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jesus i've got pure bad vibes in here

let's press on

at this point i thought i seen someone pop the head around the grave


as if the cemetery wasn't creepy enough already

the investigator caught the ghost of a little girl peeking from behind a grave

paranormal investigator says this is where he found the ghost of the little girl

who popped her head out from behind the grave have you heard any stories about a haunted cemetery

what do you think about it let us know in the comments section and

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this haunted doll goes by the name of cabbage patch pajama dance party

funny right don't get too comfortable just yet because this one will give you the creeps for sure

fair play to tick tocker ruby locks and her courage because she's been living

with this doll for about a year despite experiencing countless creepy encounters

according to ruby the doll was given to her by a lady who usually donates clothes

toys and other stuff to people in need even though ruby was not in need the lady still asked if her

girls wanted to take a toy as she had loads of them but being a dole lover she couldn't resist

buying this creepy ass looking doll little did she know that things were about to get seriously wrong

never mind the weird looks of this toy because the strangest part is that the doll

can produce chirping and giggling sounds without any batteries on and it even moves around at will

sometimes it looks lifeless but most of the time it's like the freaking doll has a life of its own

this is one of those times when the creepy doll from hell is in no mood to listen to our owner

a viewer told ruby that the doll might want to drive so she had to try that out let's take a look


but that's not usually the case

check out how the creepy doll is freely roaming around without any batteries

this is how an average day looks like a roomy's house interesting isn't it still not convinced

you might be thinking that the doll must have a power source somewhere else

and that's just how the doll should work with batteries on

but here's what the alleged haunted doll does whenever ruby inserts the batteries

so this is what it does when you put the batteries in

see you have all this it shows you the dances and does all the stuff watch

doesn't do that in videos

so with batteries this creeper in disguise of a doll sounds just like a regular toy but the real

spookfest starts when the batteries are out that's when the supposedly possessed doll

gets to do her real tricks and that really must be hard on paul ruby to deal with

here's another one of this doll's bizarre

you antics get back over there go shoo

oh get the heck away from me bro you can get back over there oh creepy thing get back go

imagine entering the toy room and finding a creepy doll moving on its own

every single time what would you do dismantle the creeper for good well yeah ruby did the same thing

she decided to get rid of this craziness but things didn't go well at all take a look


here ruby gets some help to find out if there's something wrong with the wiring and stuff

you know trying to find some excuse for the noisy behavior of this weird doll

right so he's taking apart the doll

as you can see nothing inside the head

what's that spoiler

what's this speaker

it's the program [ __ ]

what's the program chip like what all does it do it's what makes it gonna be what it does

so and then these wires connect to it to this where how would you get the demo well

there's not a demo remote installed no demo boat no extra battery

i didn't already google this they even got these dolls don't have a demo mother they

don't have a demo at all no because when these dogs were bought new they had batteries in it

and they worked out the batteries there wasn't a demo mode you know i mean like there wasn't

a demo mode like better you know like a demo mode battery so like if you were have

a demo mode it would work off just the same power source the same batteries right here


so what do you think

i think your house is winning i don't think the dolls want anything enough

for me you don't think the dolls wanted

i think your house is funny why do you think my house is gonna be i mean the dog could be home

well nothing there a viewer asked her to check if there were batteries inside the doll's feet

so she tries to dig deeper and finds three screws under her feet naturally ruby feels

tempted to open it up and check it out if she could find an explanation for the

weird behaviour of her daughter's favorite doll was she successful in her quest let's find out

okay so i'm trying to accommodate you guys as much as possible without tearing up this doll

completely it is my daughter's favorite toy it's her favorite doll so i'm gonna be like when my

boyfriend gets here and be like can you put this back together anyways because i've tore it up

see i cannot open this and as you can see it is sewn

in place there is a there's that i could try to open that up

i don't know what would be in it if it's just connected because there's definitely

not it doesn't feel like a compartment in there but i mean i can open it

okay so he's unscrewing the bottom of the shoe

for anyone who i mean i guess it could be possible they could put something in the shoes

