Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DVS1 explaining the concept of The Wall of Sound

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The sound system should be as big as any on the DJs on the flyer.

In its own right, it should be a headliner.

It should be and if you can promote it to that level and then deliver it to that level it becomes important.

It becomes an esthetic that people have to care about.

We tried to actually contact Tom Danley, who designs the speakers.

But he is a churchgoing guy from Texas who doesnt fly.

But Danley is like the legendary sound guy, like you go on all these forums.

People are like, when you mention Tom Danley, they are all like: Oh yeah his bass is the greatest thing ever!.

Well, he never pushed himself in dance music, like he just did sound and he was legendary about it.

No, its cool.

I can only imagine what its like to stand here, you know.

Hey, can we try some other music?

Its so funny to watch everyone on the water. Check it out with the track. Hold on.

I like the water!

You turn the system up and it almost becomes like a tunnel. You know when you blow into a fan?

And that uuuuuuuuuuhm. That almost what happens with the bass as it starts to get louder and pushes further into the room

Its like you can almost find this line.

Where you cross it, and you like: Wow. Oh shit, there it is!.

I want somebody to come here and understand why this was better or different

than the other experience they have next weekend of the weekend before.

I want them to demand, in their future something better for themselves.

Because of, maybe, this experience. Like wow, this was- I totally heard music different.

So, this is what I am chasing now.

The Description of DVS1 explaining the concept of The Wall of Sound