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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Betchelor Center with Derek Peth and Kay York City // Episode One

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(upbeat music)

- Hello, and welcome to Betchelor Center, I'm Kay.

- And I'm Derek.

- This is just like a sports show,

except with a lot of kissing and crying.

- I prefer soccer.

- I told you not to bring up Juan Pablo,

I wanted to keep this positive.

- Do you think they're ever gonna mention

what Pete's job is this season?

- I'm pretty sure they have.

I mean, some might say

that they've shoved it down our throats

harder than Savannah shoved her tongue down

Pete's throat when she got out of the limo.

- Pilot.

All those flight attendants make sense now.

- Okay, one thing that I love about Pete,

and it sets him apart from every other bachelor,

are his family values.

- We know that because they've mentioned family values

exactly 257 times already this season.

- Which ironically, is the same amount of times

he makes-out per episode.

- Look, I'm all for making-out with anybody and everybody,

but Pete's very close to de-throning current kissing bandit,

Arie, screwed Becca over, Luyendyk.

- These girls spend hours putting on makeup

and getting ready, just to look like they have a face rash

by the end of the rose ceremony.

- And on that note, we have a special guest in studio today.

Please welcome, Hannah Ann.

(orchestral music)

- Hannah Ann, come on out!

(orchestral music)

- Hannah Ann!

(orchestral music)

- Sorry, Peter dropped me off.

- Hannah Ann, are you okay?

- What?

Oh is my lipstick?

- Just a little. - It's Gadot.


- Is this the champagne

that we were gonna use to celebrate Betchelor Center?

- It was just backstage, it was chilling,

labeled "special", I assumed it was for me, naturally.

- Hannah Ann, you really hit it off with Peter this season.

What is it you like so much about him?

- I love that he has Instagram followers, he's verified.

I love his--

- Wait, sorry.

Did you say that you love that he has Instagram followers?

- No, I said I love that he has family values.

- Right.

So I know you've been catching a lot of heat from,

you know, your modeling career...

- Listen, have I been on the cover of several magazines?

Of course I have.

Who hasn't been?

Have I been the face of a Sonic ad?

Yes, of course.

I love fast food, and I love roller skating.

Have I been in a music video with 60 million views?


Who hasn't been?

Again, look at me, what do you want,

what do you want from me?


Follow me on Instagram at Hannah Ann.

Follow me on Instagram.

- Okay, thank you Hannah Ann for coming to the studio today.

- Follow me on Instagram.

- Okay, Hannah.


- Our saltiest moment of the week,


comes from all the girls in the house

confusing a cow for a pony on night one.

- Okay, the cow's name is Ashley P,

and I met her at Stage Coach.

She's actually super sweet, so have some respect.

- Regardless, the girls did confuse Ashley P for a pony.

So because of that, we've invited fan favorite,

who's bizarrely already met all of Pete's family,

Madison here, to play Old MacDonald with us.

- All right Madison, come on out.

- Hey ya'll.

- Ahh, you look great.

- Thank you so much.

- Okay, so the game is super simple,

we're gonna show you an animal,

and all you have to do is tell us what's on the card.

And I know you tend to ramble a lot, so let's--

- Well yes, but in my defense,

a lot of times growing up it can be difficult,

you know sometimes, cars--

I driven a car once time.

Values, family values, Pilot Pete, I got there.


- Let's just start with the first animal, yeah?

- Yeah.

- Oh okay, so like birds have wings,

which I love wings, chicken wings.

Oh that was rude of me to say.


But I do love chicken wings, buffalo wings,

pilots fly planes with wings, Pilot Pete, I got there.

- I think you're just like getting a little confused,

all you have to do is tell us what the animal is,

you don't have to bring it back to Pete every time.

- Well of course I do.

I'm here for the right reasons.

- All right Derek, let's do the next animal.

(goat yodel)

- Oh, yoga, they like jump on people's backs.

And backs, smacks, racks, patty-wacks, also macks.

Macks, which means to kiss, Pilot Pete, I got there.

- I don't think you're understanding the point of this game,

but let's try one more, Madison.

- Oh, now that's Ashley P. (cow mooing)

That's Jade's friend Ashley P,

she is such a sweety, I met her at Stage Coach.

I just had the best time with her.

Follow me on Instagram.

- [Derek] Thanks Madison.

- Bye, Madison. - Thank you so--

Follow me on Instagram.

- Thanks Madison.

- Follow me on Instagram.

Love ya'll. (whooshing)

- The sweetest moment this week,


definitely has to be Victoria F

being open and vulnerable like that.

I can't imagine doing that on national TV.

- Yeah, that didn't seem fake at all.

- Do you have a cheesiest moment?


- Definitely, Pilot Pete,

or like anytime they bring up a pilot pun,

or a pilot reference, I'm over it.

- Look, I love a good pun, but enough already,

it's been too many.

- Now, we are back to our Cringe Harrison Award of the week,

(upbeat music)

- Is it Hannah Ann wearing a wedding gown on the first date,

- [Kay] Mmm.

- Kelsey crying over a bottle of champagne,

or Pete forgetting all the girls' intros?

- I mean, those are all really good,

but I think I would have to go with

when the champagne blew up in Kelsey's face.

I mean, that is so embarrassing.

- That was truly a Cringe Harrison moment.

- [Kay] Mmm hmm.


- On that note, thanks for joining us on Betchelor Center,

I'm Derek Peth.

- And I'm Kay Yorkcity.

We'll see you next time.

- Is your last name really Yorkcity?

- Yeah.

(bell dings)


(mumbles in background)

(upbeat music)

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