but i mean there's really not as far as i know enough space or compartment for the shoes

or enough to you know run the whole hole yeah you can't even get that off you can't get off

the boys

because it's sewn on bro it's all sewn on it

no it's got a spring in it it's got a spring in it yeah okay so

spring it turns out that the screws were just there to keep the springs in place so the doll

could jump around but that's not going to solve the mystery is it there has to be some reason

behind the doll's anatomy the only thing left for ruby to do is call the company that made the

doll and discuss the messy situation she's dealing with ruby suspects that there could be a demo mode

that turned on and caused havoc here's the video where she phones the doll maker based in cleveland

i didn't know if um there's anybody there that could um maybe answer them

it's a hard head one it's battery operated it's from 2015.

uh no ma'am i did not

um it's called i'm sorry i believe it's called pajama dance party cabbage patch doll

it's working ma'am but it don't it's not working with the batteries

and i just was kind of confused about that and i want to ask a few questions like is there a

another demo mode battery or something possibly in the doll like a separate one


my name is ruby um i have a doll a cabbage patch doll it's a pajama dance party doll

from i guess it's from 2015. um man this doll was given to me it's not it's not operating

with the batteries and i was wondering is there a demo mode or another battery inside the doll

and if so where would it be i don't really think so i don't

i don't i don't believe in demons so i'm going to say no i don't really believe that stuff either

yes um okay but um did you call earlier no ma'am i did not call earlier okay all right i know

that there was a post or something about around and i think someone's from cops started it or

but we no man we that i'm not i'm just that lost for words i'm sorry there's nobody i'm

sorry if i'm making i'm sorry about making you uncomfortable it's super weird to even

ask this i'm sorry i feel super weird um yeah i was just wondering if there was any other way that

i'm trying to understand the components inside the doll and understand like people are saying

if it was in water as far as my as far as i know it's never been in water but i would think that

if it's dry i would think because from my understanding with water and electricity

if it's dry when the water evaporates it shouldn't be still you know i mean

i'm not sure i really don't know i've never had this situation been asked before

but again me personally i i know it's not famous i don't believe in demons i have a really hard

time believing that too honestly and i'm a christian but maybe i don't want to believe it

the weirdest part of this conversation is when the person on the other side asks whether ruby has

called earlier too to which she replies no does this mean the previous owner also called them up

to inquire about the creepiness this dole brought with it we'll leave it all for you to be the judge

sleep paralysis is a condition where a person may hallucinate terrifying ghosts these are genuinely

hypnogic and hypnopumpic visions that are pretty common worldwide this curious condition often

entails seeing or sensing shadow beings medical experts often disregard shadow people's sightings

as sleep paralysis when people complain about seeing them but when you'll watch the following

footage you'll be forced to believe that there are certain mysteries that even science and

medical experts cannot yet authentically debunk check it out and you'll see why we're saying so

a supposedly demonic shadow man literally attacks an adult human and despite having the edge over

the faceless creature in all respects the man falls and stands defeated it boggles our minds

how could something that doesn't have a life of its own take on a well-built human and even

force them to run away watch this short-lived jewel once again before going to any conclusion

the only answer that we could think of is that shadow people have supernatural powers

because that's the only thing against which we humans often find ourselves helpless

what do you have to say about it

this footage of a shadow figure caught on tape proves that those dark figures you

keep seeing at the core of your eye could be more than a figment of your wild imagination

you see this bearded man in the footage claims to hear strange noises from the basement

and believes this room is a paranormal hotspot

the man takes us down to the supposedly haunted basement are you ready to check it out here we go

you scared you watch it again

what do you think real or not let us know in the comments

this video comes all the way from columbus ohio it was uploaded on the youtube channel ga paranormal

the uploader claims he witnesses shadows passing by in the hallway and doors getting slammed on him

let's watch just heard something else in here you want to check it out

okay the [ __ ] door just closed

son of a [ __ ]

