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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rosca de jamón y queso

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♪ [opening music]

[“Ham and Cheese Bun”]

To make this beautiful Ham and Cheese bun, well need:

1/2 cup of milk, 1-3/4 ounces of butter, 3 egg yolks,

14 ounces of flour, 1 envelop of freeze-dried bread yeast.

You do not want to use the same yeast you use to make cakes.

Its fresh yeast, but it comes lyophilized.

1 Teaspoon of salt, and slices of ham and cheese.

First, in a large bowl, add the melted butter that has been previous melted

in the microwave at low, or at the defrost setting.

After that, add the egg yolks, milk that has been warmed,

1 Teaspoon of salt, the 14 ounces of flour,

and 1 envelope of the freeze-dried bread yeast.

Start by stirring with a wood spoon until the dough is ready,

and you will know when it stops sticking to the walls of the bowl.

At this point, lose the spoon and start working dough with your hands.

And work it by taking whatever gets stuck to the walls of the bowl, into a ball of dough.

Once the ball is formed, leave it in the bowl.

Cover it with a kitchen towel and let it sit for about 1-1/2 hours,

or until the ball gets to be twice its initial size.

Place the dough on top of a baking paper.

With a rolling pin, flatten it. Keep turning it to give it a rectangular shape.

Now brush the entire surface with a little bit of butter

that has been previously melted in the microwave.

I am using a silicone brush, but if you do not have one, you can use another type,

or use the back of a spoon.

Now, distribute the slice of cheese on the top of the whole dough.

If its necessary, cut them to fit them onto the dough.

You can use any kind of cheese you want.

But its better to choose a cheese that melts easily.

And place the ham on top of the cheese in the same way.

Now we will start forming the bun.

The first thing to do is to grab it from the longer end,

and roll it with the aid of the baking paper.

Keep rolling carefully and dont let the ham and cheese get wrinkled,

and push hard to give keep it tight.

When we get to other end, we need to leave a small amount of dough

that is not covered with any ham or cheese.

If you see that there is too much meat, as is my case, push the meat inside.

And now we are ready to form the bun, and join it into a uniform shape,

and join the ends together to make a circle.

Wet the dough with water to seal both ends.

Now that we have the bun in a circle, take a very sharp knife,

and cut sections without cutting it in half, and keep it together..

Once we have cut all the sections the same size,

turn them over very carefully so the dough does not break.

Do this by turning the sections little by little.

You will need to turn the dough slowly, to get all the pieces uniform.

Once thats done, let it set for about 1 and a ½ hour.

Once that is done; paint the whole surface with the egg.

Place it in a 370 degree (F), preheated oven, for 25 minutes,

or until the surface is a beautiful golden color.

And here we have our ham and cheese buns.

If you want, of course, you can use different ingredients for the filling.

As an alternative, I can tell you that there is a sweet version.

In that version, avoid using the Tsp. of salt,

and add just a pinch of salt and 1.7 ounces of sugar.

Use the same process, but for the filling we use,

pastry cream, cocoa butter, and you could even fill it with nuts.

Well, I hope you liked it,

and Ill see you on the next video.



1.7 ounces of Butter, 3 Egg Yolks,

½ cup of Milk, 1 Tsp. of Salt,

14 ounces of Flour, 1 envelope of freeze-dried bread yeast,

Ham, Slices of Ham and Cheese

Butter and beaten eggs to paint

The Description of Rosca de jamón y queso