".

Fourteenth line and this is hitmaker Arthur Pirozhkov

with a track from the new album called "All About Love"

which will be released on All Day Lovers "Alien."

And the next track, which came out on January 30 at handsome

Max Korzh, completely reflects what's going on

at almost every concert singer without exaggeration


Who is not in the know on January 20 Buzova had a birthday

and according to tradition Olya celebrated the holiday of new

hot style song club track with elements

house music called "On fire."

Popular performer Marie Kraimbreri also

met the beginning of a new year, another musical

a novelty in which he argues about the failed romance and

looking for answers in reflection alone: ​​"Hiding

in the bathroom".

Continuing to warm up your interest in the new disc

from youth hitmaker Timy Belorussky, I suggest

check out another energetic composition "Dandelion".

Lately one of the most pressing topics was

the theme of fires in Australia, The Mirzaev brothers (they are

Rauf & Faik) decided not to stay aside and recorded English

the song being addressed to higher powers with hope

that devastating fires the continent will end soon.

Popular group of ours with you parents Hands

up in late January introduced new hit with lyrical notes

Steal mewhich maybe its also for you ...

Fit Recording Trend with the performers of the old

school goes on and on this time it's a joint

Black Star singer job HAZIMA and Valeria on the track

"Thousands of stories."

Russian performer and composer Rita Dakota, all

recently met with a new boyfriend and

classics of the genre decided to celebrate this event is incendiary

track "Electricity".

Like if this review of hits at least a little

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