the air conditioning is not on

see what the bears are doing the bears haven't moved thank god

what the [ __ ] it's the same thing that happened to me the other day

past this thing

i'm gonna switch over to another video and while all this scary stuff is going on

a cat tree is thrown at him

everything's moving by itself

whenever he tries to enter the room the door slams there are so many boxes probably the

dude has just moved to a new home and is now having second force if he made the right decision

because of the stuff like this happening a bit too frequent the entire scenario looks quite creepy

already and that is not how typical houses are for sure this guy is definitely in a messy situation

let's focus on the podcast activity caught on tape by ga paranormal so what happens next here we go

okay now that thing's moving well that's one naughty ceiling fan string because it totally

freaked us out what are your thoughts on the strange occurrences in this home

some of you might believe it to be real poltergeist activity but what do you think let

us know in the comments below also keep yourself updated about how ga paranormal deals with this

freaky situation by following this youtube channel and subscribing to show some support

here's another creepy clip of shadow people because we loved it

and we know you do too this video will take you to a dimly lit lounge people often claim that

shadow people are ghosts because they appear as dark apparitions but after watching thousands of

ghost clips we're not quite sure we noticed that ghostly apparitions are usually vapor-like misty

white in contrast shadow creatures are much darker and appear just like any normal shadow

this footage will give you a little more clarity on the difference between ghosts and shadow people


this place seems to be a paranormal hotspot just look at how the shadow freely moves around

starting from the ceiling and moving downwards towards the floor

and the creepiest part seriously gave us chills down the spine the creature changed

its shape turned into a human figure from a ball-like form and became hazy now this is

something you don't see every day is it what's going on here can you help us make a decision

henry deckard said that men fear what they cannot see and we fully agree with henry

on this because the fear of something invisible i can do god knows what to you

is the worst of all merely sensing the presence of these mysterious dark figures around you

can easily give you goose pimples don't believe it watch this video if you dare

in the footage some friends are having fun together until they

sense a presence make this startling discovery

couldn't notice anything well kudos to the person who saw it so spontaneously

must have 20 20 vision because even we had a hard time identifying this

unlikely party crasher let's check it out in slow motion

creepy isn't it

this footage is one of the scariest poltergeist hauntings we have ever seen

and that is no joke because we have seen plenty as you can probably guess this harmless looking kid

seems to be possessed or something is trying to snatch him away naturally his mom is devastated

the kid needs help and you need to find out what could be wrong with him let's watch

this kid is making waves all over the media due to this somewhat creepy aspect of his life

clearly he is horrified and clueless about whatever is happening to him

but you need to tell us was it raw paranormal activity footage

or excellent editing skills leave a comment below with this clips number and the words real or fake

we cannot wait to know what you think about this one

we never realize what goes on behind our backs when we leave the car in the parking lot

well after watching this video you'll learn that apart from

thieves you also need to be wary of creepy shadow figures like this one

you never know who or what could be lurking around watching you in the dark or worse take a look


isn't it creepy as always we love your thoughts so go on get in that comment section

here is the more scary footage of shadow people the person filming it claims that

after hearing some strange noises coming from inside the building he decided to find out the

source of the mayhem but only made a startling discovery after analyzing the footage check it out

did you notice the black shadow seemingly clad in a raincoat entering the hallway

don't tell us you missed it let's watch it again this time in slow motion

raw paranormal activity footage or someone ready to scare the hell out of us

we can't wait to know what you think about this one leave a comment with the words real or fake

the stepping stone nursery on tiktok is the proud owner of rosemary the trickster doll

it goes without saying that there is another creepy haunted doll but the thing that makes

it different from other dolls featured earlier is that she can lend a helping hand to her owner

well if there's a power outage rosemary can help her out by lighting up a candle

all by herself this may be your idea of help but for us it's still pretty eerie

check out how rosemary lights up a candle on public demand

and here she shows that the candle hasn't got any strings or special lighting

up the mechanism so this means rosemary could really be the little trickster doing it for us

to believe in her presence hi guys welcome back um i thought i would explain a little

