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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Greatest Disc Golf Round Ever? Paul McBeth Shoots 18 Down | 2018 Great Lakes Open, Round 2

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Hello and welcome to the historic 18-under round shot by the man the myth the

Legend Paul Mcbeth, my name Jeremy Koling. I am joined by none other than the man himself Paul

We are here second round from the 2018

Great Lakes open

Three players tied at the top shooting the course record at 11-under

What's going through your head coming into round 2 round?

Round 2 is just the

capitalise on the few mistakes that I made but really just kind of

Play play this course, you know how its design. It's a pretty open up and down course and

My goal is to just got out there and shoot a great round

it's a pretty good mindset coming into

a round where the conditions are calm and the course is really set up to be attacked and I

Mean attacked is what the course was done at 11 down, you know, that was a great round by all standards

We thought that maybe low 50's would be the course record when we left. Yeah

The course kind of lengthened this year. A lot of new tee pads a few new basket placements

So it was kind of new to all of us. So we didn't know whether 11-under was great or if it was

Gonna be you know, kind of average. So walk us through this teebird3 correct?

Yeah teebird3, it's my understable one. It's a long downhill hole

477 feet and you just have to control it on a huge anhyzer

and I put it just outside the circle right about 35

37 feet

and we're just gonna start off the round with a little Slomez action just outside the circle, but

Good stroke there and that's a bonus birdie

It's the fifth hardest hole on the course and it's certainly one that you feel really good about getting. Yeah

Starting out with a putt like that is always a great feeling but that's probably the part of my game

I've been working on the most and I think having a great putt is what really develops that consistent

Consistent rounds. Yeah, so we're on to hole two here par 5

726 foot straight uphill the whole way

Really challenging just because your footing on the second shot becomes a trick no matter where you land

I mean you could land a safe shot on the bottom of the hill and then rip or you do this and

Go big off the tee. Yeah going big kind of brings in the left and right side into play a little bit more

But I feel like that's what you have to do

If you want to get an eagle look, it's not really about the distance on this hole

It's just keeping it in between those two rough sides, right the two rough patches really become difficult

And not only that you're kind of in the ideal spot cuz you're on the right side of the fairway

which is allows you to swing it out a bit more and

Your long after two on this

Just incredibly far playing par-5 726 feet

the most eagled hole on the course

Yeah being on the right side allowed me to put a little bit of flex and movement on it and I ended up about

20 feet from the basket for eagle and consider that one to drop in there. You're three down through two holes

I think probably starting to feel a little heat. I mean, that's a great start


We got these goofballs here

I mean yeah that describes it, you know when you start 3 down through two, you're kind of on a roll.


Hole three

Par 4 a lot of fun really great tee shot you get to really see one fly as long as you can keep it

In the fairway off the tee, which is a pretty wide generous fairway nine hundred plus feet here

Just kind of just grip it and rip it, right. Yeah. The only trouble is on the right side

There's nothing out to the left. The first round I made the mistake of going right and getting myself into some trouble

So I told myself this round

Fix that don't do it again and just throw it out into that field and being on that left sides a little bit higher

Too so you can see the basket

So I'm actually looking at the basket from here so I can see that's a yeah

That's a big advantage if you throw it straight down the fairway

you can't see the pin but from out here to the left you can and


Yeah, what I I wasn't anticipating a skip I knew I threw it great. Yeah

I expected it to just sit under the basket, but when it jumped up

I mean it jumped up high enough to go in if it was just three or four inches further

You got yourself five down through three. I mean like

Come on, after that. You've got to be thinking to yourself. Alright, that's

I don't, yeah, my round probably wouldn't have been as good

Yeah, maybe not

It's it's hard to deal with that much emotion that early on and I mean

the eagle on two it feels like a really spectacular

Birdie, it feels kind of like an eagle, but that right there. That's every bit of an eagle

You know if that goes in yeah, yeah hole two

If you just don't get the good, if you don't get a good drive on hole two eagle's out of the question

right exactly, but

Yeah, if that would have went in that would have been a really good feeling eagle, so hole 4 par 4 580 feet

