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Steve: Hi, its Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you how to put up defrost

heater and harness kit in your refrigerator. Its a pretty easy job, all we are going

to need is a quarter inch nut drive, pair of needle nose pliers and depending on your

model we may need a pair of wire strippers or crimpers. Let me show you how its done.

If your refrigerator had a single defrost heater in it, you may need to utilize some

of the extra parts that were in the kit, just simply follow the instructions. Before we

begin this repair, the first thing we need to do is disconnect the power supply to the


The defrost heater and harness assembly are located in the freezer compartment. First

well need to remove all the items that may be in your freezer along with the shelves

and the light cover then we can gain access to the evaporator cover, the heater is located

behind that. Before we go any further with this repair, maybe of note to pull off the

drain hole located at the bottom of the evaporator, with just a little piece of duct tape or a

rag, which you can poke into that hole. We dont want to drop any screws in there because

they are very difficult to retrieve.

Next we are going to remove the two quarter inch hex head screws and the ground wire from

the top of the evaporator cover. Just pull down slightly on the evaporator cover, tilt

it out from beneath the light bulb, then lift straight up on it till the bottom edge and

clears the track, tilt the left side out and then remove that. Now if your refrigerator

has been running, the evaporators is probably covered in frost and ice at this point just

let it melt and drain you may need to remove that cover from your drain hole to let the

water run into the drain pan, once its completely melted you have access to it well

remove the two Philips screws that secure the heater to the bracket.

Now we need to lift heater assembly off of the bracket that will do fair enough so we

can remove the blue and the pink wires from the end terminals. Inspect those terminals

make sure it did not earth or get burnt. Now we are ready to put the new heater in. Now

we are ready to reinstall the new heater, it consists of two glass tube heaters and

there are a couple of shields over the top of them. If you inadvertently touch that glass

with your fingers you need to clean that off, because it will shorten the life of the heater

if it has the oil from the fingers on it. Take the two leads that we removed the pink

and the blue, reconnect those to the bottom of the heater doesnt matter, which terminal

you put them in.

Now we are ready to reinsert the heater mount it on its mounting bracket, put the end with

the white jumper wire on it to the left, let it hang on its bracket, reinstall the two

Philips screws. Well tuck those two wires on the right hand side, now we are ready

to reinstall the evaporator cover. Tuck the right hand side in first, slide it down, reinstall

the brown wire clip, raise it up just so that the holes in the evaporator cover line up

with the screw holes on the mounting bracket. Reinstall the two quarter inch hex head screws

once all of the other screws are reinstalled you can remove the drain plug where you used

a piece of tape or a rag now we can reinstall the shelving. Reinstall the light shield and

our repair is complete. Thats just how easy it is to put a defrost heater and a harness

kit in your refrigerator. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your repair.

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