bit sorry i'm getting tug and tied anyway this is rosemary um this is the candle it is actually just

a regular color candle from mainstage maine stays if i could talk it's unscented nothing

special about it nothing just a regular candle it's you can tell it hasn't been tampered with

there's nothing there still lit let me blow it out before i burn myself all you can see is wax

from it being lit there's actually wax all over the table that i just put there

there's no contraption lighting it there's nothing so i thought i would explain that and show you

her candle trick she likes to do it seems like this isn't the only trick that rosemary has aced

she can also move her body parts whenever her owner gets bored or wants to feel her

presence in this footage she turns her head around and in this one she moves her hand

nothing visible to us that gives us a clue over something fishy going on here

but we were hoping you could look closely and try to figure out how rosemary does that

it's really creepy to look at guys we were wondering how this tick tocker is maintaining

her sanity you've got a freaking haunted doll at your home isn't this enough to get some

massive goose pimples here rosemary is saying hi to all of her viewers also it seems let's

take a closer look at the hand moving again maybe this time we will get a clue on how this was done

now this gets a little bit creepier because rosemary is clearly in a foul mood in her

aggressive mode this doll likes to move things around we hope nothing was broken in this act

let's have one final look at rosemary's hand movement

and figure out whether it is real or a gimmick you be the judge

you can follow at the stepping stone nursery to find out what

new tricks does rosemary have up her sleeve

it's no secret that dogs possess extraordinary senses

but whether they can sense the presence of a ghost or not is a debatable topic in our comment section

and its answer also depends on your perception of the existence of ghosts of course

this woman you will see in the following clip is facing the same dilemma she feels that the

house she has recently moved in is haunted and her dog can sense paranormal activity

so the woman claims that she has strange noises all around the house

and things get a life of their own as proof of this she captured the following footage

did you notice the dog reacted before the painting fell on the floor

the animal must have sent something unusual before it looked straight in that direction

what's your opinion did the dog hear something else or sensed a creepy presence near the fridge

was it just a coincidence the dog reacted too fast

or could there be a deeper meaning to what we've just witnessed let us know in the comments

nikita lloydin uploaded this clip on youtube claiming it to be real footage of shadow people

caught on tape we feel for her because most people go to therapy after seeing just one shadow person

poor nikita had to witness two in less than five minutes however calling the phrase to his

company and three is a crowd mustn't heard about these creepy dark figures you will watch next



you just


there look to be at least two shadow people wandering freely around the room

did you catch them both well if you didn't here's another chance to check them out

so what do you have to say is nikita really living with shadow people

or just imagining things we would love to hear your feedback on this one also check out nikita

lloydy's youtube channel to follow up on more scary videos of shadow people caught on tape

a big shout out to meg p for sending us this tick tock account what a brilliant discovery make

tick tocker savannah found herself in a horrid mess after gratifyingly agreeing to take a gift

from one of her customers she was working when suddenly a regular customer shows up and asked

her to take a toy as a gift for her daughter after consulting her boss savannah agrees but

the man says something's pretty weird as he's about to leave the shop let's listen

so before he left out the door he turned around he looked at me and he told me that his grandbaby

had passed away from sids which is if you don't know sudden infant death which also means that

a child dies without cause so i was like okay didn't think anything of it so i took the bear

and i brought it home with me and you know everything was fine everything was cool

why did the man consider it essential to mention that his grandbaby passed away from sudden infant

death syndrome could this information have some connection to what's going on with the toy

let's not jump over to conclusions just yet because savannah's story

is not over so then i started to notice that my daughter was also talking to the bear

but i was okay with that because i mean kids are gonna be kids they're gonna talk to bears but

but then i had also brought her to her father's house and i brought the bear with me so we noticed

that she kept getting out of bed during the day and at night time to go into that same

exact corner to talk to the bear and play with the bear i'm not gonna lie it was scary at first but

like she's a kid we didn't think anything of it so last night she got up at 1 am in the morning and

remind you i'm watching tv at the time her daddy was halfway asleep so she gets up and she puts