Just a big Heiser to the landing zone here

There's a few trees you gotta miss but it's kind of very specific narrow landing zone

You really got to make sure that you're not too far left not too far

Right, and if you come up short the low ceiling for the approach makes it almost impossible to attack on the second

Yeah, this is one of the new pads

And for me, I just played out to the right kind of Heiser into that tree that I just hit there

so that's actually exactly what I was trying to do is hit that tree and

I feel like under that tree is the biggest opening to the basket and it kind of allows

I kind of went a little too far left, but

Allows for like a nice little turnover

But here I'm gotta yeah get that teebird3 a little fancy forehand here

a little fancy forehand you've pulled out there

That's a great recovery shot cuz it's not the ideal landing zone

I mean you say you meant to go for that tree see so let's just go backwards real quick

You tell me you hit it outside of a circle putt on one

then you eagle two you almost eagle three and then you meant to hit that tree that you hit so you've basically

You're playing perfect. Obviously, you're playing one better than perfect. And then

Come up with that teebird3 recovery shot. That's just yeah. Yeah the drive was exactly what I want

I kind of got that unfortunate bounce off that branch

but still had a second shot a little more challenging but

Got the birdie and that was a goal

Now if there's a hole that you can miss on this course and derail a perfect round hole five is the hole

There's just we talked about this during coverage of the event

There's got to be a hundred guardian trees in the way. You decided to take them all out of the play. Yeah, I mean I

Still don't know what to do on this hole

So, I don't think anyone does I tried in practice to go through the gap

and there's just a too many trees to actually get clean and I don't know why I was like

I think I remember a big turnover on this from four or five years ago. Yeah, and it worked in practice

I said well this is worst case scenario. I feel like yeah, but it's 60 feet away from the basket, but still get a look

And that's how I was feeling and that's just how the putt was feeling

I didn't have a doubt in my mind that I

Was gonna miss that and I think this is this is probably the first time that I heard

I think I may have heard the cheers from the crowd when you skipped up and hit the cage on three

But this was at the time when we felt like we heard a little league

baseball game going on in the background and some kid is hitting home runs every time they're at back because it was just like the

Crowd was starting to pick up, you know, you're six down through five and you know

There was kind of a buzz in the air at that point

yeah, I mean the Michigan crowd was incredible, but it wasn't just me playing well too, you know, so they were

Nikko was on fire

Yeah, he was playing great too, but they were just there roaring. Well, I like the Michigan crowd. Yeah for sure

and to the infamously named

snapperhead hole that I kind of messed up and called it that

the combination of a snapping turtle and a copperhead and

I thought that this drive was gonna put you in a really bad spot it looked to me that you were off to the

To far to the left. What were you thinking here?

Um my drive I just threw it a little too soft

I didn't want to flip over to the right cause I knew if I was the left side I have a forehand angle

I learned that from the first round in practice

That if I went a little left I can manage that

And I was fortunate that I didn't go too far left into that stuff, but still another circles edge putt here. I

I think that's almost 3 or 4 from

25 beyond. Yeah, there's you're not making it too easy

I mean really your tap in on three and kind of your putt for eagle on two were kind of short and easy

But you've worked for the other three

so or the other four

Hole seven par 4 one of the easier par 4's on the course

This is one where you you know, obviously have to execute the accurate tee shot. But once you get out to the left

It's almost no way to really mess up the approach

It's a nice little shot where you can kind of attack the pin and go for your Eagle two. Yeah

This par 4 is I think the easiest par 4 on the course

it's just get out that gap

and kind of finish a little bit left and you'll have a second shot towards the basket and then

With the basket being up on the hill you can kind of really attack it

And that's that's the ideal spot there

probably left with a hundred and something feet left, maybe 200 feet up the hill but

I still worry about if I do throw it too good to hit the cage that it could roll to 60 feet away

Alright, so take a little Mcbeth

Nova shot place it up there for a little bag on the shoulder tap in nice little relief after working hard for the other holes


Yeah, we're now 8 down through 7 and this is the hardest stretch


This is when the middle stretch of the course the middle six holes are really when things become difficult

After you finish seven, you have the second easiest hole in the course and then you get to eight which is kind of this


Crapshoot kind of shot here up at the top of the trees if you get through the trees great

If not, then you've got a thirty to fifty foot putt but um it's you know

Fairly easy hyzer to get down there near those trees but getting through is kind of just a matter of luck. Yeah, exactly. That's

Exactly what it is you throw the disc and cross your fingers

You know I let this go. I'm like, okay, that's near the basket now. Let's see if it gets through right?

