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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Tattoo Artist Matches the Tattoo to the Person | Lineup | Cut

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- That's it, that's all I got?

- I don't know (laughing)

I wanna know what everyone has now.

(soft orchestral music)

- My name is Rita, and I am a tattoo artist.

- They can mean anything from a personal artistic expression

to something deeper, emotional, memorial tattoos,

things that people wanna hold onto.

- Yes (laughing) absolutely.

Well, I'm wearing a few of them myself.

- Alright.

This one says "pussy" inner lip.

Someone might have been intoxicated, and or lost a bet.

- Yes, I have also received.

It says "hell yes" (laughs)

Alright, now I have something possibly

Greek but also in a "Sailor Jerry" font?

I have an adorable little

sprig of blueberries that says "Hello Dolly."

I have a koi fish on the lower stomach slash crotch.

- I have a little wolf, on a forearm.

It's really American, traditional.

And now I have pretty bitchin' inverted cross on a thigh.

Statement piece.

Okay so I just pick a tattoo and...

Alright, who looks like they

got drunk and went to a tattoo shop, possibly lost a bet.



See, I feel pretty confident in my...

- Not a lot she just looks like

when she goes for it she's like,

she's not fuckin' around (laughs).

- That is true.


- Next one, looks like it might be college related.

See you.

Do you have many tattoos?

- Yeah

- When was your first tattoo?

- Uh, the day after my 18th birthday.

- Possibly looks like she graduated college recently

- Alright, okay, I feel good, I feel good.

- Oh, this one is just precious.

Come with me.

Possibly song lyrics, possibly where you grew up, a poem?

- Why do you think I have this tattoo?

- I don't know, cause you're adorable (laughs)

I don't know, it's just so cute.


I feel good about this guess.

- Cool.

- Who's the goth in the room?


- You have two choices.

- Yeah (laughs)

Nice outfit, I think this is your tattoo.

- Or was at some point, possibly.

- Angry wolf on a forearm, uh...

Matches his demeanor a little bit standing there

- I look kinda... - Kinda a little bit stoic and

I think you have a pretty bad-ass wolf on your forearm.

's what I'm going for.

The uh, lower stomach slash crotch koi fish here

This leaves


Stomach koi fish... slash crotch.

I don't see this tattoo on you (laughs) I gotta say

but by process of elimination.

- That's it, that's all I got?

- I don't know (laughing)

I wanna know what everyone has now.

- I have an inverted cross tattoo on my thigh.

- Oh its a big one!

(laughing loudly)

That was not a living room tat

- No, no it wasn't.

- Why did you get this tattoo?

- Well, I was young, in a band, and full of anger.

- Well thank you for getting that

- You're welcome. - I got one right.


- I have the blueberries and "Hello Dolly"

Yeah, I got it for my grandma

cause it's a Louis Armstrong song.

- Oh!

- So you got the lyrics right.

She always sang Louis Armstrong to me

and we would pick blueberries in her back yard, so.

- Oh that sounds sweet. - Yeah.

How often do you do memorial tattoos?

- Several times a month, people get very emotional

which makes me very emotional so there's always a

pretty intense transfer of energy there.

- Yeah, do you enjoy them?

- I do, they're some of my favorites.

- Cool. - Yeah.

Alright, which tattoo's yours?

- I have the pussy tattoo, that was not drunk.

I was 19 at the time when I got it.


Do you wanna see it? - Yes I do.

Oh, and there's dollar signs

- Yeah the dollar signs - through them.

Oh, that's my favorite.

I find it quite hilarious and it makes me feel

better about my own bad decisions.

- See?

- [Guest] "Hell yeah, pussy"


- "Hell yeah pussy" - Oh my god.

- You have the crotch tat. - Yes.


All the way down

- Wow. - to there.

- Didn't say how big it was

- Yeah. - that makes it...

- It's my whole - Yeah.

- stomach so it's supposed to - That's intense.

originally be a belt that wraps around my

tattoo I have on my back - Yeah

- And every time I go out of the country

to Asia, or Korea, Japan, Thailand

I just add

- That's awesome - different tattoos to it.

- It looks beautiful.

- Thank you. (laughs)

- Uh, I have the foot tattoo.

- What on earth does it mean?

- Yeah, it's an economic formula.

My grandpa invented it,

it measures whether or not a company

is a monopoly within a specific industry.

- That's rad.

- Thank you.

- I love it.

(wolf howl)

Oh I love it.

- It's a matching friend tattoo,

so my best friend has the same one.

- This is very well done, pretty bitchin' friend tattoo.

- Do you have any BFF tattoos?

- I have many, I've got this

really well done bloody tooth on my ankle.

- Awesome.

- My dad used to lose his teeth a lot a lot

and get falsies, and he would take them out

and put them in peoples drinks

which is the most revolting thing in the world.

I made my brother and - That's intense.

- all my childhood friends get teeth.

I don't know (laughs)

- That's kind of amazing though, I love that.

- Alright.

- I have horrible judgment as a tattoo artist

even though I give people bizarre tattoos all the time.

- Ever since I was a kid,

imagined myself being covered in art

and to me, tattoos is an amazing art form.

- [Host] Good job guys.



- [Rita] That was so funny.

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