the bear in the corner starts playing you know this clapping game with her thighs and all that

so i started to record and i woke her daddy up and i was like look check this out so as i'm

recording he was like it moved so i was laughing like you know what what but it actually moved it's

getting scarier now her daughter started talking to the toy which is obviously not out of character

kids do that all the time but then she chooses to talk to the toy always in the same corner

and wants to take it along everywhere so savannah decided to start recording her

daughter's behavior around the allegedly haunted toy and as we expected she captured some really

freaky footage kids and haunted dolls are a terrifying combination so we must

give savannah credit for capturing the spooky encounter without freaking out let's take a look

did you notice the toy turning its head to face the camera

savannah was right about it some viewers commented that her daughter's leg probably made the toy move

but we didn't notice any such thing did you let's play it again

she also explained why her daughter gets so disturbed whenever anyone tries to take the

toy away or hide it somewhere let's listen i really want someone to reach out to me

that knows spirits or whatever you whatever because i don't believe in ghosts

but this [ __ ] is really crazy and after that happened i went and i went on youtube

and i started searching up paranormal activities and stuff like that because it really scared me

but i also noticed that my daughter's also having separation anxiety from the bear she will not let

me take the bear away from her if i do she starts throwing a fish she starts crying we tried to hide

the bear from her that was impossible so i mean if you can help me please let me know is this toy

really haunted leave a comment below we can't wait to know what you think about this one

a big shout out to our viewers elena and harry for sending us some cool links

to indonesian youtube channels which took us down the rabbit hole where we found the youtubers

adian's gpd these youtubers uploaded a video claiming to have captured continually pen and goo

in an old abandoned toilet somewhere in indonesia well before we show you the actual footage first

let's decipher what kuntan elec peningu means in indonesian culture kundan lek is the term used

for a mythological female spirit of a pregnant woman who is unable to give birth some also

describe it as a vengeful vampiric ghost of a pale looking lady yes like the freaking grudge

this concept is also widespread all over south asia as you probably know by now on the other hand

penungu refers to the guardian spirit or place bound spirit it is an indonesian term that means

someone who is waiting so now that we have the much needed background information let's watch

the scary video the person behind the camera claims to have found a place bound female spirit

that suddenly vanished when he tried to find her again let's check out how valid these claims are



well this place is a mess the perfect hub for paranormal activity wouldn't you agree

we know you want to re-watch the moment when the contin elect was captured on camera

so here you go in slow motion

it is definitely creepy and we wonder how someone can even think about wandering alone

at night in such a weird place but that's not the only scary discovery the youtuber makes

here's another one we found truly terrifying take a look



why is there a rope tied to the ceiling

are you thinking what we're thinking better not even go there so was the entire scene raw

paranormal activity footage or someone looking for a hairdresser leave a comment below with

this clip's number and the words real or fake we can't wait to know what you think about this one

we've seen some of the scariest shadow people sightings on youtube

here's another one which is truly terrifying and won't let you sleep tonight especially if you're

a regular at the local bar or pub next time you want a drink beware of who could be watching you

from behind or doing something unusual like the guys in this footage experienced only to catch

your attention or they may have an ulterior more sinister motive behind the hide-and-seek games

shadow people usually play with us let's have a look at what happens in this eerie bar

do you see how quickly the shadow move well it surely requires perfect vision great courage

and incredible motor skills to follow a shadow figure without getting bewildered

let's watch this creepiness in slow motion

what do you think of this one please leave your opinion in the comment section

we yearning to know your take on this crazy encounter

fantastic video uploaded this scary poltergeist caught on tape

showing an english family captured some supposedly real paranormal phenomena

the activity starts right away with the door banging open which we still don't understand

why do poltergeists really need to open the door to enter the room or are they just looking to

create some drama before the climax whatever be the case this footage is pretty scary as

there's not even one dull moment let's watch as one strange event unfolds after another

do you think this could be staged or is the house

really haunted please let us know what other stories you've heard about haunted

places like this in the comments section don't forget to follow and subscribe to phantasma video