And it's really just listen to the crowd. Yeah, and that got a great kick as well

You were gonna be pretty much parked anyways

But then this kind of got a forward movement there at the end and that's gonna be another tap-in

Yeah, I was gonna probably be just inside the circle

but that nice little kick at the end gave me about a 15 footer and an

Easy birdie on a hole that I don't think is too easy because of the luck sure I daren't say world champ love

hole nine par three ish

Exactly, yeah

452 feet uphill turnover with a low ceiling there's

60 57 feet of elevation on this hole so 452 feet that's just raw distance

It actually plays probably 550 if not further

Yeah, it is a really long shot and you can kind of cut it off by going on the inside right here

which was the gap I was going for all three rounds and

Hit it. I hit it better the first round. Yeah like to say that it was better than that

It's hard to really imagine it. Yes. Oh

That that's exactly the my best-case scenario in my head. Mm-hmm. And that's still uphill near like 40-footer

Yeah, you got a little head wind Oh

Spoiler alert, he's gonna make it folks

You've now birdied this hole the first two rounds and this was a hole that was birdied by very few people only

Six people were able to birdie it


Right. Now you are 10 down through nine and look at the reactions pouring in

people are in social media are going crazy

Is he human? I don't know. I'm sitting next to you. I'm poking on the shoulder. You're definitely human but

You're not made of the same thing that we're all made of. I don't know what it is

But and Nikko's off to a hot start and you're just leaving him in the dust right now

And yes, I knew that putt was for ten under too. Yeah, so I added pressure to myself for no reason but right

it makes a little bit more excited gives it something more to play for

and sometimes like who are you gonna compete against when you're

Playing that well, you can only competing against yourself at that point

I mean, obviously we're only which is what we actually always do right we're supposed to do. Yeah

Well hole 10 is a par 3. It's a huge anhyzer one of the harder par threes on the course

it's the third hardest hole on the course and

What whoa

Yeah, I almost ace this hole the first round. Oh, so I just wanted to repeat that that same shot

Yeah, just a little slip on the tee. But still I should have been able to get it over. I still have like

70 65 feet left. So you're in throw in range. Are you thinking do I keep going for this one better than perfection?

I didn't think about that to be honest

I just again I didn't want to hit the pole

I didn't when I hit the cage and roll down the hill because it's so steep and I see this roll away on it

Now so easily I want to bring back something real quick at Waco during the second round

You were ten down through nine there as well

Did that start to creep into your mind when you missed ten because you've had the same experience

Where you had you've done this before this year and then you're back nine was not stellar at that course

And so you're coming into this back nine here. What's your mentality and how to keep that momentum going?

So going back to Waco. I know I mean I learned from Waco like I just got too greedy

I was like I'm throwing everything good. I'm making everything like let's just go for this par 4


you know and it

I just got greedy and that's what happened and here I just wanted I really wanted to take it one shot at a time

And that's what I was able to do is just take it one shot at a time, which everyone talks about doing that

But it's so hard to do exactly it's so hard to do especially if you're doing 45 shots 60 shots

Whatever the course calls for it's so hard to do and that's a solid putt there from close to 30 feet

You know, that's not an easy putt

I know that you're in the zone but that's still like that is getting it done right there

Yeah it I didn't like that but yeah came out a little wobbly and and I didn't like it

So I I mean even though I'm still perfect there's things I'm trying to adjust right that putt did come out clean

I'm like, all right. I need to get that better on my next next

Putt you know

Of course

That's that's the way you do this

and hole 12 was the hardest hole in the course again another hole you'd birdied the first round

What are you thinking here? What is your

What is your plan of attack on this hole?

