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Our 12th annual pedestrian belly flop competition.

Every summer, we set up a swimming

pool in the back of our theater-- that's the pool--

and we invite people who happen to be strolling

by on Hollywood Boulevard to change into a bathing suit

and flop into it.

My cousin Sal is out on Hollywood Boulevard right now.

Hi, Sal.

How are you doing?

Jimmy, how you doing?

What do you look for in a belly flopper when you're

pulling these people over?

I just hope that no one has diarrhea.

That's basically it.

Well, let's meet some of these people

who hopefully don't have that.

We don't need a repeat of 2012.

That's for sure. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes.

Hi there. What is your name?

My name is Chris. I'm from Cincinnati.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Chris, are you here on vacation?

I'm actually-- my son got married in San Diego.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, he did. Congratulations to you.

Do you like his new bride?

I love her, actually. JIMMY KIMMEL: You do.

Well, that's great.

And so you were in the wedding, I assume?

- I was. - Did you wear that shirt to it?



JIMMY KIMMEL: Would you mind taking that shirt off for us?

Not right this second, but we'd like you to flop into our pool

in our belly flop competition.


JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

Very good.

That's a big man.

It would be tough to beat Chris.

Who else do you have out there, Cousin Sal?


What is your name?

I'm Alvina.


What kind of a name is that?

It's actually the Russian name, but I'm from Belgium.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you're from Belgium.

Oh. Oh.

I'm sorry about what happened today.

Yeah, I watched the game but it sucked.

Tonight, you will get a chance to bring pride to your nation



I'm going to try.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Would you like to be part

of our belly flop competition?

Absolutely. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK.

Very good. All right.


Send them out, Drew.

We got the pool back. Oh, look at that.

There's Chris. Hey Chris.

How you doing?



Hi, how you doing?

Yeah, right out the back.

That's the next first lady, I think.

OK, Oh we have some more?


Meet everyone, crew.

Hi there. Hi, guys.

How are you? Hi.


Yes, yes, yes.


Step into the pool.

All right.

At least half of those people got lost on a tour

and just are--

It is time now for our 12th annual pedestrian belly flop


Our belly flop security guard in his official belly

flop recliner, Guillermo.


Hi, Jimmy! JIMMY KIMMEL: Hi, Guillermo.

I know you're injured, but if someone were to start drowning,

would you be able to jump in to save them?

Yeah, sure.

Of course. For sure.

OK, great.

That was convincing.

Let's meet our judges.

First up, he is the culture expert on the hugely popular

Netflix series "Queer Eye."

Say hello to Karamo Brown.

How are you all doing?

Thank you.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Karamo, isn't it true

that what matters most is what's on the inside of a belly flop?


It's all about the heart that you

give when you hit that water.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Let's remember that when

we are assessing scores.

Thank you, Karamo.

Next up, she is host of the Sirius XM radio show

"Conversations with Maria Menounos"

and founder of AfterBuzz TV, Maria Menounos.

Hello, Maria.



You technically have no belly at all.

Are you qualified to judge a flop of this type?

Yeah, I don't, Huh?


I believe that I am qualified.


JIMMY KIMMEL: What are you looking for here, in a flopper?

I'm looking for style and finesse.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Nice. Very good.

In the anchor position, you know him as Manny on Modern Family.

Rico Rodriguez.


What's up?


Be honest with me.

Is this the highlight of your summer so far?

It really is.

Jimmy, I am so happy to be here.

JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

We're happy to have you.

Guillermo, bring out flopper number one.

They will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best.

And here is Chris.


You look beautiful.


When your new son-in-law gets a load of his new--


Wait till he sees this.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, you're really filling out that Speedo.

Are you ready?

Have you done this before, Chris?

No, I've never done this before.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Never done a belly flop?

No. JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, boy.

It looks like you were born to do this.

Here we go.

We're going to count it down, and then just try to--

as much skin hits as much water as possible.

That's the key.

Count it down, Guillermo.

Three, two, one.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Here we go.


I'll tell you what though.

