Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Behind the Swap - Steele vs. Shepherd

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Are you picking your nose and eating your boogers?

No, no.

This-- this is--

This is how fast you go...

How did it taste?

Not good.


Ever since I stepped foot in the Steele household,

I've felt exhausted.

Sword swallowing?

Oh, my gosh, am I in a circus family?

Like how do you do that to your body?

It's insane.

The house itself, um, leaves me...

almost in panic mode.

Umm, during my walkthrough, there's stuff everywhere.

Uhh, I'm stepping over everything.

Break my neck. (laughing)

There's some things that need to be improved upon.

There's some things that need to be changed.

I did not expect to be in a sideshow presentation

in front of a live audience.

At the drop of a hat. (laughing)

We have a show tomorrow,

but being that

you're now my Maybelle...

you're about to run away with the circus.

We're throwing her into the wolves right now.

She is having to go from something that we spent

years, and years, and years of coming up with,

and we're gonna put her in front of a crowd

and make her do this.

I think I'm excited, uhh, and a little scared,

for the new person to meet my boys,

uhh, my crazy family.


I'm over here guys.

What happens in your house?

Don't cry.


They are a handful, uhh, they're wonderful,

they're all over the place, I think it's gonna terrify her.

What is it buddy?

Can I have nuggets, please?

Hold on.

(crying) I want spinach.

The ones that say, that boys are easier

than girls, I'm definitely going to disagree with you.

Maybe when they're older they are,

but to have four boys

under the age of 12... wow.

Chris needs to slow down.

He puts a lot of pressure on Maybelle,

by never stopping.

He's up all night long

to get ready for this sideshow act.

I was up until after 3:00 in the morning

getting things ready for the show.

Pleas put your hands together for,

"The Bearded Lady"!


(singing operatically)

Me walking on glass impressed everyone,

since I wasn't Maybelle.

It was a lot of fun.

Jessica knocked it out of the park.

She has a beautiful voice and the crowd loved her,

and she did really, really, really good.

It's time for some rule changes.

And with a little help from all of us together...

we can really turn this messy house

into a peaceful home.

(all screaming)


So my first rule was to work together.

That means me too, I'm jumpin' in

and I'm rolling up my sleeves,

and I'm gonna help out with this.

Getting the place organized.

I've got some bins over here guys

My computer! My computer.


Is this even the same room.

Look how much floor you can see.

I'm really getting attached to these kids,

and these boys.

And you know, I've kinda forgotten what, umm,

that's like, you know, having little kids,

and, umm, being around them.

I don't know, it's just kinda tugging at my heart strings.

Clearly you need to slow down.

So from this moment on,

we're not gonna work on the show.

We're going to relax. Okay?

We're really focusing on trying to

slow him down a little bit.

Which is gonna be a challenge, he says specifically

that doing nothing gives him anxiety,

and when he's doing nothing and not feeling productive

he get's frustrated.

You can bring your hands into heart center.


I'm thinking about my actions, my hard work,

my drive, and so forth.

Even though I think I'm doing it to benefit my family,

at times I'm putting them through a lot of stress.

So I need to stop, pause for a moment,

and make sure I enjoy time,

and realize why I work so hard,

and, uh, take a moment and just, uh, relax.


(Chris snoring)

The whole thing, you know, don't judge someone

until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Don't judge someone until you spent a few days

in their house, I would have to say.

Because it's a lot more than just walking in someone's shoes.

It's really and truly experiencing their whole life.

I'll miss you.

I will miss you too.



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