Get it out with a little bit of hyzer I think the speeds gonna pull it down that hill and

I just that is. Once it hits the ground I can't control that but I know it's gonna have enough speed

Towards the basket. That is so insanely good Paul

you're at the edge of the circle here once again for like the fifth time of the round

And just heart. I mean you talk about making the adjustment

that didn't look like you needed to make any adjustments at all

That hit the center

Perfect pace that's exactly what I said the last putt I knew it like that wasn't good. I have to I have to fix that

I have to do it quick and that was my best putt of the round. Yeah, is that next one

Oh that I I don't know hole six was or five was pretty impressive

From outside of the circle. Yes, okay, but

Anyways, but that's it. I mean that that's it

I said that's how you get that focus,

you know, even though you're doing perfect things or you're doing great things, right?

How can I get it better? How can I do it and when it kind of slips up a little bit

Luckily, it was on a short putt and I can make that adjustment on the next one

Are you looking at this hole and thinking this is a pretty easy two shot hole

If you play it right, okay

If you play it too high up that hill you're standing up that hill awkward footing

Yep, then you're going uphill and you got to bring the disc down so you can make it hard on yourself

Even though it's right here in front of you. I just throw the hyzer out there get myself a little to

the left so I can throw another hyzer up the hill. It's it's very challenging

Getting the height right on this shot

cuz there is not I don't want to say it's a low ceiling but you do have to get it

Up pretty high and it's difficult because you're so far below the basket. I mean that shot itself right

There was a 50 foot elevation because you're not really getting that far up the hill. Yeah in your tee shot

You're strategically playing a casual Drive to the bottom of the hill and then going up 50 and maybe 250 feet

Yeah, that's a hard shot to do

Yeah, I mean I could throw it further up there if I wanted, but I don't think it helps the hole

Yeah, I agree, I think I don't think it helps

so you're 13 through 13 you're going to hole 14 and this is one of the easier holes on the course one of the

Certainly, one of the easier part 3's you really feel like you've got to pick this birdie up. Yeah this one

You can throw it and know it's good 95% of the way, but the last 5% Yeah, you don't know what happens, right?

I released this knowing it was the exact line I wanted and I just had to wait to hear the crowd

Yeah caught that caught that leaf, but it was coming in in front of them

So, uh and just like that that perfect round could have been derailed if it was an inch or two further

If that caught the tree a little bit stronger.

It could have kicked you off to the left you had no putt gotta layup. And yeah

Perfection is out of the question. But yeah, fortunate break to get about 20 feet again

Not a gimme, but still another putt you continuously challenging yourself

and that's the

Kind of what made it fun and exciting for everybody is it wasn't just like you were throwing the disc perfect

you were throwing the disc incredibly well so far, but

You're still working hard on every hole


and that could have attributed to being so focuses because there wasn't there was

In that range of like 20 to 35

Like just you have to put a little bit more into these you can't just toss it in and know it's in

This is a I think one of the par 4's that you can attack for Eagle, but

I don't know, I just like that easy easy forehand out

Then run the second shot. Yeah, the second shot you've got a pretty open

Shot as you can see here just a nova approach. Looks like you're going with

Yeah, and as soon as I let this go I thought this had a chance at going in

yeah, I think we all did and it just kind of got a little drop there and

yeah, it's that's a nice little no thought about it tap in there and

Are you so now? We're through 15 holes. You've got three left. You know that you're 15 down. Yes

This is, 16 is that the moment where I'm like, all right, I can do 18. Yeah, this is gonna happen

Yeah, this is the exact hole where I was like

This is my last gap that I have to hit

This is probably the hardest well 18s the hardest of the last three but this one this is the gap

You don't have too many gaps to hit on this course if you don't hit the gap you don't have a putt on this hole correct

So this is a huge tee shot coming up here. What are you gonna throw?