we told you about jinns in previous videos but that's not the only mysterious entity lurking

around us many religions and cultures endorse the concept of human shaped

shadow figures in the native american choctaw tribe's mythology shadow people are

called nelusa chito or the big black thing they believe every person whether an adult or child

has a shill-up or spirit and a shilambish or shadow attached when that person dies

the spirit leaves the body for the afterworld while the shadow stays behind to haunt all of us

what you'll see in this footage uploaded by the hidden underbelly 2.0

could be the nulusachito of a child or we could be wrong why don't you have a look and help us decide

the people present claimed that this shadow was of a ten-year-old

girl who appeared out of the blue then ran behind them only to vanish into thin air

naturally they were scared still they went on to check out the place let's follow them

now let's zoom in a bit to have a closer look

raw paranormal activity footage or excellent editing skills we can't wait to know what you

think about this one leave a comment below the clip's number and the words real or fake

the tick tock account i'm the problema posted a series of scary haunted doll videos recently

she claims that miss anne is a relatively recent addition to a haunted doll collection

if you've never heard of collecting haunted dolls for a hobby you'll probably agree that ignorance

can be bliss after watching this one the ghost hunter says that after using the necrophonic app

and the reality ripple effect she learned that a sweet and kind spirit lives inside the haunted

doll another significant piece of information she shared is that the doll is possessed by a young

soul who likes kids and animals while you might be busy training your young pup how to respond to

yes and no here's our tick tock a ghost hunter taming a supposed spirit check out the amusing

training session turn on which light will mean yes oh my goodness okay can you turn it off again

can you tell me if the other can you can you turn on the other light to me no

can you turn off that flashlight please savannah

i know you're so excited this is so cool i know i think it's so cool too

go ahead and turn it off

all the way thank you can you light up the other one and that will mean no

great job savannah oh my god you are getting this so fast i am so proud of you

you can turn that one off now

can you turn it on

okay now it's time for a quick q a with miss anne if you're a regular viewer of our videos

you can probably guess what the first question people generally ask when trying to communicate

with spirits that's it what's your name it's time to know more about miss anne let's get started

is that your correct name savannah

no okay thank you was your name anne-marie

yes okay hi anne marie i'm sorry i've been calling you savannah this whole time and marie

it's so nice to meet you my name is corey

were you oh oh my goodness okay can you turn them off now

pretty interesting footage isn't it

let's find out more information about the alleged spirit possessing this doll were you 20

were you born in 1924 oh you were 20


i'm 30 now so we could be friends i couldn't be your mom but we could be friends

can you turn that off would you like to be friends

point to be noted here ann didn't respond when corey asked her if they could be friends well

is the doll having some sinister intentions

we've got to find out so far the supposed spirit has been reasonably cooperative

corey's viewers even sent some personal queries for the doll to answer as if she is a fortune

teller but wait what if she is let's take a look because this is getting more intriguing bit by bit

are you able to tell somebody if and when they will be pregnant no didn't think so thank you

um can you turn that light off we'll move to the next question

next question do you know what year it is now

still know you don't know what year it is the year is 2021.

crazy right

okay can you turn it

off can you stop touching it anne

thank you

when you were in your physical body did you have pets

yes i thought you might have you seem to be really good with animals and they seem to really like you

too so ann answers some really personal questions with some hesitation of course but could this

supposed spirit be a good one corey seems to be enjoying her life with this weirdly haunted

doll nothing creepy is happening around and the vibes are so far very positive

a viewer came up with the interesting conspiracy theory that corey is probably hiding something

underneath the table who's turning the flashlight on and off at will could it be so

what's corey's response to this comment

oh you broke [ __ ] this is um this is satin and i put it on the table because

i want to protect my dolly from this chalkboard that my children draw on

okay and so you see it's on there's nobody under

there are motion sensor balls on the table so if somebody was hitting the table those would go off

we use gapping i don't know if you know what that is but it's where you use a twist flashlight you

