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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Makkah Holy city مكه

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Non Muslim way take off to right

this way only for Muslim to go to the holy City in Islam MAkka

biggest clock tower in the world

Driving to my hotel

called Fairmont Hotel the middle one with big clock

my room floor number 49th Kaaba View

cost me for one night with breakfast 200 USD

will cost you more if it is so busy

the lobby to check in from 5 PM to 12 PM

in the Elevator going to my room

here we are but no time i want to go to The holy mosque

here is my view on the holy place

this sound is the call for the Prayer 5 times a day

will go down now

out of ALharam

people are coming from all over the wolrd

look at the biggest clock

i am inside now

i have to walk around this Black box Called Kaaba 7 times

there are 3 floors so if it is so busy go to another floor

i am in the third floor now

very big mall under the hotel many shopps open 24 hours

back to my roon sunset time

night time looking to see so i will go again

having my dinner

it is 3 AM i want to be in time not so much people

this is Kaaba

the hotel

as you see so busy that is the black stone it was wight when it comes from heaven but with sins of people touching it get to black

if you do Omrah you have to dress like this men

remember it is around 3 AM now

here is another place you do 7 times forth and back will show you now

this called al Safa to go from here for first time

here is AL marwah to back for number 2 so you do it 7 times between this go and back

this place in the middle for handicapped and Elderly people

there is many gates so you have to know which gate you inter to go out from the same place

as i told you dont worry restaurant and some shops open 24 hours

Breakfast time for me in floor 29th

walking around the restaurant

See you in another time leaving now

The Description of Makkah Holy city مكه