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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: YouTubers React To Try to Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #26

Difficulty: 0

- No! No!

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we're gonna be playing a Try Not

to Laugh Challenge. - Yes.

I love not feeling happy.

- Oh, easy. I'll just get really emo,

just me and my feels, I'll be fine.

- (FBE) So, do you know the new rules?

- Are there new rules?

- (FBE) Okay, so if you smile or laugh at all

after we start playing the first video

all the way to the end of the challenge,

even in between videos, you are gonna get a point

for every time you break. At the end, the person

with the most points loses.

- Wow. - Laugh challenge champion.

- All you other YouTubers right now, I know you can't

even see this right now, but you're going down.

- (man) Hey guys, today's dance tutorial

is going to be the classic '80s song, Tainted Love.

- Why am I already laughing? Why are his feet positioned

so weird? - (buzzer)

- (man) Left nipple, freeze. One, two.

- I'm biting my cheeks.

- (man) Pose Jazz transition to the winkle.

Hi there, richest man in town. - This isn't funny.

This is dumb. - (buzzer)

- (man) Is grateful. Squat down.

Little Steve Martin is growing. Your legs are feeling tingly.

- Is this a Drew Monson video? I love this so much.

[Bleep]. - (buzzer)

- (man) Squat down. Little Steve Martin is growing.

Your legs are feeling tingly, but that's because there's fire

and swipe off. Never clean.

There, everywhere. Slap.

- I feel like when I talk, I'm gonna smile.

- (man) Walk it backwards. That, my friends.

- Thinking about smiling makes me wanna smile.

- Everything about that, that was actual comedy.

I just laughed right there. - No, you didn't.

- No, I did laugh. - I didn't see it.

- (buzzer)

- Was that good? - (FBE) You smiled.

- Oh wait, I can't smile in between?

- (buzzer)

- I just wanna laugh. It's so hard.

- (buzzer)

- Don't see what was funny about that.

He's just showing you all a simple dance move.

- (Jack) Head down, eyes to me.

Keep them on me. Try to stay still.

- And then the cat's gonna jump.

Ha ha, called it. Or nada.

- (Jack) Head down. - I kind of hate cats,

to be honest.

- (Jack) Try to stay still. - Is this from the Titanic?

- (Jack) Stay still. - God, that's not even funny.

Ugh, I-- - (buzzer)

- (Jack) Eyes to me. Keep them on me.

Try to stay still. - (buzzer)

- Sorry. That [bleep] music.

- (buzzer)

- (buzzer)

- That was really dumb.

- That was really good retouching, whatever they did,

but it did not get me at all.

- (dog whining)

- (dog screaming) - Oh my God.

What is going on?

- That's not funny. I'm not trying to suppress

any emotion right now.

- (dog screaming) - (imitating scream)

- (buzzer)

- It's definitely hard. Oh God.

This is sad. - (dog screaming)

- Why do pugs sound like that? It's only pugs.

- I saw this already, which is why I'm okay.

- Oh, jeez. What a beautiful dog.

- (dog screaming)

- Was that animal abuse? - I'm not sure.

- The dog looking directly at the camera the whole time

is just so funny.

- He's in pain. That's not funny.

Who laughed at that?

- Someone needs to take a chill pill.

- (crowd cheering)

- I'm laser focused. - Gophers, I don't like gophers.

- This is a bit ridiculous, but I'm--

- ♪ Ayo ♪ - What is that, a mouse?

Is that a mouse and a chipmunk?

- (crowd responding) - I'm pretty convinced

this actually happened.

- ♪ Ayo, ayo ♪ - (crowd responding)

- I'm in physical pain.

- ♪ Ayo

- The editing's fantastic.

- Damn it. I love these kinds of videos.

- (buzzer)

- It felt like that was chain mail from my great uncle.

- (buzzer)

- Okay, I've been killing it. Not too bad.

Oh, did I just smile? - (buzzer)

- My resting face is kind of a smile.

- (woman growling)

(woman laughing) - Babies don't get me as much.

- This is so cute, though.

- This relationship that these two have,

I don't wish I had that.

- (baby growling) - Oh God.

- I don't know why, babies freak me out.

- (woman laughing)

- (buzzer)

- Ah, dang it. I chuckled.

- (buzzer)

- I hope when I get mad, this is what other people see.

I hope they look at me and they're like, "Aw."

Damn it. - (buzzer)

- My smile can not go above these lines.

- (FBE) Do you guys feel like they're getting harder

or easier? - Getting harder.

- Definitely getting harder. - Definitely getting harder.

- I almost broke.

- (reporter) So, what did you do when you heard the intruder?

- (man) I ran upstairs. - You were hiding

in your attic. - (man) I had to do

what that little girl-- what's that little girl

in the Holocaust? She had...

- This can't be real. Is this real?

- (man) Anne Hathaway, - Anne Hathaway.

- (buzzer)

- (man) Frankenberry. Anne Frank.

That's the hiding bitch, ain't it?

I had to get up the stairs, so he had so much rhythm

when he was walking up the stairs, he said,

doom, doom, doom. - I love this man,

whoever he is. - (man) Boom chicka boom.

Boom chicka chicka boom. - (buzzer)

- (man) Doom, doom, doom. Bitch, I started to almost

beatbox up in the closet. Boom chicka chicka boom.

- (buzzer)

- (man) But I couldn't do it yet 'cause I couldn't die.

I got court tomorrow. - No.

- (buzzer)

- If I'm ever on the news, though, I'm going all out character.

- Go for it. Anybody get that chance,

go for it. You take it.

- (buzzer)

- It can't be real, right? That whole thing--

was that real? It seemed like a sketch.

It seemed too good to be true.

- (man) I've noticed in watching some of the tapes

on self defense that a lot of guys like to show

defense from awkward positions, say sitting in a chair.

- Oh, is this the chair one?

- He's pretty hot. - He's pretty cute.

- (man) Demonstrate a technique which I call

defense against a guy in a chair.

- Oh, okay. Valid.

Oh my God. - (buzzer)

- (man) Excuse me. - Gosh darn it.

- (buzzer)

- (man) Excuse me. - (buzzer)

- (man) Excuse me.

- Yeah, I'm just losing, but you know what?

I'm having a good time sitting here and watching

these amazing videos, so that's--

I'm the real winner. - (buzzer)

- (FBE) Here's your last one. - Okay, so I just don't

wanna be in a four way tie for last place.

The loser's club.

- ♪ (techno music) ♪

- Is this allowed? - Wait, why is there--

how is there three? - It's Catdog.

- There's three of them. - Wait, they're stuck.

- (buzzer)

- I was not expecting that and is he doing it to the beat?

I'm not smiling.

Dang it. - (buzzer)

- (buzzer)

- No! No, no!

- (buzzer)

- See, it wasn't as funny as it was confusing

how this happened. - (buzzer)

- This is so stupid. - (buzzer)

- No.

- What? Where is it even--

okay. Talk about a third wheel.

- (buzzer)

- In no world did I expect three dogs to be having sex

and I tap out.

- I'm so immature. Sex jokes always make me laugh.

- What was happening?

- There was three. Where did they connect?

- (FBE) You win. - Yay!

- Cute animals are my weakness.

- This is the most points I've ever gotten

and I'm in last place. - Listen, I need you--

side bar. - Okay.

- What is your deal? - My deal?

I think things are funny.

- That's the best I've ever done, so that's all that matters to me.

- Thanks for watching me try not to laugh

on the React Channel.

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- Bye, guys.

- Hey guys, Sabrina here, React Channel producer.

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