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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Motorbike Trip Into the Cambodian Jungle

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so these clips are from quite a while ago.

the story goes that about a week after my final IB exams, so around May 2019, my

family went, "hey I think it's a good idea if we go into the Cambodian jungle

for fun." if I'm honest I can't remember my initial reaction to the news but it was

probably one of defeat, since at that point in the year I was just

emotionless. anyone who took the IB exams would know

so here we go. I hadn't slept for approximately the last year so I was


no. i promise if we put aside my general feeling of numbness

i was actually pretty excited

on the way we met this goat. I believe her name was Millie but I heard

everyone call her like ten other names so I think the goat was going through an identity crisis

at this house we all ate a meal together, including this pink dessert. one of our

family's good friends comes here for medical outreaches, since there's only a

clinic in the area, which is completely unaffordable for them. you have to keep

in mind that the clinic in their area will completely overcharge them or pump them full of steroids or antibiotics

until the people become completely resistant to medication.

so this man- who they refer to as the jungle doctor- comes often for check-ups

and with medicine.

from this household two of the sons would come along to drive my mother

and little brother into the jungle.

from there we went to the house of a pastor

and then the rains came

that night we stayed in a wooden church.

but a lot of the church was left open,

which meant the rain circulated the entire room.

the next day we ate breakfast and headed towards the jungle.

did i mention that my brother and I were sharing one dirtbike?

that meant that one of us had to be on a little scooter.

so I just looked


whilst Aditya had the time of his life

later on we hiked up the mountain to what I believe was a volcano. *it wasn't :)*

and then hiked up the side of that

which was so scary for no reason since it was practically vertical.

I don't know if you've ever hiked upwards in heavy body armour and heavy boots,

but we struggled just a bit.

then we drove further into the jungle and had the absolute best meal of instant noodles + sausages

I think when you're tired and exhausted everything just tastes really good.

at last we made it to the deepest part of the jungle

since there is no running water or electricity,

they depend on solar charged batteries used sparingly during the night.

if you're not familiar with the khmer wooden houses,

they are essentially build up on wooden poles,

and then there is one large room upstairs.

we tied hammocks under the house to sleep amongst whatever animals decided to come visit us.

the next day, we said our farewells and travelled out of the jungle again.

bones aching and all.

i really wish we had a go-pro to capture the biking part, because it was insane.

here's why we gave up on trying to film it on the iPhone 6

this was also the most mild part of the trail

but my little brother-

still struggled.

because of the heavy rains the nights before, many parts of the trail was just one large mud pit.

there was this one time that Aditya slipped and fell in the mud,

and as soon as i put MY leg down to help, I slipped and fell.

we could not get up for the life of us to lift our bikes up,

because the mud made it impossible,

so then one of the riders stood in front of us and revved,

coating us in more mud.

so, I struggled quite a bit on this trip,

and my sleep deprived ass was tossed way out of its comfort zone

but i'm still really thankful.

I saw a side of Cambodia that most people never get to experience,

since its incredibly difficult to access those parts of the jungle.

it just made me love the country and its people even more,

and I can't wait to go another time <3

The Description of A Motorbike Trip Into the Cambodian Jungle