For a first time, that was quite impressive.

Let's do the instant replay here in slow motion.

You can see.

He did indeed--

Let's go to the judges for their scores.

Let's start with Karamo.

Karamo, what do you think?

I'm giving him a 10, first of all, for how wet I am,

but also the style of those Speedos.

Are you kidding me?

JIMMY KIMMEL: Maria, you give him a what?

Jimmy, I thought this was a belly flop contest,

not a wet t-shirt contest.

I'm soaking wet.

I've got to give him a 10.


JIMMY KIMMEL: This could be over just right off the bat.

And finally Rico. Rico?

Oof. This is a tough decision.

A 10.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Chris, congratulations.

That's a 30.

Really, you're-- I mean, there's--

there's no way to lose right now.

I mean-- - Yeah.

That's good. First place.

I'll start it off.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, you looked great.

Thank you for doing that.

Cousin Sal has a hot dog for you.


Let's meet our next flopper.

Our next flopper is here from Belgium, where the president

is currently vacationing.

Say hello to Alvina.

Hello, Alvina.

Alvina, are you here on vacation right now?


Actually I am are. JIMMY KIMMEL: You are?

OK. Very good.

And have you ever tried a belly flop before?

Not on television in America, so.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, the score to beat is a 30.

So best of luck to you.

Guillermo is going to count you down.

And here we go.


Three, two, one.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Here goes Alvina.



Well, let's look at the replay because if there

are points assessed for pain, I think, I think Alvina--

but that's the idea.

You want to form a pocket of air with your body.

Let's see what the judges think.

I'll start again with Kuramo.

What do you say, Kuramo? - I'm giving it--

I'm giving it an 8 because of the pain that you endured.

But we didn't get wet.

You got to soak us now.

JIMMY KIMMEL: That is a good point.

You do have to wet the judges.

Maria, you say?

I'm going to give her an 8.

She was a little trepidatious there.

So I'm going for the eight.

JIMMY KIMMEL: She's visiting a foreign land

and we made her get back in.

And Rico?

I'll go with a nine.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Another generous score from Rico.

Alvina, very well done.

You got a 25.

So that's pretty good, but unfortunately, I

think your country lost again.

Yeah. I know, I know.

I watched the game. It sucked.

JIMMY KIMMEL: We have a very American treat for you.

That's called a hot dog. Enjoy.

All right?

All right.

Thank you, Alvina.

And finally-- or not finally--

our next flopper is a big gentleman.

This is Roger.

Hello, Roger.

How you doing?


Where are you from, Roger?


JIMMY KIMMEL: Inglewood.

Where it's all good, right?


JIMMY KIMMEL: And it is all good, indeed.

I really think to be Chris, you have to--

you probably-- that's our traditional greeting.

All right, so let's give it your all, 110%.

Here is Roger with his turn in the belly flop competition.

Guillermo, do it.

Three, two, one.

JIMMY KIMMEL: And here comes Roger.



KARAMO BROWN: That was awesome.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Let's see that again,if we could,

in slow motion.

And here comes Roger.

He gets up pretty high for a big gentleman.

I mean, where do you go from that?

If Chris got a 30, what does Roger get?


What do you give Roger?

Listen, Roger gets an 11 from me.


Roger, you're the man.

JIMMY KIMMEL: An 11 for Roger.


I kind of hit my face.

I didn't get as wet this time.

I'll go with a 10.

JIMMY KIMMEL: A 10 is good.

And Rico.


I got pretty soaked, so I had to give it a 10.

JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

Well, Roger.

You're in the lead, Roger.

You've got 31 points. - I know.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Congratulations.

They said that no one could ever top a perfect score.

I proved them wrong. JIMMY KIMMEL: Guess what?

They were wrong. That's right.

You proved that dreams do come true.

Thank you, Roger. All right.

We have more flopping to come.

And later on, we will crown a belly flop champion.

This is so exciting.


Oh, look at Roger.

He really outdid everyone.

He is our Belly Flop Champion for 2018.

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