Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kaseya's Omni IT Workflow Demo Video

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Good afternoon, Tracy, this is Cliff.

How may I help you?

Yes, with our new voiceover IP integration,

I knew who was calling right away.

What seems to be the problem?

Ah, yeah, I can definitely get a ticket open for you

on that right now.

Let me just ask you a few questions.

So are you in front of your work machine?

Okay, great.

Yep, I've got that asset right here.

And which application is it that's giving you trouble?

Ah, the financial one.

Is that the Gray Mountains Accounting?

Yep, got it right here.

All right, so what seems to be the problem, exactly?

Ah, your application is not responding,

and are you trying to log in or are you already in?


So the application is just hung.

All right, yeah,

I've got that ticket open for you right now.

So let me take a moment and go into IT Glue

and see if there's any documentation

on how to fix this particular issue.

And it looks like there is,

so we've got a known issue here

and it looks like the only fix is to restart the application

on the local server.

What I'd like to do first, though, if it's okay with you

is go ahead and get logged into your machine

and you know, just validate that it is, indeed, stuck.

Yeah, I'm actually going to do that

with our Live Connect application.

And no, I don't need your password.

I'm gonna be sharing your desktop,

so we'll get logged right in here.

All right, it definitely looks like it's hung,

so what I'll do is I'm gonna go ahead

and log a note in this ticket.

We will get the application restarted

and when I do that,

you're gonna get an email that asks

to validate that indeed, it has been restored.

So if it hasn't, go ahead and reply to that email

and we will get that escalated for you.

So thanks for much for calling, Tracy.

You have a great day, thanks.

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