A mcpro roc3 a little slightly beaten

I just let it go on a nice hyzer

And as soon as I let it go I know if it's hit the gap, just cuz I know that disc so well

Yeah, and I think you probably were thinking yourself

There's no putt on this one. Yeah, there's no putt I'm gonna take all the stress away and

Bring you a little follow flight because this is so pure down the middle

and such an important shot to keep that that perfection

Alive and I mean look at that just very little drift fade anything. That's just

Can't really draw it up any cleaner than that.

Yeah. Now that when you're that close, you're just like don't get up screw it up

Right, don't come back to me

But yeah, that was the last shot where I knew I have to be perfect

And this one I can kind of just let it rip. Yeah, there's second shots pretty open, but it's a hard distance to judge. Yeah

You know for this whole you really just want to like you said just let it rip. You don't have to be as perfect

Perfect on where the disc lands you can adjust you can throw a forehand or backhand approach

really depending on where you land

The more distance you get though the slower you can

Throw your approach in which is kind of a big benefit I suppose

Yeah, it definitely is I threw this drive right where I wanted maybe about

10 feet shorter than I wanted still in the tall grass

yeah, but

For some reason this second shot always gets me like, I don't want to go past it


It does slow down but nowhere near what like it does on the front side and that is kind of a scary

Putt you got left there because you want to get to the top of that hill

this is no gimme no at this moment

I'm like if I'm gonna miss I want to miss hole 17. I don't want to miss 18. Yeah

Everyone's gonna get this for 18

17 all that pressure is gone

Mm-hmm, but then I you know, I make that putt, the pressure is here on hole 18. And here it is

315 feet straight uphill the whole way

one of the few holes that actually has out of bounds this left side all the way and it was your only bogey of the

Event first round last hole you threw it out over the wall

So there's definitely that playing into your head and we got 52 feet of elevation

Which makes this whole easy to throw alley-oops on but not easy to throw tee shot

So yeah, the first round I threw it out of bounds kind of just misread it this time

I was not gonna miss read it. I went with a little bit more overstable disc and just knew I was putting well

so just put it up there

give yourself a chance exactly give myself a chance for 18 and this is the moment where I was like,

Picture the World Championships picture. This is for the world's like you're gonna have this pressure

Take advantage of it

And as soon as I let this go


I knew it wasn't dead center, but there was no way that thing was coming out

Yeah, it was just such a great line the whole way and there you see the reactions Paul Ulibarri

immediately calling the greatest round in the history of the game and that was before 18 had even happened and I mean

This is history right there in the making and

to do it on such a large stage on such an incredibly challenging course

Such a variety of shots. I

don't think I've ever seen a putt as hot as that and

And we look at that blemish back nine with that three on hole 10

I mean what were you thinking there? That just must have been really hard to deal with it?

I still get goosebump's right now when I think about it

It was an incredible feeling to just go through those and just know every putt meant something every shot meant something

From the beginning to end, you know and and sitting back on it now

it's like I didn't take a moment off like yeah, I I didn't and

That's like that's a feeling I'm gonna try to capture for the rest of my career, you know

And it's just a career filled with so many incredible

Moments and so many highlights and this has got to sit up right up there at the top

I mean, it's not a World Championship, but it is something that you'll always be able to look back and remember and

every single person that crowd can go back and think I was there when Paul shot 18 down and then what came afterwards with the

ESPN two-minute. I mean, it's just like the things have happened because of that it's it's really been amazing for the sport and

You know it

What the historical significance to you? What does it mean to you?

It means that other people can do it too, you know, it means that now people see that

It can happen and it's I don't know

I feel like that's that's more relevant to the sport than me just doing this

Yeah, and when I see that I don't get inspired

I throw up a little bit I get it

I get nervous and I start feeling like anxiety about my career decision. But no it's a it is truly inspiring to be honest

I knew it was

amazing to just be a part of that in terms of just doing commentary for just to watch that and experience it was

You know an honor in itself

And I've got to thank you so much for taking your time out today to be able to talk about this historic event

And we think you all for joining in and watching history in the making as Paul Mcbeth goes 18 down through 18 holes

Thank you Paul. Thank you

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