turn it almost all the way off and then the spirit uses its energy to make that connection

i'm sorry you thought you did something hmm try again next time well that was corey's version what

do you think what's your take on what you just watched please let us know in the comment section

also follow i'm the problema for more updates on ann marie and other creepy dolls

and death are a reality but some also believe in the infinity of the soul

according to those who believe in it the soul is a permanent entity

though it leaves the body after death doesn't actually cease to exist

supposedly after death the soul snaps free and drifts upwards while the physical shell within

which it remain confined for years is left on the bed this entire process wouldn't be visible to the

naked eye but what about cameras a camera's lens may sometimes capture weird phenomena

and what we're about to show you could be an example of that

this footage was uploaded a few years ago but still continues to boggle people's minds

even today are you ready to watch a supposedly out of body experience take a look

did we just witness a soul departing its body

and at the exact moment when the electrocardiogram shows a flat line

let us know your thoughts in the comment section

by now we should all understand that shadow people appear to be supernatural creatures

that show up as dark figures the shape of a human but apparently shadow people don't

always have human-like features or wear modern clothing some people even believe that our eyes

cannot focus on them as they quickly move between walls we're not quite sure about that but the

footage you're about to watch does validate the moving between walls part a man senses something

unusual is going on in the hallway and starts capturing the scene he encounters a creepy shadow

and follows it was this self-proclaimed paranormal investigator successful finding out the truth

or did he end up getting a paranormal punch in the face let's find out

let's start with this footage of an eerie looking office it seems to be daytime but strangely

there's no one around except for this creepy ass shadow figure or so it seems let's take a look

apparently it is a common belief that sleeping problems can adjust your eyes to another spectrum

explaining why some people can see shadow figures lurking around

but what do you think could it be just a figment of your imagination

or something paranormal going on here let us know in the comments below

before the next clip we would like to give a massive shout out to our channel members

we invest all your contributions into freelancers and tools to bring you better videos every single

week so on the behalf of everyone watching this a huge thank you to our hardcore fans

have you ever wondered about the tools and equipment ghost hunters use to detect paranormal

activity you probably know some of them already but today we might introduce you to a few new ones

thanks to the youtube channel get spooky society who uploaded a great series of

paranormal investigation videos the first tool is called dowsing rods these are a fascinating tool

that supposedly indicates the presence of something paranormal through that movement

check out what happens after ashley asks the supposed spirit to point the rods the

direction they would like the team to go if you don't want to make them cross could you at least

point them in the direction you would like us to go

to maybe go talk to somebody who wants to kind of use these rides

we are not going to nebraska

but thank you for the option then there are crystal pendulums also known as dowsing pendulums

investigators often use them in an attempt to communicate with the spirits the pendulum

swings in a particular direction for example right for yes left for no but we've seen investigators

using it in other ways too do you find it fascinating enough we know you do so here's

an actual demonstration of how to communicate with an invisible entity using a crystal pendulum

great job use ashley's energy and spin that bigger

that is really good thank you

did you make it stop now please in the middle

okay instead of swinging in a circle can you swing it back and forth just in a straight line

side to side good job i've got such shoals right now good job can you show it bigger

swing it bigger side to side bigger thank you the electromagnetic field or

emf detector is another tool goes hunters use to allow spirits to show a sign

sounds eerie right well this is a convenient tool because it can detect

the shifts in electromagnetic energy which usually intensifies when there is some presence around it

it can go off automatically when it catches anything just like in the following

it clip

okay which one is that that's the meter

on this kitchen counter okay

all right

what do you want us to do what is in this cabinet let's just look what's in it

a variety branded cabinet that's not installed

that was us yeah all right something is going on you guys turn the flashlight on drain

a good battery


did you see how this equipment detected the change in energy within seconds near the dole

could it be haunted like the ones we showed you last week and here you can see all the

tools together it's definitely intriguing if you enjoy genuinely looking paranormal investigation

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that go bump in the night go on we'll see you there thank you for watching stay in the dark

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